Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 62: 2 Baptisms Came Sailing in on Christmas Day in the Morning!

Yay for baptisms!  This week was fun.  There were 2 baptisms this week in the Bayview ward.  The first one was Tony Xu.  Elder Stowell and I taught him a few lessons a while back and then the sisters in our ward got the job done!  He's such a stud.  Honestly, he's gonna make such a good mormon.  

The other one was Candice Zhang, who is even more of a miracle.  Her son got baptized 2 years ago and is an awesome member, but she's refused the baptismal invitation for years, and for the last 6 months she hasn't been taught by missionaries.  Then, on Thursday she called up Brother Li and said she wanted to get baptized.  Her health has been really bad lately, and she's worried she's going to have to go home to China soon, so she realized that she really needs God on her side.  She's already been taught everything by multiple companionships and she comes to church every week, so teaching her wasn't an issue.  In fact, if you look back at the first couple emails I sent in the mission, you may find where Elder Mak and I were teaching her for a few weeks.  Due to the odd circumstances, we got permission to baptize her that weekend, so I did the interview Friday, she was baptized Saturday, and confirmed on Sunday.  Also, after the interview she gave me a hug.  It was really sweet of her, but as a missionary, getting hugged by a female is super weird. 

Other big news.  David is clear for baptism.  His wife and him made an agreement on tithing, and now she's fine to let him go through with it.  He's going to be baptized on October 9th after church, and we're going to do everything in our power to get his wife to attend.  He made a funny joke the other day in a lesson.  He said "Well, considering I don't drink coffee of beer anymore I might just be saving the 10 percent of my income I need for tithing." He's so cool.  I'm really excited for him.

Also, in transfer related news, Elder Stowell and I are sticking around for one more!  Bayview just can't get rid of us, no matter how hard they try :) I'm pretty sure at this point that I'll leave for sure next transfer, but I'm just super happy to be here for 6 more weeks.  Bayview is amazing.

Also, remember that investigator that was having a crisis of faith because we wouldn't go to her church?  Well, we were thinking about just letting her go and trying back again in a few weeks, but we decided to text her a last invitation to meet.  It was a pretty simple "Hey, do you want to hear more about eternal families?" type of thing, but wow you should have seen the response we got.  She sent us back a novel.  Apparently she was having serious problems at work, and so we just got dumped on with everything she's going through in like 5 minutes.  Also, her English doesn't always make perfect sense, so I'd be lying if I said we really knew what was going on.  Long story short, she wanted to meet with our "pastor" so we brought Bishop Cheng along and met with her.  We kind of just let her rant for an hour or so, and then Bishop used his priesthood power or something to calm her down.  We had to leave a little early to get to another appointment, but apparently they talked for like 2 more hours after that.  We have high hopes for her :)

Anyway, I forgot my planner from last week, so I don't clearly remember what we did.  A lot of errands. Some meetings.  We went to a big meeting in Brampton about the "Just Serve" program, which sounds awesome.  They're really looking into getting the missionaries a lot more involved in service and they really think that the members helping with a program like this could fix a lot of the misconceptions that others have about our church.  It sounds like it's gonna be really fun.

The Zhu family is doing awesome.  We met with them, and it turned out that Brother Zhu has already read a ton of the book of Mormon.  Our lesson with them ran a little long (about an hour) but that was mostly because the first half hour was him just talking about how much he liked this church and this book and the members and the principles it teaches.  He's super cool, and we're not really sure why he's not just pumped to get baptized. He smokes, so maybe that's it.  The rest of the family is doing super good as well.  Glory (the son) is still playing piano for our sacrament meeting sometimes, so they're coming to church pretty regularly.

Rocky, another investigator basically read the whole book of Mormon.  That was weird.  We weren't super convinced by our first couple lessons with him and we thought that maybe he was just meeting to be our friends, but then he sits down and starts talking about a chapter in 3 Nephi.  So we were pretty baffled by that, but then he goes and tells us he's going to China for the next month.  Darn.  Well, we'll try again in a month :)

Vivian is still great.  Basically a member.  Recognizes the spirit.  Goes to institute.  Just needs to make the decision. Nothing really new on her though.

Mia is super cool as well.  She's quite funny.  Accepted a date for November 5th.  Loves Jesus, but never got baptized.  I think I talked about her last week.  She is a lawyer from Mongolia, and she's really funny because we'll be speaking Chinese and she'll say a word and pause, and then ask "How do you say that in English?"  Elder Stowell has started writing down all the words she asks about on a sticky note and giving it to her at the end.  She likes that.

David Yan moved to Winnipeg this week.  I'm really going to miss that guy.  He'll do great things no matter where he is though.  We had our last lesson with him and talked about missionary work, and as we were talking a guy sat down with us and asked if we were Mormons.  We proceeded to have a long discussion about the book of Mormon. It was a pretty great missionary opportunity, and that guy said he's going to attend the English ward on Sunday.  Fingers crossed!

Also, we were pulling out of a parking lot on Sunday and this guy came running up to our car and stopped us right before we pulled onto the main road.  I rolled down my window and he asked "Are you guys Mormons?" I responded affirmatively and he proceeded to tell us all about how he had been looking for Mormons for years and had never found them.  Miracles!  Anyway, we gave his number to the English missionaries.  We'll pray for him.

Hadley - Wow, sounds so fun :) Yes, of course I know Scripture Power!  The only song where you get to throw your scriptures in the air, right?  You straightened your hair?  Man, how am I ever going to recognize you when I get home?

Mom- Man, it was a super cool museum.  The lighting wasn't really good, so I didn't get many good pictures, but it was super fun. Glad to hear that Hawaii "will do" as a vacay spot :) Ya, Elder Stowell is by far my longest companion, and I'm glad to be with him.  He's a great guy :)

Ellie - Wow, sounds like you did a great job at the primary program :) Are they real frogs?  Because that would be gross. I love you too!

Hayden - Six pairs of clothes, eh?  Sounds like the laundry hasn't slowed down at all back home. Why did you guys do fingerprinting?  As far as the mission question goes, I think the key is not to look at the mission as the end goal.  A mission is more like a small interruption that really kick-starts your life. Prepare well now, but don't prepare just so that you can be a good missionary.  Prepare so that you can be a good father, and right now be a good son.  Learn the gospel, read and pray every night, pay attention in church, and work hard in school.  Get educated and work hard.  You'll be fine :) I wouldn't be worried at all.  You're going to make a much better missionary than me.

Ashleigh - Homecoming?  You mean that thing where boys pay exorbitant fees so that girls have an excuse to wear fancy shoes only to complain about them and take them off halfway through the night?  Kidding, hope you had fun.  Escape rooms?  We have those in Utah? No, no snow yet.  Just jacket weather this week.

Dad - Wow, you trying to get me trunky? :) It's not going to work dad. I only revolve around Jesus right now. I totally realize that to anyone reading this out of context, this sounds super weird.  Ya, I'm doing great :) We run a 5K route a few times a week.  Ya, I'm just happy that when I got stuck I got stuck in bayview :)  I'll be here 6 more weeks and then I'm almost sure I'll move.  Haha, they spent an hour looking at shoes? Pfft.  Women.  Love ya!

Anyway, I'm running low on time, but I love you all!  Have a great week!  BYE!

Candice, Me, Elder Stowell
Me, Candice, and Alex.

Tony, Me, Elder Stowell
 Tony brought his whole family!

 Alex (baptized), Candice (Got baptized), Tony (Got baptized) and Paul (baptized)

David and us! He came to the baptism.  I think he was honestly a little frustrated the whole time because he was thinking "That should be me getting baptized."

Elder Atkinson is dying this transfer.  This was his last district meeting.  Left to right is Elder Casdorph, Kong, Shu, Bakker, Stowell, me, and Sisters Kidman, Rhodes, and Moffat