Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 88: Miracles Abound

Hey people!

Sorry about last week.  I typed up a letter, and I thought I sent it, but I don`t know what happened to it. Last week was good to, but I think pretty much everything that happened will be addressed in the letter this week.

This was really a week of miracles.  I`ll just start by going through a few of the people we`re working with.

Yvette and her family are doing awesome.  She`s come to church these last two weeks and she bore her testimony as well, which was really great to hear.  Also, her family has been noticing the change in her I believe.  They finally came in and sat in on a lesson, which was a first for all of them.  Then, yesterday her husband came to church, which I don`t think has ever happened, and two of her kids came as well.  Miracles!

The Capisisit family is super great still.  They were all going to come to church with Josephine (their member cousin) but they all slept in, which was sad.  But they`re mom is starting to really warm up to us, and she`s not just getting involved in the lessons, now she`s helping corral all of the kids for us so we can teach, which was a service desperately needed :) they`re an amazing family.  Hopefully we`ll see them at FHE tonight.

Gwenda is still awesome.  We visited her Aunt for the first time this week, and she was really fun.  We did some service for her, and she told us all about her life, which was cool.  We talked about the plan of salvation, and it was really meaningful.  She`s getting a report on a scan next week that may reveal she has cancer, and so the next life has been on her mind recently.  Also, she bought us KFC which is actually PFK here in Quebec. (Poulet Frit Kentucky).  Her brother Kyle is also reading the Book of Mormon.  He`s 12 and his favorite part so far is when Laban`s head get`s cut off.  He`s the best :) Her little sister Breanna, who is 8 years old, prays every night and ever since we taught her the phrase "choose the right" she says it about every 30 seconds.  From now on, whenever I sing "Choose the Right" in the hymn, I'll think of her.

Seth and Kitana are still super funny.  Their mom wants to invite us over for fish sometime, which will be cool.  They're native, and I have a feeling they'll know where to get the good fish. Native's know everything up here.

Also, we met Shanaya, which is Gwenda's cousin who lives out in Lac Simon!  She was pretty cool.  She taught us how to play ballon balai (broomball) which is a sport the natives here love to play.  It's on ice like hockey, but you don't skate.  You wear special shoes that help you control your pace on the ice and you have a stick to push a ball into the goal.  The sticks are kind of like lacrosse sticks, but no net.  Just a wide rubber end that helps you push the ball.  It was educational. Also, we taught her the Restoration, which was cool. She said she'd read and pray, so we were happy :)

Anyway, life is going well here.

Also, we did exchanges with the Elders in Sudbury, which was awesome.  I got to go with Elder Lemon, which was cool.  We're friends from back home, so it was weird to talk about old times together.

Anyway, sorry I have to go so soon.  We're about out of time, but I love you guys!

Elder Sabin

Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 87: Pictures

At the mine in Malartic. We're standing in front of a massive pit mine:

Elder hunter took this picture:

At our investigator's house.  Elder hunter found some cool glasses:

Us at the Indian Reserve.  There are tons of stray dogs:

We took Elder Hunter sledding for the first time!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 86: The Kingdom Continues to Roll Forth!

It was another good week in Quebec.  Transfers have come round and.... drumroll.... we're staying!  No movement this transfer, which I'm pretty happy about.  However, they're splitting our area.  Elder Hunter and I will be staying in Val d'Or, and Sisters Gariki and Allred will be coming up to cover the city of Rouyn.  Sister Gariki is from Tahiti, so she speaks french fluently, and Sister Allred apparently has some background from school, so we're really excited. Honestly, I'm so happy about this.  The whole two apartments thing was such a hassle.  We just had to pack everything back and forth twice a week.  It will be nice to do less driving now.

So that was interesting.  We had some pretty fun experiences this week.  On Thursday we went out to the native reservation of Lac Dozois and did some service for people.  We were told beforehand that we were going to shovel snow off of someone's roof.  We thought "Oh, yeah, there's probably a few inches left over from the last snowstorm that we'll have to get off. It will take...maybe a half hour?"

There was like 4 feet of snow on this guys roof.  And he had a big house!  So we were feeling a little overwhelmed, but then Elder Sabin had a great idea.  The whole roof was slanted the same way, and we dug a channel down the middle of it (which took a while).  After that was done, we just started cutting snow off the sides of the channel and pushing it down the roof. After some time, it got big enough that we could use the mega-shovel (I don't really know what to call it.  It's like 4 ft by 4 ft. and looks like a sled with a handle).  At that point it got really fun, because we could fill it with snow and then just slide down the roof with the shovel.  The roof was really slick on the parts we had cleared to, so that helped.  Also, eventually our pile at the edge of the roof was tall enough we could slide off the roof into the snow, which was fun as well.  It's a bit hard to explain.  It was memorable though :)

Also, we met with Josephine and her family this week, and we finally got the whole family to sit in!  Oh, it was a miracle.  They are awesome, but man, they are so hyperactive.  We finally got them to listen in though, and even though they're all on way different levels of conversion, it was cool to finally teach all of them at the same time.  They were going to come to church, but with the time change, they slept in :( Oh well.  Next week.

Gwenda is still doing awesome.  Elder Hunter's birthday was this week, and so Gwenda and I planned a surprise birthday party for him.  I want you guys to know how hard that was.  We have to stay in sight and sound of each other as missionaries, and it was not easy to plan a surprise party for a companion.  Anyway, it was a perfect success and all her siblings (non-members) were there as well, which was awesome.  They made him a cake and bought him a ton of candy. There were balloons involved as well, which I wasn't expecting.

Also, the Zobell's came up and visited us this last week.  They're the senior couple staying in the Temiskaming Branch.  They live in Haileybury, which is about an hour and-a-half from Rouyn.  We've known there were sisters coming up since last week, so we wanted to get the apartment ready for them, and they were awesome in helping us get it clean.  They also made Elder Hunter a cake, and they cooked Toad in the Hole, which is this cool British dish.  I guess they want to make Elder Hunter trunky.


We've been helping Yvette a lot as well.  She's had some serious struggles in her past with substance abuse, and she really wants to help her family.  We've been seeing some really cool progress with some of her relatives, and we're hoping we can help them start coming to church soon.

The Otter family is as good as ever.  They were in Amos last week, so they couldn't come to church, but we'll probably see them later today.

There are a few others, but those are some of the main people we're working with.

This week at church, we finally got to have some members of the stake presidency come up, and I was able to be sustained as the second counselor.  I don't have to be set apart since I'm already set apart as a missionary, but now I can help with tithing, so it was good to get that done.  I'm telling you because I think they had to move my records here to do it, so don't be scared if my records disappear from the ward.

This week at church was really fun.  In gospel principles, we started out on repentance, but one of our investigators kept bringing it back to tithing and how that couldn't possibly be part of repentance and should be optional.  It actually ended up really good, and we had a good discussion on following commandments, but I was at the limits of my french vocabulary in this debate.  Then in Priesthood/Relief Society we talked about the role of women, which is a topic that's almost always controversial.  It was good, and the teacher did a great job handling the controversy, but it was still very entertaining.

Also, the Simard's daughter came this week.  Cynthia hasn't come in a while, just because of work, but she asked for work off on Sunday's off so she could come.  That was awesome.

As far as the puppies back home go, I'm glad to hear they're doing well.  I'm sticking with Askim, but you have to make it funny.  You can't just say "His name is Askim".  You have to introduce all the puppies to everyone except for him, so they say "Oh, what's this one's name?".  Then you can say "Oh, Ask him" and the confusion will begin.  I'll just take pleasure in knowing that my efforts are making people ask dog's questions.

Glad to hear that Chase and Tanner got their calls :) They're going to do amazing.  Let me know when Stephen gets his as well.

Also, Hayden, they lost by 100 points? How is that possible?

A few of you asked me if it's still cold up here. Yes, but it's getting better.  It used to stay in the negatives non stop, but now gotten up to 5 or 6 degrees (celsius) a few times.  We had a cold spell earlier in the week that put it back down to -20, but it's coming back up again.  I think winter's finally starting to wind down.

Hadley, je t'aime aussi. je t'aime de tout mon couer!

I love you guys, and hope you have a wonderful week!  The kingdom continues to roll forth!

Elder Sabin

Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 85: Busy and Good :)

Hello everyone :) This last week has been wonderful.  I apologize for the short email last week.  It's pretty rare that the Sudbury zone of the mission gets to come together for P-day.  We were trying to make sure we made the most of the opportunity.  I hope that the week has been as good for you as it has been for me.  Elder Hunter and I were extremely blessed in our efforts this last week and we were able to find many people in need of the gospel.

I think that both of our testimonies were strengthened this week.  I really felt the hand of the Lord blessing us in many ways, but the gift of tongues was extremely apparent this week.  I apologize because I know this has been a theme of several of my emails, but it truly has been an incredible experience.  This week, the only Melchizedek Priesthood holders present were Elder Hunter and I, so I conducted Sacrament meeting for the 12 or so branch members that were there.  We also played the hymns, passed the sacrament, taught gospel principles, and bore our testimonies during the fast and testimony meeting :) It was a cool experience.  I've never been that involved in church before.

Life has been going well up here.  One of our investegators, Vanessa is getting ready to have a baby, which is really exciting :) We made some pretty kick-butt brownies last night and brought them to her.  She's doing really well it seems.  It was good to see her.

We also had the chance to go help the Ricard family with some renovations in their basement.  We went and painted a few walls with them, and it was really cool.  They have a wonderful family.  Their youngest daughter is pretty much a french version of Hadley.  Just super bubbly with bouncy hair.  I'm sure I drove them crazy with all of my French questions, but they handled them like a champ.

This week we also found the underground Nigerian soccer league of Val d'Or.  Up to this point I thought the only people who lived in this town were either white or native, but we helped one of our neighbors move, and he's from Cameroon.  He invited us to go play soccer with him and his buddies one night, and so we went.  It was actually really fun :) I've never been amazing at soccer, but I think we held our own, and it was cool to meet some new people.  Everyone was wondering why some British guy and some American had decided to move to Val d'Or in the middle of winter, which is a perfectly valid question.  Another plus of meeting Africans - Their French is way easier to understand :)

We also got the chance to stop by the Capississit family (The name is native american) and they're doing well.  We think Treasure's been going through a hard time.  We didn't ask for details, but she was pretty emotional for the lesson and I think she really appreciated us coming by.  Benjamin's doing good as well, although he wasn't able to make it out to church this week.  We'll get him next time.

Lise is still Lise :) She's as funny as ever.  It snowed a lot last week, and then it got warm and rained, and then it got cold and the rain froze, so all of the snow turned really hard, and she needed some help breaking up the ice in a few spots of her yard.  Well, luckily I have the manliest companion ever, and we went at it with all sorts of tools. She gave us some chocolate because she's the best.  We had a long discussion with her about God in the Old Testament and why He's so much more fiery than in the New Testament.  I feel like we weren't able to answer it sufficiently, so I'd love any scriptures or thoughts that you guys have.

The Otter family is good as well.  We stopped by and met with Seth and Kitana, which was fun.  Also, they left their Book of Mormons in some storage place, and so we dropped off two new ones.  They're out of town this week, but we'll see them again next week probably.

Also, Phillipe finally texted back!  I had heard a bunch of cool stuff about this guy who was ready to be baptized but was just waiting until he was 18 so he didn't need his parents permission or something like that.  Well, we hadn't gotten in touch with him, and then yesterday he texted us saying his phone was broken and he hadn't been able to contact anyone.  He's still doing good and we'll meet him later this week.

Valida is still good.  We weren't able to visit her this week,

Dad - Tell Brother Murphy I sustain him.  He's such a good guy :) I'm really excited for that. How is the ward?  Haha, it made me laugh when you mentioned getting in shape.  I was trying really hard when I was in Brampton, because we had a ton of workout equipment and space, but here it's been harder.  Our apartment is pretty small and it's super cold outside :( Once it warms up and I can go running it will be easier. Eh, I just need to man up.  Haha, Elder Hunter is doing great.  On our drive to Sudbury during the weekend we listened to a BYU talk by Mitt Romney where he talks about how great America is.  By the end of it we had him shouting "Merica!" with the rest of us.

Hadley - I met the French version of you this week :) Her name is Emma.  You're having hamburgers with the Reichs!  That sounds so fun!  Quebec is good.  All of my companions are my favorite.

Hayden - Sounds like fun :) How is the Madsen family?  Their mom emailed me a while back about being in French work, and it was fun to hear from them.  How is the quorum back home?  Have you had any cool lessons in church lately?

Ellie - You're sending letters to her?  Doesn't she just live down the street? They all did insane stuff? What kind of stuff did they do?  That sounds really fun.

Mom - Wow, that's amazing news about Grandma! :) I've emailed her recently, but she hasn't responded to the last one yet.  That's incredible!  I'm so happy to hear she's doing well.  Is the whole family going down or just you? I'm like, super excited to hear that.  Let me know how it goes :)

Ashleigh - Wow.  Sounds like you had an interesting trip.  Just to let you know, I will never be jealous of a fanny pack.  I don't care what's written on it.  Fanny packs will never be cool :)  Haha, kidding.  Cool to hear that you had a good time.

Anyway, there's some of the highlights from my week.  Next week I'll try and talk a little more about the people we're working with.  There are a few more of them, but I'm out of time.  I love you guys!

Elder Sabin

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