Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 97: Happy Memorial Day!

Hey Fam!

I'm writing on a phone today, so the email is going to be a bit short. Its because we're at the senior couple's house today for emailing, and they only had two computers.  Thats a problem... because we're now a threesome! Elder Pineda joined us this last week and its been a lot of fun. We've been having a great time up here, and things are going well. We picked him up in North Bay actually,  which is where I was for exchanges,  and he joined Elder Aspery and I for a day. Then on Wednesday we returned to Temiskaming,  had district meeting, and President came as well to do interviews afterwards. Immediately folowing that, we had exchanges with the zone leaders. Up here in Sudbury, you have to take advantage of the times when you're together. We try to use every chance we get for exchanges just because otherwise the driving is just terrible. 

So the next two days were spent with Elder Pineda and Elder Lemon. Elder Lemon is getting ready to go home, and so I'm sure it was interesting for Elder Pineda to be with two really old missionaries :) it was good though. A lot happened actually. We stopped by Auntie Lynes, and she's been reading the book of Mormon. She also accepted the invitation to be baptized.

Most of the other people were working with are doing well too. I just dont know if I can write about everything on this phone wirhout making my thumbs tired :) life has been really good,  and we're enjoying being a threesome.  

Were going on a hike today,  and I'll make sure to take some pictures :)