Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 94: Snow. Again.

Hey fam!  This week was good.

First item of business.  It snowed yesterday. And not just a little flurry.  Like, there's 2 inches of snow on everything again.  This place is so weird.

Basically I was convinced that, as much as it snowed this winter, we were probably done.  We've been having 15 to 20 degree weather (Celsius mind you) and all of the sudden, Satan just has to punish us with buckets of sky dandruff.  Honestly, what's wrong with this place?

Anyway, ranting about May weather in Abitibi aside, it was a good week.

I spent some time down in the lovely city of North Bay with Elder Lowry, a fellow American from Evanston, Wyoming.  We spent a fair portion of the exchange talking about hunting and shooting, both of which are things in which I lack experience.  It was pretty cool.  We spent some time meeting with a few members, and also sharing a message about the restoration with an 8 year old named Atanacio (spelling?)

It was a fun lesson.  I've never seen a kid more amazed at the video of the restoration, and during the scene where Jesus Christ and the Father appear to Joseph Smith he exclaimed "Wow!  That actually happened?! That's amazing!"  He was a fun kid.  Following that, he helped us make the pyramid of Jesus Christ's church out of cups with things like "Priesthood" and "Baptism" written on the side.  Then, he helped us knock over the cups which gave us a wonderful lesson on the Apostasy.

We also spent some time with Bree-Anna talking about baptism and reading her "Book of Mormon Children's Stories together".  The assignment was that we all had to draw a Book of Mormon story, and despite my wonderful drawing of Samuel the Lamanite on the wall and Elder Hunter's stunning work of Jesus Christ appearing to the Nephites, she won in a landslide (She was the judge ☺)

Ben came to church for the second week in a row as well, which was good for him :) Because of the freak snow storm on Sunday, and the fact that no one saw it coming, our church attendance dropped from 22 or 23 to 5.  Most of the members had already gotten rid of their summer tires, and the snow removal equipment wasn't working like it had in the winter, so none of the Rouyn members were able to make the drive (including the sister missionaries in the branch. Those apostates 😉) and in Val d'Or all the members that didn't have a car couldn't walk to church, so it was Elder Hunter and I, Gwenda, Ben, and a Filipino woman we met two weeks ago named Nora. Don't ask me what a Filipino is doing in Val d'Or. Frankly, I'm still not sure myself ;)

We've been teaching quite a bit lately.  We met with Nadia this week, and she was a bit down.  Her father is going through a surgery in Montreal this week, and she can't make it down there for lack of funds.  So we helped her and her boyfriend Luc to understand a little about the plan of salvation.  Also, they're planning to get married, which is pretty cool. They showed us pictures of the dress which was fun to see.

Auntie Lyne is doing as good as ever.  She was happy to see us the other day.  She really enjoys reading the Book of Mormon with us, and she was quite touched by Alma's experience of repentance in Alma 36.  It was a good time. Also, she made us some good carrot cake, which was appreciated.  She was going to come to church as well, but the snow kept her from being able to go out, which was too bad.  Next week :)

Well, that's basically the week.  Hope you guys had a good one as well.

Elder Sabin