Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 95: Hey Family!

Hey family!

We just spoke yesterday, so I don't think I have a ton to say.  The last week was good. We went on exchanges with the Temiskaming Elders, and so I was able to be with Elder Deweese for a few days.  It was quite fun :)  He took quite a bit of high school French back in the day, and so he was trying his very best to keep up with the conversations.  He did okay :) picked out a few phrases here and there.

Also, I took Elder Deweese to get some real Quebec poutine, which he thoroughly enjoyed.  I don't know what it is.  They just make it better here.

We had a good time with the people of Val d'Or :) We went over to Henri's the other day and did some service.  He was selling off some old antique furniture and needed some help moving it, but the best part was probably that Regine (Henri's mom) was there.  She's very sweet and old, but she has dementia so she has a hard time remembering what language everyone speaks.  She's actually Russian originally, but she speaks French and English as well and the problem is that she can't remember what language everyone around her speaks, so she switches a lot. She's a very kind lady though :)

We went back to the handicap center as well this last week, which was a good time.  I think I'm starting to figure out this complicated form of bingo that they play, so it went better than last time :) We enjoyed our time there.

Yvette and Jacob are doing incredible actually.  They've still both been smoking, but they've been working hard to get over everything else, and the last couple of times when we've been over there Yvette has basically given us a play by play of every time she took drugs. She's trying to be accountable, and there's some significant differences in them.  They're such good people :)

We had a fun lesson as well with the Capississits and the Papties.  Elizabeth actually just moved in with them because her family needed a place to stay until August, so now two of the families we meet with regularly are living together.  And they both live really close to the church! So it's been pretty convenient.

Bree-Anna was feeling a bit sick this week, so we got her some gummy bears. I hope she appreciated them :)

Also we did institute with Gwenda this last week, which got pretty deep.  We were getting into the Book of Moses and the creation and exaltation and all that, so we were trying to explain a lot of it in French and it went okay, but some of it definitely went over her head :) Our heads too, to be honest. It was a good class though.

We met with Luc and Nadia and McDonalds this week, and they seem to be doing well.  He's working on getting work off on Sunday's, and he said he should be able to come this next week. So that'll be fun. Also we were sitting by the window when we taught him, and he just kept pointing at all the people passing by that were crazy.  He's lived here a while :)

Also, we went and played soccer with all our African friends again, and man, they have the cutest kids.  I'm not that good compared to them, but I did score a goal, which I was pretty proud of :) They seem to like us white kids quite a bit, and they're much more talkative about Jesus-stuff than the average Quebecois, so we'll probably keep going back.

Anyway, that was pretty much the week. Thanks for all the letters.  Also, where's Ashleigh's letter?

Love you!