Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 84: Elder Clayton Came to Visit Us!

Alright, so I gotta keep it shorter this week.  We're all in Sudbury this weekend for Stake Conference, and we don't gather very often up here since it's so far apart.  We're playing some sports today, and Elder Hunter and I are going to unite our United Kingdom of America French powers to dominate the zone.  It's been a good week.  We did exchanges this week, which are really long in the north so I actually haven't been in our area since Wednesday.  I was in the Temiskaming area which covers New Liskeard and the surrounding towns with Elder Myers.  It was awesome!  We found like 5 new in their area, which was really awesome.  Honestly, I had a blast with him.

Also, this weekend was Stake Conference, and we had President Clayton return as the member of the 70!  It was incredible.  We had a zone council following that, and we got to talk with him a lot.  He hasn't changed :) It was amazing. There were a lot of picture's taken (don't worry) and I'll send them next week when the Elder that has them gets them to me.

Aside from that, life has been good. The French is still coming (slowly) but surely.  Elder Clayton was surprised to hear I'm in French work.  He speaks some as well, and it was cool to talk with him.  He served in Montreal and he's kept it pretty well.

When I was in Temiskaming, we spent some time working at a goat farm with brother Feinstra, which was awesome.  He was super cool.  Honestly, I got a lesson in parenting.  He's not a member, but his family is literally the best family I've ever seen.  They were all super polite and it was amazing to see how close they were.  They invited us to dinner afterwards, and we were going to share a message, but then he pulled out the Bible and I've never seen kids paying more attention to the Bible.  It was cool.

Also, they made good food.

Elder Hunter and I are doing great :)  We've had a fun week here.

So Elder Clayton was probably the highlight honestly.  I'm not really sure what else to share.  He gave us a sneak peak to his conference talk (He's speaking in April) which was cool.  I can't tell you all though.  You know, secret missionary stuff.  Kind of like the Gadianton robbers.

Anyway, that was the week :) love you all!

Elder Sabin

Zone Conference:

 Us at the lookout tower with Gwenda, one of the new converts.  We're getting her on a mission :) #fingerscrossed:

Family home evening with Ben (investigator), Josephine (new convert) and Sister Racine (return missionary):

Val d'Or from the balcony:

Su got baptized!  He was a member who had his records removed a while back, but we got him to turn around when I was with Elder Carroll.  He just got re-baptized!!! Oh, it was amazing.  Seriously, super cool.  He's the guy on the right.  This guy is one of the biggest miracles of my mission.