Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 71: A Stellar Week

Alright, so I don't have a ton of time today, but I'll try and update you with everything that's been going on.  Life has been good this week in the mission.  On Monday and Tuesday we were pretty busy with office stuff, and then Tuesday afternoon we went up north, and that's where I've been since.  I've been hanging out with the French missionaries, and they are awesome!  It's actually been a stellar week.

Obviously my French is far far far from good, but it's been good enough to get out some basic phrases, and I'm loving the chance to listen to Quebecois, which is basically French most of the time, and then sometimes they just do their own thing.  It's been super cool.

This week we spent a fair amount of time on the native reserve, which was really cool.  I've never spent time on those long term.  We shoveled some snow, and helped one guy stack a bunch of fire wood.  That guy was ancient.  You know how in the movies there's like a town elder who looks like he was alive when the world was made.  That was this guy.  he didn't speak a word of English.  He only spoke Algonquin (Lamanite) and his son spoke French with an Algonquin accent, and I speak
French with a Chinese accent (probably) so it was really interesting.  The people there was honestly SO nice though. They were all super talkative and very hospitable.

Dad - Haha, gotta love the turkey bowl :) Thanks for the update on the ward back home.  I keep you guys in my prayers.  Sorry, i gotta be a bit quick this week.  love you!

Mom - Ya, we got quite a bit this week.  i don't know what it's like in brampton, but up north we got dumped on.  I'll send some pictures today, don't worry :) i'll head back to the office tommorow.  It's about 8 hours away, which is quite a distance.  Ya, Elder lemon was fun :) Also, I love that quote. I hung it on our bathroom mirror

Unknown - I'm on an old computer today, so i wasn't able to read a lot of your email.  I just got a bunch of boxes.  However, I do appreciate the wish for me to be warm and toasty.

Kidding.  love you ellie!

Hadley - Mashed taters? That was your favorite. Goodness, it's like I'm living with Elder Lau all over again.  haha, Sounds like you had a fun week!  I love you!

Hayden - haha, there's a member here that takes us out to Wild Wings all the time.  Sounds like you guys had a blast. 

Ashleigh - Ashleigh, sometimes its exhausting reading your emails.  Honestly, I might just not try this week.

Fine I'll try.   Yep.  Hmmm.  Uh huh.  Moana was good.  Something about singing to a gas station guy.  Moana was good again.  Who the freak is lin?   Alright, shakespearean english, i can probably skip that.

Alright.  Good stuff.  have a good week ashleigh :)


Elder Sabin