Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 69: Missionary Work Is Awesome

Hello everyone!

Wow, this week feels like it has flown by.  Elder Carroll will testify that I come into the house exhausted every night.  In the past when I've lived with missionaries there was usually a lot of talking at night as we all fell asleep, but honestly there's been almost none of it here. We're all just too tired.  There's so much work to do here in Brampton!

I've gotten a lot of questions about how much time we actually have to proselyte every day, and I wish I could give a straight answer.  It really depends on the week and the day :) This week, we finally had a fair amount of time, so I was able to get to know some of our investigators and we were able to find some new ones.

So last Sunday (8 days ago) I got to baptize someone! Like actually get in the water.  The only other time I've done that was with Ellie before the mission :) All the other times we've had a member do it.  The sisters in the ward had an investigator who was getting baptized, and she wanted one of the missionaries to do it, and so I was volunteered by my loving companions. Her name is Lydia, and she's super cool.  She went to the temple this week as well, and she's doing super awesome.  Her friends from Utah came out to see her baptism, and it was cool to see them share such wonderful testimonies.

On Monday, we finalized all of the transfer information, and the most of the rest of our day was taken up by picking up the new missionaries.  We had a lot of greenies come into the mission this transfer, and it was really fun meeting them.  Also, we got to drive the huge vans that the mission owns, which was super fun. I honestly feel like I'm driving a tank when I'm in those.

After we picked them up at the airport, we went over to the President's house for dinner and for a devotional.  It was cool to see them, because I honestly feel like I was in their shoes just a few weeks ago.  After that we took them to the hotel and they all crashed super hard.

Then Tuesday was transfers, which is always hectic.  I spent most of the time in the trainers meeting helping the new missionaries get oriented.  Since I didn't come into the mission on the regular transfer cycle, that was actually the first trainers meeting I've ever attended, so it was cool to see what it was like.  President shared some wonderful thoughts, and it was fun to see everyone get so excited when they got paired up with their new companions.

That night, we got to see the other end of the spectrum when we took all the "dying" missionaries to the mission home for their last devotional before they go home.  It was sad to see some old friends go, but the testimony meeting we had was extremely spiritual.  It was interesting actually.  Within 24 hours I got to see two dozen missionaries fresh from the MTC and two dozen "seasoned veterans" of the field.

Wednesday we took care of all the post-transfer information and any hiccups that occurred in the process, at which point we finally had some time to proselyte.

There were lots of cool miracles this week.  There were also lots of Indian people.  Lots of Indian people. There's a restaurant here that sells samosas for a quarter each.  And they're big samosas.  I know where I'm eating lunch for the next couple weeks ;)

Anyway, I really do love this area.  I'll probably make more jokes about how many Indian people there are here and how much punjabi food I'm eating, but just know that I really do love this place.  They are such wonderful people.

We had a chance to meet with some of our recent converts this week.  One of them is named Kenneth, and he is super funny.  He's getting ready to go the temple next week as well.  Temple trips are really easy here, because the temple is honestly down the street. In all the other areas I've been in, there's a bunch of complex travel plans that go into going to the temple.  Much easier here.

Other new converts include DJ, Mandeep (Indian guy), Jashan (Indian guy, likes rapping in punjabi), and Allen (Chinese guy).  We're serving in a YSA ward here, and it's just full of returned missionaries, so fellowship is not a problem at all.

We also had some really cool people come out to church this week.  One of the people we're working with is named Nav, and he's a boxer.  Like a serious boxer.  After church on Sunday, he was trying to take me through the basics of boxing, and I'm pretty sure I could take you all in a fight now. Kidding.  I'm horrible at it. Anyway, he has a baptismal date for the 18th of December, and we're really hoping that he makes it.

Also, Rohit Indian guy) came to church on sunday.  He's super funny.  He's pretty much as tall as me, and when he came to Canada he brought all the swagger from India.  He's got a baptismal date for November 20th, and we're really trying to help him make it.

This weekend, I also got to go on exchanges in Ossington Zone with some of the elders down there.  That zone covers what's basically the downtown of Toronto, so we were on busses all day and we talked to SO many people.  Also, I got a pineapple from a guy, and I had no place to put it, so I just carried it around for a few hours until I could drop it off at home.  It made for some interesting conversations.  We talked to a lot of people that were super prepared, and also a lot of crazies.  Lots of them.  People may have thought I was one since I was carrying around a pineapple and talking to people about Jesus.  Missionary work is awesome.

Anyway, I love being a missionary.

Mom - Yes, the trash talking is going extremely well :) I'm glad I made you proud.  And yes, we are super duper busy.  We drive a lot. And go work in a lot of different areas. And go to some meetings. It's really fun, but pretty exhausting as well.  Ya, the weather here has been really good as well.  Today was extremely warm.  Everyone keeps telling me to expect a rough winter, but honestly it hasn't been bad at all thus far.

Hadley - Congratulations Hadley :)  You're "so" was exactly one O longer than Ellie's.  Was that on purpose? Anyway, not much is new.  Wow, that's a lot of money from the tooth fairy.  Pretty soon you'll have enough to go on a mission :) Kidding. You can spend that on whatever you want. Are you guys watching movies every night and having a party?  Haha, I hope you have a good week.

Ellie - Wow, that's too bad that Riley threw up.  Don't get sick, okay?  Are you still reading a whole ton?  Are you still eating lots of plain lettuce because you think it "tastes good"?  Haha, I'm glad to hear that you guys are having fun.

Hayden - Haha, sounds like you're really getting into politics.  Ya, I heard the election was crazy.  Did Utah almost vote for a third party?  I just heard a rumor about that.  How was the scout campout?  What kind of guns did you shoot?

Anyway, I love you guys!

Elder Sabin