Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 98: Back To Chinese Work

Well, we got the call.  I saw it coming :) but I'm going back.  To Kitchener!

Which I'm really excited about.  But also super sad to leave Val d'Or.  Ahh! I'm so conflicted.

Anyway, I'll also be training a new guy, which will be fun.

President did kind of let me know that it was coming a few weeks ago when we had interviews, so I guess that softened the blow, but it was still a little sad after I got the call.  Luckily, the branch gave us a really good send off.  I got released as second counselor in the branch, and after the meetings the sisters played a really great song on the ukulele that they wrote about the branch.  Pretty much everyone was crying, and the spirit was strong.  We also got some good pictures with the members.  It was really bittersweet.

Well, after that we drove down to North Bay and we've been there since.  We'll be spending p-day here and then I'll be driving with Elder Lemon and Elder Shepherd (the Sudbury elders) to Brampton for transfers.  Man, I'm so conflicted right now.  I'm training!  But I'm leaving Val d'or... But I'm going back to Chinese work! But there probably won't be tons of French there... But I love Kitchener! But Quebec just started turning really green....

Anyway, I'm a mess.  Whatever, it'll be fine.  I'm pretty excited to go back to Chinese work honestly.  It's been a long time, and I had a few people there that I helped get baptized.  I hear they're still doing well, and it'll be fun to check up on them.

Val d'Or is doing wonderful.

Jacob and Yvette are going to rehab this week in different places, which is a huge victory.  We're really praying for them.  They have so much potential!

Ben is great.  He introduced us to two of his friends this last week, and one of them named Jessie seems pretty interested.  He came to our FHE and he and Elder Pineda had a lot of fun talking about a ton of movie references and pop culture that me and Elder Hunter are pretty clueless on.  It was funny.

Speaking of FHE, it was really good.  Sister Racine kept calling me trunky though, even though I'm definitely not, but she just thought it was funny.  Uggh.

Also, on Friday, we ate with Sister Boucher.  That was lovely.  She cooked hot dogs on her grill and we ate them outside.  She works for the Quebec Geological Survey and Sister Racine was there as well.  Sister Racine works for a mine, and so the two of them basically gave me the run down of how mining works and it was really interesting, actually.  So ya.  That was fun.

On Thursday we spent the day in Rouyn saying goodbye to some friends as well.  We had dinner with Valida which was wonderful.  She made us a pizza and cake and just talked about how she needs to get baptized.  We agreed with her and she promised she'd start reading the book of Mormon more :) Also, we stopped by Lise's house, which was wonderful.  We helped her move a fridge and get her yard ready for summer.  I'll miss Lise :)

Anyway, that's pretty much the week.

Mom - Yes, the office still has my passport.  It's still good for several more years, so it should be okay.  And don't worry about the kitchen :) It'll be wonderful I'm sure.  

Regarding the subject title of the email you sent me, I think they probably eat lots of Mac and Cheese because that's what many of the missionaries survive on for their first 6 months before they learn to cook a few things.

And Hadley, congrats on bearing your testimony!  That's really cool!  I'm so proud of you.

Ellie - Wow, good for you :) Giving talks is always fun :) Did you win the swim meet?

Hayden - Happy birthday!  Joyeux Anniversaire!  Shengri kuaile!  Feliz Cumpleanos!  Love you bro!  I wish you a very "lit!" birthday!

Ashleigh - Sounds like a donut day well spent.  And yes, I say Eh after every sentence.  Like, every one.  Every time.  I'm going to drive you crazy with it.

Kidding.  I say it sometimes.

Dad - That sounds really cool :) Sacrament in Temple Square has to be pretty cool.  And who knows, maybe that lady from Israel will talk to the next missionaries she sees.  I've talked to several people that were interested because of a visit to temple square.

Anyway, love you all!  The church is true!

Elder Sabin