Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Week 68: Trash Talk

Sorry for emailing again on Saturday.  No, this is not our P-day.  Transfers are this week, so we're going to be really busy on Monday organizing everything and our P-day got moved. Next week it should return to normal schedule.

Quotes from this week.

"Sometimes I look at Elder Scofield, and I just try and imagine he's my eternal companion, and not just for a few transfers." Elder Taylor (Elder Scofield's Companion)

*During a role play at Mission Leadership Council*
     Investigator "I didn't read the Book of Mormon"
     Elder Sabin *Flips table* "WHAT!"

These next couple of quotes require some context.  All the zone leaders were having a huge competition these last couple of weeks, and one of the challenges was to see who could trash talk the best.  To spice up the competition, we all ran under the name of a country, and so when the scores and stuff were texted out, no one knew who was in the lead.  These were some of our favorites:

“Your country is probably something like Denmark where they stay inside all day and do nothing.” Elder Taylor.

"I was going to go to church in your zone, but I realized the J-dubs have better missionaries, so I almost went there instead.” Elder Sabin

“Sorry, we don’t have time to trash talk. We’re too busy trying to bring back all the less actives you baptized.” Elder Sabin

“They have missionaries in your zone? I didn’t know that.”    "That's okay.  Neither did anyone else."

“You’re a great example of how you don’t have to be smart, handsome, or athletic to be a zone leader.”

"Elder Sabin, when I’m done trash talking with you, one of us is going to leave the church for sure.” Elder Madrigal

As you can see, some of us got pretty into it :)

For the record Elder Stowell and I totally won the competition.  The only downside is that for the last few days of the competition I wasn't his companion anymore, but he finished strong and we got first place :)

Frankly this week has been nuts.  Transfers are this week, and we also had MLC with all the zone leaders.  Both of these events require a lot of planning from the assistants, so we've been pretty swamped.  We haven't had a lot of time to proselyte this week, but it's still been really good.

We have a few really cool people we're working with.  One of them is named Celeste, and she is super cool.  She's had a really rough background, but this week she had a lot of miracles happen in her life.  She kicked her boyfriend out, and she want's to be baptized super bad.  She described her feelings when she reads the Book of Mormon as "feeling all tingly" which I think is awesome :) She's doing great.

Also, I have to apologize.  I'm going to have to cut this email short.  I'm running low on time. I promise I'll put more into it next week, and I'll answer your emails from this week and next week.  I really do love you guys though!

Elder Sabin

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