Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Week 67: Changes

Much has happened this week.  To be honest, I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.  Member referalls, investigators deciding the Book of Mormon is true, and surprise transfers have all played a role this week.

The first cool things that happened this week was meeting Sylvia and Lydia.  They were two of the people that came to Stake Conference last week, and they're good friends with a member named Jane.  They really liked the conference, and so we met them at the library later that week.  Sylvia is the mother and her daughter Lydia is in 7th or 8th grade.  The way Sylvia introduced her was really funny.  She basically said that Lydia is the reason they decided to go to church, and that for the past while she's been "super super interested in church".

To this Lydia rolled her eyes and said "Mom, no, it's not super super interested."
Sylvia then said "Okay, just one "super" should be enough" and that seemed to satisfy Lydia.  Anyway, we shared with them the restoration and they loved it.  It was actually amazing, because as we asked them questions throughout the lesson, they kept asking the exact question that we needed to turn to the next page of the pamphlet.  You could completely see their way of thinking, and it was cool to help them realize why there are so many Christian churches and where the original church went. They're doing super well, and they committed to read the Book of Mormon that day and pray about it.

David is still doing awesome.  We met with him, and directly after we said the prayer, he looks at us and says "Guys, I honestly can't go one day without reading the Book of Mormon. What he actually said was 一天不读摩尔门就不行 which basically means "If i even don't read it one day, it's still not okay."  He makes me laugh :)

Michelle took a huge step this week.  She's really doing awesome.  She's still nervous about baptism (I think investigators always are) but she feels like she's good for her date in November.  She keeps asking us for more scriptures to read.  The other day we gave her 3 Nephi 11, but after the lesson she forgot what chapter it was, so she just read all of 3 Nephi.  All of it.  In two days.

Also, our investigator Judy took a tumble this week and ended up in the hospital with a fractured foot.  She was playing badminton, which is very popular among Chinese people, and I guess she just got to into it.  Anyway,  we went by her house to give her a visit, but she wasn't home. That was interesting, because we had set up the appointment that same day and she seemed good.

Well, we knocked a few of the doors in the neighborhood, and right as we were about to go, she walks around the corner.  I should say "limped" around, because it was obvious that she was taking it slow. We caught up to her (it wasn't hard) and she apologized for not being home earlier.  They had asked her to come back to the hospital to look at the x-rays, and she had forgotten her phone, so she couldn't get in touch with us.  She said her foot should be okay, and she can actually drive with it, but no more badminton for a couple weeks.  We had a really good conversation with her after that about missionary work and why our church believes what we do.  We usually try and keep the discussion within about a half hour, but she just had so many questions so we ended up talking with her for about an hour.

We had a really great lesson with Adam, and we taught the plan of salvation.  He's a quieter guy, so it's sometimes hard to get his feelings out of him, but we asked him to say the closing prayer, and it was so sincere.  He said "Thank you God for sending me these two elders, so that they can tell me about all these wonderful things I've never heard before.  I will come to your church again on Sunday to keep feeling this feeling that I've never felt before."  It was a beautiful prayer.

Also, Mia, one of our investigators is taking a trip back to China.  We'll see her in a while I guess :)

Li Hong Yu took another trip to Vancouver this week, but she's back for good after that, and so we'll be able to start meeting with her again.  That was fun.

Haha, here's a funny story from the week.  We were out teaching some people with some of the young men from our ward, and it started raining.  We kept going for a while, but after some time the young men were pretty miserable, so we decided to take them home.  However, because of that detour, we didn't have time to get gas before our next appointment, which was something we desperately needed.

Regardless, we still dropped them off and prayed that God would bless us for our watchful care of the young men.  We started heading off to our appointment, to which we were already running behind, and very quickly got stuck in traffic.  Finally, we got clear of the traffic, but about 30 seconds later we hit an incline, and the gas tank stopped feeding the engine.  Not a cough, not a sputter, it just died. On the ramp connecting two freeways.

Anyway, we called up our buddies, the Farsi missionaries, and they came and rescued us, so it's okay now, but we got stuck there for a good hour.  We missed our appointment, but we called up our trusty ward mission leader who was there, and we just had him teach the lesson.  Also it was really cold.  With no heater.  We had some fun making jokes about how this must be what the pioneers felt like, and when the Farsi missionaries arrived with gas, we made sure to thank Brigham Young for sending a rescue party.

I probably should have said this first, but I wasn't really sure how to say it. Basically I have a new assignment, and I'm no longer in North York. I've received an assignment to be an assistant to the president for a few transfers.  So now I'm in Brampton.  And in English work.  My feeling are mixed, to say the least.

As sad as I am leaving North York and the Bayview ward, I am excited for the oppurtunities this will bring. I'm serving with Elder Carroll who I served with previously, and with Elder Holt, who will be going home in a week.  We'll be in a companionship of three for a week, which will be fun :)

Related to this, the AP's live in a house called "The Mansion" with two other elders, Elder Taylor and Scofield who are the Brampton Zone leaders.  It's not really a mansion, but it's large compared to most missionary housing due to the fact that oftentimes large numbers of elders have to stay there before meetings, transfers, and other things.

Anyway, there's a tradition in the "The Mansion" where the new assistant gets snuck into the house, and they pull some crazy prank on the other elders. We had some fun with this. It's hard to describe over email, but it involved pelting the other elders with water balloons outside, hitting the breaker in the house to shut off all the lights when they got suspicious, and me dumping flour on them while they were wet.  If you've ever had wet flour on your clothes, it's pretty sticky, and makes for a lot of fun.  There was some cleanup involved, but it was absolutely worth it.

Anyway, it's been a good week.  I love you all, and I hope you all continue to have great spiritually uplifting experiences.  I've definitely had many this week.

Elder Sabin

I'm the third AP in a row called out of Mandarin work, and people have started calling it the Chinasty.  These were sent to me with the following caption.

The Shuai Ge's:

I'm the third AP in a row called out of Mandarin work, and people have started calling it the Chinasty.  These were sent to me with the following caption.