Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 89: Lots of Driving

Hey family!

This week involved a heck of a lot of driving.  Let me run you through our week.

Monday - P-day
Tuesday - Leave at 12 oclock to make it to Orangeville by 9
Wednesday - Zone Conference in Brampton!  Also, we spent most of the evening doing errands.
Thursday - Drive back to Temiskaming (6 hours) Exchanges, so I stay there with Elder Deweese
Friday - Still in Temiskaming
Saturday - Exchange back in the morning, make it back for Saturday afternoon session of conference. Watch conference.
Sunday - More conference.  Make up the session we missed Saturday.

In other words, I haven't spent a lot of time in Val d'Or this week.  I left Tuesday at noon and got back Saturday morning.  It was pretty nuts.

This week should be quite a bit better :) A lot of good things happened though.  Zone conference was amazing, and I really enjoyed that.  Also, I got to see some old friends like Elder Carroll and Elder Scofield.  That was pretty fun.  We had a good time down there.

It was pretty funny, because the Abitibi branch (the one that cover's Val d'Or and Rouyn) kept coming up in the conference. The sisters in our branch instructed a bit about diligence.  They kept talking about how nervous they were to come up to the branch, and how much they had heard about it, but how they came anyway.  I mean, I understood what they were trying to say about how they were diligent despite being scared, but they kept throwing the area under the bus, so I kind of had to raise my hand and tell everyone how incredible the Abitibi branch is.  They did a good job, but I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that this is the best branch in the world.

Also, President gave me a tie!  I gave him one before I left, and he wanted to give me one back, so now I have one from both mission presidents.  I'm pretty happy about that.

Working with Elder Deweese on exchanges was fun. He played lacrosse for Riverton, and his cousin played for Lehi, so he actually came to a lot of our games.  Dad, I think you're the only one that would know, but do you remember Landon?  We called him "Spanish."  That's his cousin.  So that was a cool connection.  It was kind of fun talking about old games, and he actually remembered quite a few cool games and plays I was involved in.

While in Temiskaming we met with Ray, who is one of their investigators.  He was really nice, and it was fun teaching him.  He's pretty old and lives in a retirement home, so we visited him there. He's a former Jehovah's Witness, and he's really sincere about wanting to know if the church is true.  Also, when we arrived at the retirement home they told us they were having a "gastrointestinal epdemic," and that it was highly contagious.  Since my brain has had to make room for a lot of French and Chinese words, I've pretty much had to kick out any word over three syllables, so I didn't really know what that was, but you better believe I washed my hands.  I don't want no gastro-something-or-other.

Also, we helped an old lady move and she had boatloads of stuff. Like two Uhaul truckloads.  And her apartment was only about the size of one Uhaul truck. Don't ask how it worked.

Also, General Conference was incredible! Elder Clayton wore a tie that 10 of the elder's in our mission bought for him.  So I have that same tie.  It was a cool moment.

I loved all of the talks, and I can't really come close to choosing a favorite, but I can promise all of you that the more you listen to the words of living prophets, the more you'll be blessed.

Mom - As far as a birthday package goes, I'm not sure what I want.  Just not tons of junk food.  I'm trying to cut down on that stuff now that summer's here.  My running shoes are getting a bit beat up?  I don't know.  That's kind of pricey.  I don't know. I don't really have anything I'm desperate for.

Ashleigh - Wow, your emails definitely win for being the most interesting.  Not sure if that's an award you want, but congrats nonetheless.  So what plays are you seeing?  Oh wait, never mind, it's okay.  I actually heard them because you SCREAMED THEM AT ME IN CAPITOL LETTERS.  Seriously, whenever someone does that, I just get this image of a screamfest from DragonBall Z followed by explosions.  That would make a good episode actually. (Hero screams "I'M GOING TO SEE HAMILTON!"  followed by nuclear mushroom cloud). Also, nothing screams "consecrated missionary" like a theme song inspired by Katy Perry.  I think I'll use it when  tracting.  Nothing opens up the hearts of those drunk natives like some jammin tunes from America's top 40.  Maybe we'll just have porch dance parties with them.  Regarding Elder Sabin, if they switched him at birth, it wouldn't make much sense to have him keep the name Sabin.  It's kind of a dead giveaway. Thanks for the inspirational quote.  How did you know she was my role model? Here's a good quote in return: "Wasn't me" - OJ Simpson

Hadley - When are you going to send me pictures of the puppies?  I need to see my glorious son in all his radiance!  Askim is da bomb!  Tell Ashleigh to write a song for him.  She's thinks she's good at that.

Haydog the Beast - You know, "Beast" in French literally translated means "stupid" or "silly."  So I'm having a hard time getting past that.  Regardless, I'm glad you had a good week.  Keep killing it in lacrosse :)

Ellie - What do you mean by your second question of "did you get any new investegators yet"? Do you mean since I started my mission? Because that answer is a resounding yes.  Lots of new investigators.  Also, that sounds like a pretty cool present.  Hope that goes well for you :)

Dad - I'll try and watch the face to face sometime.  I saw the musical number at the beginning but that was it.  Wow, that's pretty cool to hear about the Jazz game.  And yes, the weather has actually been wonderful lately. I'm getting by on just a light jacket, which has been nice.  I'm pretty content that my mission has encompassed what are pretty much the two warmest winters in history.  It means summer is hot, but it's better than tracting in -40.  As far as BYU goes, I don't know.  Should I look around on the website at classes?  I know I want to keep taking French and Chinese.  I really want those to be a part of my life, but I don't know what level I would be at.  Where should I look?  I haven't put too much thought into it lately, to be honest.

Anyway, love you guys!

Elder Sabin