Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 66: Funny Quotes of the Week

Quotes from this week.
"You and your big fat nose will make lots of money." - Anna (member of the ward)
"Faith sucks." -Elder Sabin
"The only way to bash effectively is to first completely discredit the reliability of the bible"
"Man, there have been so many times where I was gonna die!  And then I didn't, and I just knew that was Jesus up there saying "I gotcha girl!"  *air fistbump* - Ariana (Our doorlady)
"We went to St. George and got to bring fluffy pancakes (Emi)" -Ellie Sabin

I should probably give these some context, but I think it's funnier without them.  So I'll just let you guys stew over those.  If you want to email your guesses of what the situation was, then I would love to hear them :)  Every saturday morning we have a meeting about the English classes here, and there's a bit of tradition that we bring the funny quotes from the week.  One of the ones that I thought was funny was "Ya, I know I haven't been to church in a while, but every week I'll sit down with a glass of water and some toast, and I remember Jesus!"

Just so everyone knows, that doesn't count as taking the sacrament.  I thought that was clear, but apparently there's still some confusion.

Anyway, this week was stake conference.  Sometimes stake conference is hard, because we have a harder time getting our investigators to the new location, but this week it actually went really well. We had quite a few people make it out, and they provided some really good translation by some of the members, so it was a good meeting.  Basically the entire meeting was covering missionary work, so I had absolutely no complaints.  Two recently returned elders spoke, and one of them made me laugh.  He gave a really good talk, and this is how he ended.  "Well, I know all these things are true, and I'm really tired.  I'll probably just take a nap afterward.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."  I was literally dying, and then what made it funnier was that the people we were with had translation, and so they didn't hear it until a few seconds later, and then they got super confused.

Also, Elder Stowell got a fun referral from his Dad for a chinese guy in Oshawa, which is just outside of Toronto.  We went and ate dinner with him and his family, and they were actually really cool.  They aren't religious, but they were super kind and took us out for sushi, which is always a fun time.

David is still doing wonderful.  Since he got baptized, he's just been on fire.  He's read all the way to Alma  17 now, and he's seriously doing amazing.  He's really excited to get the priesthood this Sunday.

Hayden - Haha, I love that guy!  I remember playing football with him.  He's all about Taysom Hill now, eh?  I'm glad you threw home teaching into your weekly update.  That's super cool.  Did you guys go out to the dunes in St. George?

Hadley - Wow, you're first pony?  Did mom say you could keep her? It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun in St. George.  I had a hard time reading your email through all the exclamation marks.

Ellie- Haha, definitely my favorite update of the week.  I had completely forgotten that Emi's middle name was "fluffy panckakes."  Sounds like a good week

Ashleigh - I'm so happy you made the decision to serve a mission.  This is the greatest day of my life.

Just kidding Ash.  It's totally up to you....but it would be cool.  Glad you guys had fun in St. George :)

Dad - Don't worry Dad, you're cooking is wonderful :) Haha, okay, I'll answer all of you questions today.  What's new?  Well, apparently we'll have a new president soon.  Everyone in Canada thinks WWIII is about to start because Trump is going to launch all the nukes.  I'm feeling good.  Yes, I'm well.  Ya, fairly warm.  Nah, I'm doing pretty good for winter.  I'll probably buy another hat, but that's nothing crazy.  My one last winter got kind of trashed.  As far as lessons go, it varies a lot depending on what time of the school year it is or if people are traveling.  We usually have around 15 investigators and we try and meet with them at least once, sometimes twice, a week.

Mom - Okay, first off, konechiwa is japanese.  In Chinese we say "nihao".  As far as christmas goes, I literally have no idea what I want. Maybe new black shoes?  My current pair are a little worn.  I don't know.  Suprise me.

Anyway, I love you all.  Keep being celestial!

Elder Sabin