Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Week 76: Squirrel on the Loose

Hello everyone!  It's once again been a wonderful week.  Life has been going really well here in Brampton.  Elder Carroll and I were considering buying turbans so we could fit in here better, but our president expressed some concerns. I was like, "But President, those turbans would be SIKH!" after which he slapped me for making such a horrible joke and threatened to send me so far north the only people I would be preaching to would be the moose.

Totally kidding. None of that happened.  However, speaking of crazy things that went down this week, I have a story to share.  Elder Carroll and I entered the house on a normal winters day this last week, expecting to grab some paperwork and promptly go to the office.  However, during this occasion Elder Carroll had to use the bathroom, and so he went upstairs to do so.  Approximately 5 seconds later, I heard "Elder Sabin....come here and guess what happened."

And so I went upstairs.  I saw Elder Carroll standing in the doorway to our bathroom, as if he wasn't quite sure what to do.  I stood behind him, and looked inside.  On our bathroom floor scattered all over where a bunch of chocolate truffles.  We literally had no idea why they were there.  However, as soon as we stepped inside it became very apparent.  We detected motion in the back corner by the toilet, and I saw a large furry tail.

They put a squirrel in our bathroom!  Never mind how they caught it.  It was in our bathroom, and Elder Carroll and I wanted revenge.  And so, with unyielding faith and consecrated effort and an assortment of boxes, Elder Carroll and I re-caught the squirrel in a small garbage can.  After this, we placed him in their study along with some bread in case he got hungry.

We then left.  That evening, we waited in the driveway until the other elders got home so that they wouldn't suspect we knew anything about the squirrel.  After a few minutes of conversation, they said they had to run upstairs to grab something.  Elder Carroll and I both knew they wanted to check on the squirrel.  Well, they walked in and didn't find it (obviously) and so they started acting really weird.  Elder Carroll and I just played dumb and asked what was wrong, at which point they started panicking a bit.  There was a squirrel in the house, and they had no idea where it was.

Well, they discovered that their study was trashed, but there was no sign of the squirrel anywhere. I was having a hard time keeping a straight face, but I don't think they suspected anything. Anyway, after some time, the squirrel was discovered in the house, and was promptly released.  Oh my gosh, it was so funny.

It's not nearly as funny over email, but trust me.  I was laughing so hard.

Anyway, I'll talk about some spiritual stuff now. We had a really good week.  We were finally able to sit down with Raj and talk about a lot of the stuff that has been on his mind.  He basically put a lot of his life story on us, and we talked for probably an hour just about what he's going through and the reasons he doesn't want to get baptized yet.  It was pretty awesome.

We also had a lot of good talks with Javane.  Turns out he's pretty good at basketball, so him and I had some fun for a few minutes at the chapel. :)  He's doing awesome as well.

Our friend DJ has been bringing his friends to activities left and right.  He's brought three of his friends that are all now investigating, so that's been pretty awesome.  They're all Nigerians, which I love.

Celeste has been doing okay.  She's still got a lot of opposition in her life.  Keep praying for her.

Gurjivan has been doing great.  She's a little bit busy, but she's super sincere, and so she tries really hard to make time to meet with us.

Another guy named Alexis.  Doing good.

One guy named Meleek.  Wants to read and pray about the Book of Mormon a ton. Super sincere.

There's some others.  I don't want to bore you guys though :) Life is good.

Also, we had some exchanges this last week, so I got to spend some time in London and in Brantford, both of which are towns that I have never worked in before.  It was super fun.  Also, I was with some awesome Elders; Elder Taylor in London and Elder Certonio in Brantford.  Super fun.

Anyway, sorry I didn't have tons of time to write today.  I spent some time emailing other people.  I'll put more thought into it next week.  Love you!