Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 90: Coaching Hockey

It was a good week here in Val d'Or!  I'll have to keep it a little short this week

The other day, one of our members, Gwenda was coaching a team in a hockey tournament, and she had need of some other people to help her run things.  Long story short, Elder Hunter and I got asked, and we were more than happy to help, even though neither of us has ever played hockey.  It was pretty fun.  Mostly it just involved yelling phrases like "Patinez!""Lache-pas!""Ca-y-est!" and "Vas-y!" at the players while giving them encouragement when they came off..  I learned some good vocab, and it was pretty fun.  I can now add "hockey coach" to my resume.  We only did it for one game (which we lost) but the team went on to make it in the semi-finals, which was cool :)

Also, this Sunday was branch conference, which meant that some of the stake people came up to Abitibi.  It was pretty fun.  We also had a senior couple from the Temiskaming branch come up, and they had fun too I think.  Their names are elder and sister Zobell, and they're really great.  They brought some good food and it was a really good time. We had a little social dinner thing afterward, which was awesome.  We baked a cake and the sisters made scones, so for a good portion of the dinner, we were trying to get the members to say who's was better.

For FHE on Monday, we played apostasy Jenga, which is just Jenga, but on the blocks you write things like "baptism" and "priesthood" and you pull them out until the original church of Jesus Christ falls over.

Haha, funny experience from this last week.  We met with a member named Nadia, who is an amazing person.  She has kind of a rough past, and she's not incredibly educated, so I have a pretty hard time understanding her French sometimes.  Well, we met her at McDonald's and basically listened to her talk about her life for a while.  She was complaining about her son, and she has what I would call an "interesting" vocabulary.  Needless to say, we drew few glances, which is saying something for Quebec.  Then, her friends came over and sat with us, and one of them was interested in the Book of Mormon, so it was a validating experience.  One for the books :)

We did online institute with Gwenda again. That was cool.

Also, we went and did service in Rouyn for some members.  I think the sisters were a little offended, because some of the members refused to ask them for help because they were girls, but it was a good laugh in the end.  We changed some tires, moved insulation, got rid of hornet nests, moved big logs, and other manly stuff like that.  It was cool.

Haha, we met with Benoit, and I think he was a little tipsy.  He's got a drinking problem, but he's got some serious desire, and he decided he's going to stop asking what "you" believe.  Instead, he's started asking "what do we believe" because he wants to join. He keeps saying "I'm totally joining" but he doesn't like calling it a church.  He calls it "the team" because he doesn't like the word church.  It's pretty funny. Also, he's coming to church next week in Rouyn, which is an impressive distance.

Language is going well.  I usually spend language study reading in French and then evenings doing the same in Chinese. I'm trying to get through Jesus the Christ in Chinese before I end the mission, but I don't think I'm going to make it.  Oh well :)

Anyway, sorry, I'm a bit short on time.  I love you all!

Our native hockey team.  They're all from the Lac Dozois reservation.