Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 78: A Quick Update

Alright, so my email is going to be a bit shorter this week than usual.  We had a lesson this morning with Jashan (one of our investigators) and later today we're going to play some sports.  We have to make sure all the other missionaries know who their leaders are ;)

Anyway, this week was great.  We did some exchanges with the elders in Oshawa and in Kingston, which was cool.  There have some great elders out there.

So this week there was a baptism in the ward!  The sisters in the ward have been teaching him for a while, and he's a really amazing guy.  His name is Bryan, and his baptism was incredible.  Such a strong spirit there.

Also, because of that, we were able to invite a bunch of people out to see the ordinance.  One of them was a former investigator that we haven't been in contact with for a long time.  His name is Elvin.  We texted him on Saturday night on a whim to see if he wanted to come, and he immediately texted back.  Haha, he asked if he had to wear a suit because it's a baptism.  It was a good day.

So church was awesome.  Another guy that made it out was Jide.  He's from Nigeria, and he's Muslim, but he's pretty open about religion.  Also, he has a bunch of Nigerian friends who are members, and they're super bold about sharing the gospel.  One of them said the closing prayer during one of our lessons, and during the prayer he said "Please bless my brother Jide, that he will soften his hard heart and hear the voice of Jesus."  He didn't seem offended though, so it was cool :)

Also, this week we found a lot of new people.  Quite a few former investigators were picked back up.  Life goes well in Brampladesh.

Anway, I don't have a ton more time.  I'm so sorry!  I'll make sure next week is a good email. Love y'all!