Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 88: Miracles Abound

Hey people!

Sorry about last week.  I typed up a letter, and I thought I sent it, but I don`t know what happened to it. Last week was good to, but I think pretty much everything that happened will be addressed in the letter this week.

This was really a week of miracles.  I`ll just start by going through a few of the people we`re working with.

Yvette and her family are doing awesome.  She`s come to church these last two weeks and she bore her testimony as well, which was really great to hear.  Also, her family has been noticing the change in her I believe.  They finally came in and sat in on a lesson, which was a first for all of them.  Then, yesterday her husband came to church, which I don`t think has ever happened, and two of her kids came as well.  Miracles!

The Capisisit family is super great still.  They were all going to come to church with Josephine (their member cousin) but they all slept in, which was sad.  But they`re mom is starting to really warm up to us, and she`s not just getting involved in the lessons, now she`s helping corral all of the kids for us so we can teach, which was a service desperately needed :) they`re an amazing family.  Hopefully we`ll see them at FHE tonight.

Gwenda is still awesome.  We visited her Aunt for the first time this week, and she was really fun.  We did some service for her, and she told us all about her life, which was cool.  We talked about the plan of salvation, and it was really meaningful.  She`s getting a report on a scan next week that may reveal she has cancer, and so the next life has been on her mind recently.  Also, she bought us KFC which is actually PFK here in Quebec. (Poulet Frit Kentucky).  Her brother Kyle is also reading the Book of Mormon.  He`s 12 and his favorite part so far is when Laban`s head get`s cut off.  He`s the best :) Her little sister Breanna, who is 8 years old, prays every night and ever since we taught her the phrase "choose the right" she says it about every 30 seconds.  From now on, whenever I sing "Choose the Right" in the hymn, I'll think of her.

Seth and Kitana are still super funny.  Their mom wants to invite us over for fish sometime, which will be cool.  They're native, and I have a feeling they'll know where to get the good fish. Native's know everything up here.

Also, we met Shanaya, which is Gwenda's cousin who lives out in Lac Simon!  She was pretty cool.  She taught us how to play ballon balai (broomball) which is a sport the natives here love to play.  It's on ice like hockey, but you don't skate.  You wear special shoes that help you control your pace on the ice and you have a stick to push a ball into the goal.  The sticks are kind of like lacrosse sticks, but no net.  Just a wide rubber end that helps you push the ball.  It was educational. Also, we taught her the Restoration, which was cool. She said she'd read and pray, so we were happy :)

Anyway, life is going well here.

Also, we did exchanges with the Elders in Sudbury, which was awesome.  I got to go with Elder Lemon, which was cool.  We're friends from back home, so it was weird to talk about old times together.

Anyway, sorry I have to go so soon.  We're about out of time, but I love you guys!

Elder Sabin