Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 79: All is Well

Well, this week has been awesome :D Also extremely warm.  Frankly this winter has been pretty pathetic.  I haven't really been giving weather updates these last couple of weeks, but it only been below zero for a few weeks in December.  For all of January it's been close to 4 or 5 degrees, which is around 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Not that I'm complaining.  I just think it's funny because everyone keeps emailing me asking something along the lines of "Are you freezing yet?" or "How many toes do you have left?" whereas on the west half of the continent I hear they are getting dumped on with snow and cold.  It's been nice though.  Missionary work is a lot easier when it's warmer. There are more people out on the streets and people are just more talkative.

Anyway, aside from the weather, we had a really productive week this week.

We stopped by Javane this week and taught him the Word of Wisdom.  No problems.  He came to church as well, and he's made a lot of good friends.  He's such a cool guy.  Also, it turns out he's been writing a comic book for a while and he's going to give us a look next time.  We're going to see him again tonight at family home evening, which will be really cool.

We got to visit a few times with DJ's friends this week. Their names are Junior, Jide, and Ola and they're all super funny.  They're all from Nigeria, and I don't know if you've ever seen a bunch of Africans get together, but they are funny!  Honestly, it's been pretty cool teaching them.  DJ is such a good friend in the gospel for them, and he brings them to like every activity.  Haha, we offer to find them rides to things, but they just use Uber to get around.  They're an interesting crew.

Also, Gurjivan, Guarjeet and Aman are all doing well. They weren't able to make it out to church this week, which was kind of sad, but they'll come next week.  We had an interesting experience teaching Gurjivan this week. She goes to a school that kind of has a reputation among missionaries for being pretty confrontational with us and trying to keep us off their campus.  We weren't proselyting there at all, but we were going to meet with her in the commons.  On the way in we got stopped by security twice (on a 5 minute walk) and we had to explain that we were just visiting a friend.  Well, we finally sat down with Gurjivan, and we talked for a second. We started the lesson with a prayer, after which security approached us again and got on us for praying in their school.  They said if people want to pray they have to go to the special prayer room that the university has set aside for praying. Is this a thing anywhere else? I have honestly never heard of a prayer room.

Anyway, we tried to be nice, but I was a little frustrated. Apparently because we aren't students we're not allowed to meet on campus.  So we walked over to Pizza Hut instead. It was actually a really good lesson, but that university is definitely not my favorite.

We also got to meet up with Jashan (The girl one.  There are two Jashan's we've been meeting with). She's been going through a hard time.  I guess one of her friends is contemplating going back to India, and she's really nervous for him.  We taught her fasting, and if we hadn't stopped her I think she was about ready for fast for a week straight.  We then had to teach her about taking care of our bodies and not running faster than we have strength.  It was a funny lesson, but I think things went well for her.

Also, we're meeting up with an amazing guy named Wayne tonight.  He grew up Chistian in southern India, and was persecuted pretty heavily. His neighborhood back home is a Christian area and it wasn't provided with any modern equipment by the government just because of religious differences.  Sounded like it was pretty rough. Well, eventually he moved to Montreal, and he met some Mormons over there.  He lived in Pickering (suburb of Toronto) and had a really good friend who was Mormon who gave him a Book of Mormon.  Well, he read the book up to Ether, and he feels like it has given him many answers to his prayers.  He came to church as well, and we gave him the Restoration video about Joseph Smith.  He watched it twice :) Loved it.  I'm pretty excited for the guy.  We'll see him tonight as well.

Our ward mission leader is probably getting released here pretty soon.  I'm going to miss Rob.  He's such a good guy.  He's going to Utah for school soon though so it makes sense to release him. We were pretty bummed about that, but I'm sure whoever they pick to be the new one will be awesome.

Also, we got to have some fun exchanges this week. I got to go back to North York for a day, and I also got to bring Elder Fillmore from Sudbury and Elder Madrigal from Downtown into our area. They're super fun guys.  In North York I was with Elder Shu from Hong Kong, and we didn't speak a lick of english all day.

The other night we were at York University, and we ran into some amazing people. The coolest miracle probably was right before we were going to leave.  We got into the car and I even turned it on, but then I saw a guy about to walk past us.  It was probably too late to open up the door, so I rolled down the window and said "Hey, how are you?"

We had a really good conversation.  It was probably weird for him at first because it was dark, and there are these two guys in dark clothing in their car offering a website card.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been if I had asked "want some candy?"  It went super well though.  We had a good 15 minute talk, got his number, and we're going to see him later this week.  It was pretty cool.

Hadley - You should tell mom that Beanie boo's like to celebrate by buying hot tubs.  It's an interesting tradition, but trust me on this. It comes from a very reliable source.  No, I don't think I remember having a snow day.  Maybe?  I don't recall.

Ellie - Awesome sauce?  Wa sa dude?  Interesting vocabulary Ellie :) Sounds like you had a pretty good week.  You got into Slytherin?  Ellie, how dare you!  We can't be friends anymore. :) Just kidding. What house would I be in?

Mom - Tell Spencer I say hello, okay?  He's so awesome.  Seriously, just such a great guy.  As far as the Martin Harris story goes, you're totally right. Amazing that God had that kind of insight.  Oftentimes when missionaries keep asking me if I'll tell them anything about the transfers, I just say "Okay Martin Harris, I'll ask the lord again if you can have the plates."  That usually shuts them up :) Anyway, good to hear from you :) 

Hayden - You made an igloo?  Wow, that sounds like you got a ton of snow.  Do you have a picture?  That sounds super cool.  How is our ward team looking for churchball?

Ashleigh - Singing a solo, eh?  That's super cool.  I guess I haven't really asked at all, how's the new school?  Are we good at any sports yet?  Do we have a lacrosse team?  How has skiing been this winter?

Dad - You went to see Celine Dion? That's pretty cool.  She's from Quebec, right?  I mean, it's not my mission, but it's still cool :) We'll have to watch that movie when I get home.  I talk a lot about how diverse my mission is, and it's true, but I do get a slightly slanted viewpoint because only the lucky ones make it here to Toronto.  A lot of them are still pretty poor, but not impoverished like back in their home countries.  I would love to travel and go see all these places that I meet people from.

Anyway, love you all!  Hope you have a wonderful week.

Elder Sabin