Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Week 73: Cutting the "Fluff"

Alright, I know you're all not expecting an email today.  Sorry for the surprise :) Transfers are coming up this next week and there will be a lot going on on Monday, so we got our p-day moved.

Anyway, this week was really amazing.  I've had a lot of fun serving with Elder Carroll.

This week we had a visit from John Gonzalez and Shane Littlefield.  You probably don't know who they are, but I just want to say that they are amazing.  They're both from the mission department, and basically their job is to go around and train new mission presidents.  Since we just got a new one this year, they wanted to come, but they try not to come around the time when general authorities come.  Since we had a visit from Elder Arnold and Elder Ballard pretty close together, he had to delay his trip.

Well, they finally came this last week, and we got to spend an evening with Brother Gonzalez.  He's super smart and he really does know his way around missionary work.  We had a ton of good discussion with him as we were driving around to different appointments.  He basically just pointed out everything we were doing wrong, and told us how to do it right.  It was useful to say the least :)

It really was a super cool night.  We had a few meetings with them and president in the following days, and we just talked about what our mission really needs.  A lot of what was said was basically that the leadership in the mission needs to set the example.  I was really humbled, because ever since this new assignment I've been frustrated with a lack of proselyting time and the area hasn't been doing as well as other areas that I've been in.  Don't get me wrong, we're doing fine, but I've been feeling for several weeks that we need to pick it up and be better. Elder Carroll and I have been talking for a long time about how to get around the administrative stuff, but we didn't really see a whole ton of solutions until this visit.  We talked a lot about what actually needs to be done in the office and what is really just fluff, and in the future I think we're going to cut a lot of the "fluff".

Anyway, I'm really excited for what the future holds.

I'm a little short on time today, because the zone has a meeting later today that Elder Carroll and I have to get to, but I'll do my best to get as much as I can in the email :)

I don't know if I've ever mentioned Rohit in my emails before.  He's been investigating for a while, but this week he had a massive change of heart.  He's started seeing huge miracles in his life, and he wants very badly to be baptized.  I'm really happy for him. We taught him this week about why we have commandments, and he basically knew more than we did :)

Also, Penny has been doing awesome.  We met with her twice this week, and we shared about the Plan of Salvation.  She took a little while to wrap her head around it, but I think she gets it now :)

We had kind of a funny experience this week.  On Thursday we had our monthly leadership council, which is always super fun.  This month it was attended by Brother Gonzalez, but that wasn't the funny part.  The night before, we had an elder come in to the airport who wasn't supposed to be coming until next week.  Well, he arrived at the airport around 8 in the evening on Wednesday, and waited for about 2 hours for someone to come and get him, but no one did.  So he just handed out Book of Mormons (Books of Mormon?) and pass a long cards for a while, and he finally decided to send an email to Church Travel saying that there may have been a problem.

Us, thinking that he wasn't coming until next week, had no idea.  So basically President got an S.O.S call at 3 in the morning saying that he had to go and get this elder.  Since then he's been bouncing around between companionships until next week, and we got to take him out for a few hours with us.  He's from Indonesia, and he speaks decent Mandarin (he's called to speak that language) so we got to talk a little bit with him.  It was a lot of fun.  He had quite an adventure getting out here.

Anyway, remember this Christmas season to always be focusing on the Savior.  You will be blessed!

Elder Sabin