Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 103: Lots of Good Things Happening

So,  this week was fun.  I'll just talk about some of the cool things that happened.

On Tuesday night we had dinner with the Clifton's, which was delicious.  We had Korean food because Sister Clifton is Korean, and it was really good.  Unfortunately the spiciness was a bit too much for Elder Chen who was sweating pretty obviously for most of the dinner.  It was great :)

We also went on a hike on P-day which was super fun.  A good portion of it was spent telling stories from when I was up north which was fun. It was pretty cool, but for a section of the hike it was right next to a mosquito-infested pond which caused us to run really fast, because everyone knows if you run fast mosquito's get scared and don't bite you.  Probably not, but it made us feel good knowing that we were doing something to prevent being bit even if our efforts were futile.

On Wednesday we went to the Kang's house, which was awesome.  They fed us dinner and we had some good conversation about the church.  She's a member that got baptized a while back in Calgary, and he's not a member but he's pretty knowledgeable about the church and everything.  He'll get dunked before long ;)

This week we also met with Andy, who is doing well.  He's a really good guy and he's doing well.  He came to the activity on Saturday.

Mei and Ailsa are doing good as well. They still come to every athletic activity, and Mei despite her age still plays with all the fire that an elderly Chinese woman can muster.  Admittedly she's not that fast but she's not bad and her age can, in some cases, be an advantage, seeing as many of the players won't defend her that well.  We also gave them a chapel tour this week and they asked a ton of questions.  We basically explained lessons 1 and 2 over the course of the tour and it was super cool.

Roger and Maggie are still doing well, but Roger still doesn't want to come to church, which makes us sad :( whatever though.  We'll get him out one of these days.

On Friday we played soccer with a bunch of people including several Chinese people which was cool.  On my mission I've actually discovered that I really like soccer.

Saturday was super cool.  There was a massive Hindu celebration with a few hundred people there, and we were able to give a presentation during their show.  We let them use our field, which they were very grateful for, and so they gave us a tent at the celebration where we could talk to people about our church.  They made a lot of good food too.  Most of the people there were Indian, but there was the occasional white guy too.  For our presentation me and a missionary named Sister Clay gave a speech for about 5 minutes about what our church does, and then we all sang I am a Child of God.  It was well put together, but it was definitely a change of tone from the Indian dances that they had been doing up until that point.

Sunday we went out to Brampton to go to a large YSA conference with a guy from the church history department.  It was amazing. He talked about pretty much every controversial topic from church history and just explained every one of them.  It was amazing and he brought up a lot of points that I had never even thought of before.  It was also great to see so many people from past area's that are doing well now.  One of the less actives I reactivated in Hamilton just turned in his mission papers!  Ahhhh!  So stoked!!!!!!!!! I was on cloud 9.

Anyway, lots of good happening this week.  Probably no more baptisms before I leave, but there will definitely be a lot of progression this week.

Love you!