Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 100: Hey Peeps

Hey peeps.

Well, nothing too crazy happened this week, but for some reason, you all seem to insist that I email you every single week to tell you what happened.  Whatevs.

Well, to begin the week, we went and played some hard core sports with the other missionaries.  Killball, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, you name it.  It was a good time.  We also played baseball with a volleyball, which makes it a lot easier to both hit and catch.  So that was entertaining.

Then that evening we had dinner with Brother and Sister Williams.  They're both super cool.  Sister Williams is from the Philippines and served in Micronesia, and Brother Williams is from Ontario and served in Oklahoma.  They're both super nice people, and they made some delicious shepherd's pie.

Then on Tuesday, we had dinner again with the Dixon family.  We spent some time contacting, but the street we were on was full of bars, so maybe that wasn't the most productive hour of my mission.  We met a lot of dudes without shirts on, which is usually indicative of being in a less gospel-oriented area. Of course there are exceptions, but it's pretty consistent.

Then, that evening we had ESL, which has actually been really fun lately.  The students like me and Elder Chen, and so they keep bringing in more Chinese people.  Then, after the class, we had sports night.  Usually that would be a pretty normal activity, but it was made more exciting by the fact that two of our elderly students decided to play.  I think the youth from the ward who were there were pretty confused at first, but they started having fun before long.  The fun was compounded by the fact that these students speak no English.

Then, on Wednesday, we got to help out with the Bishop's storehouse, which was wonderful.  It basically entailed unloading a truck, organizing food, and filling orders.  That was pretty cool.  After that, I had exchanges with Elder Valliere, a Spanish missionary.  He's a cool guy, and we had a good exchange.  That evening we were able to tract into a guy named Lloyd who we contacted on the street a while back.  He's from China, and he's loved music ever since he came over here to Canada.  We had a long conversation, but the most interesting part was when he started asking about church songs and what kind of music we sing.  Then he started humming a melody and asked us if we knew it.  It was the tune to "Nearer My God to Thee!" So that was weird.

We also got in touch with a guy named Jun Shan. He was super cool.  We started teaching him at 9:00 exactly because we were coming out of an appointment and ran into him, so our lesson was brief, but very good.

We also spent some time at institute with the YSA to say goodbye to Brother Bridge.  Nothing too crazy, but we ate some good ice cream and cake.  Blessings.

Wednesday we had dinner with the Gilberts as well, who are this lovely old couple that check the apartments in the mission.  We had just about the white-est dinner you could have.  Like, mashed potatoes, roast beef, carrots, turnips, a tossed salad, etc.  It was lovely.

On Thursday we met with Andy, who is a cool guy. He's a glorious man.  He's been investigating for a while, and we're going to get him dunked.

We also had dinner with Bryce at this place called the Old Marina.  It was awesome.  Super good food and he bought us these massive burgers we had to eat.  Best part: Elder Chen (my tiny Taiwanese companion) finished before me.

On Friday, we met with Jin, a member I knew from last year.  He's super cool, and we had some good hot chocolate together and talked about why the church is important.

Then on Saturday, we did a mini exchange because in the morning we had to go to ESL and we also wanted to attend the YSA soccer tournament because there were going to be a ton of non-members.  Elder Chen went to ESL, and I went to the soccer thing and got really tired.  Man, it was fun.  One member brought all his friends from Cameroon and they spoke French, so that was fun.  They started yelling soccer commands at me in French, and it weirded out the YSA, but whatever.  Also, Jin came, which was fun.

That night we went and ate with the Ribalkins.  Brother Ribalkin is the ward mission leader for Kitchener 2nd ward, which is the family ward we work out of in addition to the YSA.  It was delicious, and we actually had some really good talk about activities to help the branch.  A Chinese culture event, a special sacrament geared towards investigators, and a third hour lesson geared toward writing a list of non-member friends that the members hope will one day join the church.  It was amazing.

Then on Sunday, we went to two churches again.  The family ward in the morning was really good, and we talked to sister Kang, a Chinese member in the ward.  We'll have dinner with her on Wednesday.

Then the YSA was great.  Elder Chen gave a talk, and I taught a lesson, which was good.  Elder Chen did a great job and his English is really coming along.

And that was pretty much the week.  It was glorious.

Dad, regarding your questions, Chinese work has actually not been to hard to get back into.  It's been fun, and I love the YSA in Kitchener.  My companion is brand-spankin new, and he is a good worker.  Elder Hunter stayed with Elder Pineda, the trainee we got while we were there.  And yes, Kitchener is the one were we spend a lot of time at the university.  It's been good.

Anyway, I love you guys!  God speed!