Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week 64: I Could Really Use A Good Handshake

David got baptized!  He's awesome, and his wife came!  It was wonderful.

He's doing really great.  He really enjoys church, and Brother Lu was able to baptize him.  He's been really great in helping David grow his faith.  It was amazing to see how far he's come.  I taught this man English a full year ago, and then left and thought nothing would ever come of it. God had another plan though, and we were able to play a small role in helping David learn the gospel.  2 months ago, he was an atheist, without a clear idea of what he should be doing in life.  Now his feet are on the path, and he knows exactly where he is going.  We're really happy for him.

Also, I want to apologize for the late email.  Canada likes to be different from America, so they celebrate Thanksgiving in early October, and all the libraries close that day, so P-day was moved.  I don't know why.  Everyone knows that the pilgrims actually waited until late November when there was 4 feet of snow to harvest their grain and have a big turkey dinner.  Come on Canada.

Life's been good here.  I don't really want to write the update for everyone were teaching, so I'll just tell you about the new ones. 

Audrey is super cool.  We actually helped her move in a while back, and it was made even more convenient because she lives in the same building as us.  Literally downstairs from us.  She's a high school student that came here a few months ago and she's really sweet.

We also met up with a member referral named Michelle.  Her mom is a little bit crazy and thinks that communism is a religion and therefore you shouldn't believe anything else apparently, but she's really nice.  She goes to an Anglican church, but she's pretty interested in our church, and has a sweet member friend. 

We also met up with Lena, who is really nice.  We contacted her on the street a few weeks ago, and she has some really cute kids.  She was curious why Elder Stowell hadn't been to Disneyland.  Apparently all Americans are supposed to go.

Also, we had this cool guy named Liu come to church on Sunday.  Elder Stowell met him on the street the other day, and it turns out he has a friend serving a mission in Brisbane!  He really wants to know about our church, and he's also psyched about playing basketball on Tuesday night.  Haha,  He's pretty funny.

Sam was a new guy as well this week.  We met him at the chapel this week, and we brought William with us, who is a super solid recent convert.  The lesson went well, but the only issue is that William loves "fire-hosing" people by sharing everything with them.  We hadn't even said the opening prayer and he started talking about the prophecies of Nephi.  After that it went a lot better though.  It was a pretty long lesson, but now William and Sam are good friends, and Sam really has a sincere desire to teach his kids about religion.  Sam's friend is the father of Tony, the guy that just got baptized.  Tony's dad LOVES our church, and has said a lot of good about it.

Also, before church on Sunday, we went to stop by a less active member named Peng Ren Ming.  He has a very commanding presence, and sometimes he answers the door with his shirt off, so he's kind of funny, but this time we met his wife, and she's just the sweetest lady you've ever met.  She knows the church is true, but she just has some issues with other members that she has to overcome before she gets baptized.  She's super nice and I think (hope) we made a good impression.

Haha, funny story.  So, at the Bayview ward sacrament comes last, which is really convenient if we have investigators coming late because they can still make the most important part.  This Sunday, we had a guy coming for the last hour, and we were going to run out to the road and find him so we could guide him to our building and not have him end up at the Presbyterian church next door.  I've made that mistake way too many times.

Anyway, we walked out to get him right after elders quorum while everyone was still socializing before the main meeting, and this Chinese lady comes by on a bike.  Her clothes are kind of trashed, and she's wearing a super ridiculous looking helmet, so we're already confused.  She comes up to us, and starts trying to speak in English to us to get some directions.  We tell her we speak Chinese which speeds up the pace of the conversation quite a bit, and then she asks us to help her find a certain hotel.  We point her the right way, but then she starts talking to us about this round-the-country trip thing she's doing for some charity with a bunch of other bikers, and pulling flags and flyers out of her backpack. The investigator shows up, so then he gets sucked in, and sacraments beginning but this lady just wont stop talking.  She's trying to find our church online so she can keep in touch, and she was trying to tell us about all these stories of places we've been and our investigator is just super confused but he's laughing with us. Anyway, end of story, we were pretty late for sacrament.  We got in just before they started singing the sacrament hymn.  It was pretty funny.

Also, I went on exchanges with Elder Carrol over in Brampton.  It was fun seeing him again.  He's still doing well.

The zone council this week was really fun as well.  We decided to do it outside, which was kind of funny because we had to bring a chalkboard and a television out there, but we found some extension cords, so we made it work.  Haha,  It was super fun.

The Zhu family is doing well.  They're celestial.  We taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ this week at the Wang families house, and Brother Zhu finished the Book of Mormon.  He's reading Doctrine and Covenants now. They're just such a sweet couple.

Also, I should probably explain my subject title instead of leaving you all wondering.  Chinese people have a problem with handshakes.  The fact is their culture doesn't really have this weird quirk that ours does, but a lot of them try and do it when they come over here so they can "fit in" and stuff. Except they don't know how.  They just put out this dead fish of a hand and expect you to grab and shake.  Or, even worse, they grab your hand, but they do it wrong and it ends up being a high-five/holding hands mess of a greeting.  And then they just act like nothing happened, because they have no idea how to do it, and they'll just go with whatever you do.  I could probably chest bump them and they'd just think "Oh, I guess this is what they do in America."

Anyway, it  gets frustrating after a while.  I'm never sure what to do, because if I do a really firm one and they give me a wet noodle I crush their hand, but if I give them a dead fish and they actually know how to shake hands they're weirded out by it.  It makes for some interesting street contacts!

Anyway, we're almost out of time.  I love you all though.  Never forget that the church is true!

Elder Sabin