Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 82: Lots of Driving

Hey family!  It's been another great week here in Quebec.  One thing that I'm realizing more and more is how far apart everything is here.  We actually have two apartments in our area, because the two main cities that we cover are an hour and a half apart.  Usually this branch has two sets of missionaries, but currently just my companion and I are covering it, which means there is a fair bit of driving to do.  We have to use both apartments, which sounds like a privilege, but is actually quite a hassle sometimes.  We have to cart all of our food, clothes, toiletries, and junk back and forth every 3 days or so, which is really interesting.  Also, Elder Hunter and I share the calling of branch pianist, so we have to carry the huge keyboard with us as well :)

The French is coming.  Slowly but surely, it's coming, and if someone speaks to me slowly, I can usually pick out what it is they are trying to say :) We taught the lesson in gospel principles the other day, and one of our investigators really likes deep doctrine, so we found ourselves in deep water pretty soon, but I think it was actually handled pretty well.  Man, I've been so tired though.  Speaking languages is hard.  I think I'm at least past the stage where Chinese words get intermingled with my French, but it's still exhausting.

This last week we met with quite a few of the members, and also 2 or 3 investigators.  Quite a few of them were in need of help with shoveling snow and carting firewood, and we were able to go and help them.  It was a good week.

We got to meet the branch president as well, which was awesome.  His name is President Ochs.  I'll try and get a picture with him another time, but he's really cool.  He gave a wonderful talk in sacrament the other day on service, which I really thought was awesome (the parts I understood anyways).

Also, this week we had zone conference, which was really great.  It was fun to see some good friends from down south.  Elder Carroll and Elder Taylor (the current AP's) called me up to help with their instruction, which I thought was interesting.  Also, there were 2 or 3 times when President or Elder Carroll were trying to refer to Elder Taylor but accidentally said Sabin.  It was pretty funny.  At one point, President made a comment and turned to the AP's. "Elder Sabin or Carroll, do you have anything to add to that?"  Elder Carroll then turned to me in the audience.  "Elder Sabin, do you have anything to say?"  It made me laugh.

Hadley - Wow, that's so cool Hadley :) who's Emeree? How often do you guys usually go swimming?  What kind of things did you do on your date with Mom and Dad?

Ellie - What kind of games do you play at swim?  Like racing?  Ya, I did see the video.  It was really awesome!

Hayden - Haha, how is our church ball team looking for this year?  Are we going to be pretty good?  Glad to hear that you had a good week. How's the Mandarin coming?

Mom - Okay, ya.  Let me explain the snow story.  We were out at the Indian reserve teaching some laminates, and we went on a road that quickly became not a road.  We got stuck once but with a lot of work and pushing we managed to get out.  Then, we got stuck again, which is the one you saw.  We had to get some help from the natives, which was really exciting.  They were super nice, and they had a huge tractor to help us out, so it worked out.  Yes, I got both packages.  Which grandma was it from?

Ashleigh - Wow!  That performance was super awesome!  You're the best Ashleigh.  Seriously, it was super good.  Sounds like the ACT went well.  I'll bet you got a 34 or something higher than me :) I thought we agreed you wouldn't date till I got back?  Kidding :) Love you!

Dad - yes, the car is fine.  It's a pretty common occurrence up here among the northern missionaries. Ya, we got towed out.  As far as the companion goes, it's been great.  He's young in the mission and he works hard. The branch is tiny, but awesome.  I'm probably going to be called as Second Counselor.  President Ochs talked to me about it the other day, so that's kind of scary.  It's honestly so much fun here though.  There are some really nice people in the branch, and it's going to be great to get to know them.

Anyway, that was pretty much the week.  Peace out!

Elder Sabin