Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 99: Trunky Jokes Every Day

Well, the week has been good :) As you can tell by the subject title, my week has been full of people making dying jokes.  Last year I was here, and I told everyone I was about halfway through, so this time when I came back everyone pretty much guessed where i was at.

So the trunky jokes begin.  But whatever.  It happens to everyone.

But ya, Elder Chen and I have been doing awesome!  He's from Taibei, Taiwan, and he's a really hard worker.  He's a convert, and he got both of his parents active in the church before he left on his mission.  He's a cool guy.  

He's just started learning English, so our conversations are all in Chinese, which I was pretty grateful for.  I was a little worried I would be rusty in my Chinese after 5 months of not speaking, but it was all good.  So that's been fun.

Kitchener is a great place.  I love the people here.  I think out of all the towns I've served in, Kitchener could be the most beautiful.  Toronto was cool because it was a city, and Val d'Or was very beautiful when it came to nature, but the actual town of Kitchener is just a really pretty area.  I like it alot.

It's been pretty warm lately. With the drop from Val d'Or to here, I think the average temperature jumped up like 5 or 10 degrees, so I've been pulling out my short sleeved shirts more and more.  

This week, we managed to meet up with a lot of cool people, one of which was Robin, who I taught last year when I was in Kitchener.  I left 2 weeks before he got baptized, but Elder Earley and I were involved in everything up to that point, and it was super cool to come back and see how he's doing.  The other guy who got baptized right after we left is named Emerson, but he's in the states right now, so I probably won't get to see him before I head back home. 

We went contacting a little bit this week at the university, and I had so many deja-vu moments.  It's like nothing has changed, honestly.  There's still a ton of construction, all the buildings are the same, and the school is still chuck-full of Chinese people.

We also went to the Dixon's home this week for dinner one day, and it was good to see them.  This next week we lined up quite a few dinner appointments with some YSA, so I'm really excited.

Church was good.  A couple of people recognized me which was fun, and I enjoyed catching up with old friends.

We had quite a bit of success this week with finding, and so we have a couple of people to work with.  The whitewash was a bit disoreintating, but I think Elder Chen and I will handle it just fine.  Anyway, love you guys!

Elder Sabin