Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 61: An Amazing Week in Bayview

Alright.  Gotta be quick today.  We're heading down to the Royal Ontario Museum today, so my emailing will be a bit short. Once again, it was an amazing week in Bayview.  I haven't done the individual responses in a while, so I think I'll start with those.

Mom - I lied.  We didn't play badminton.  We did manly sports like dodge ball, basketball, etc.  But no one got hurt, so it was okay.  As for the missionary getting hit by a car, he was totally fine.  If he wasn't we would be worried, but he's fine. Mostly.  It's not like he needs both legs anyway.  Sounds like John Bytheway did a great job.  I've listened to a few of his talks out here, and it's really funny because he always starts with the same joke and story about his name.  Never gets old.  "By the way John..."

Hayden - Sounds like you guys are killing it in lacrosse :) Congrats on being the only one brave enough to bear your testimony!  That's super cool.  Never be afraid to share it again.  One day you'll be a missionary, and you'll just wish you could go back and share it with more people.

Hadley - Wow, you're going to be a witch!  That sounds so fun!  Haha, Emi's the best.  If I'm not there to eat the pan of rolls then someone's gotta do it.  Don't ever sell her.  Anyway, you're the best!

Ellie - Yes, Ellie, I gave up.  I read your question and I was hanging on to every word, and I was about to just give up, but then you told me, so it was okay :) Just kidding, of course I knew who's birthday it was!  Happy Birthday!  Wow, how are you going to be Athena?  How do you pull that off?  Haha, yes I noticed your rhyme.  Love you to!

57 - Heard about your bowling score.  It's all over the news.  Good thing I'm up here, or else I'd have to admit to people that I'm related to someone who's that bad at bowling ;) Glad to hear that life has been good otherwise.  I thought we agreed that you wouldn't go on any dates without written consent from me?  Come on Ashleigh!  Fine, I'll let this one slide.  Tell Spencer I'll be praying for him!

Dad - Ya, Eye of the Tiger is the greatest :) Super funny.  Honestly, a mission is the best thing for that.  You think talking to a girl in the ward is scary.   Try walking up to a group a large scary men with biker jackets that look like they club baby seals for fun and then share Jesus with them.  We play soccer a lot in the mornings.  Ya, I get emails from a lot of missionaries.  I've heard from all those guys at least in the last few weeks. I'm super pumped for general conference as well.

Anyway, sorry I don't have a lot of time to update you on the week.  This might be a bit hectic.  We had a bit of a scare with David this week.  His wife decided that she's against him paying tithing, and so we were really worried he was gonna decide against baptism, but it turns out we have the opposite problem.  He was pretty ready to just forget her opinion and do it anyway, but he can't really do that.  You know, the church is all about families and stuff.  So we're actually having to hold him back from baptism now.  It's honestly the weirdest feeling ever as a missionary.  Someone really wants to get baptized but we have to say "no, not yet."  Anyway, he's still doing good.  He'll get baptized for sure, but it might not be this weekend.

Vivian is doing awesome.  She's really excited for conference.  Gonna watch it all.  She's been reading like crazy.  Going to institute.  She's a dry Mormon.  Honestly, I don't know why she's not baptized yet.  She doesn't feel ready, but she's pretty much doing everything.  We'll see.

The Zhu family is still doing great.  They went out of town, so we didn't talk to them till Sunday, but the son Glory is still excited to be playing piano in sacrament.  Doing great.

We asked Shaelyn if she had been praying consistently, and she responded, "Does praying for my bunnies count?"  Of course it counts Shaelyn.  Of course it does.  That made me laugh really hard.

On a funnier note, one of our other investigators keeps inviting us over to her church, and she prays really hard that we'll come.  But we don't because we're Mormon and we're sticks in the mud and go to the same church every week.  Then she has a crisis of faith because her prayer wasn't answered.  This is becoming a problem with her.  We're trying to explain the whole concept of "one true church" with her.  It's a work in progress.

We're working with another guy named Rocky who's really funny.  He loves practicing his English by texting us, and sometimes we don't understand but it turns out okay.  He's doing well.

Also, one of the families we're working with came to church this week.  The son's name is Stephan and the Mom is named Zhang Jin and they loved church.  It was really cool

Also we've been meeting with a person named Mia who's really awesome.  She showed up at church last week because two weeks ago she needed a driver, and her friend got her in contact with one of our members.  She's super nice, and already believes in God, which is a HUGE step for Chinese people.  She's never been baptized, but she wears a cross, so that interesting.  Guess it's just a style thing.

Anyway, there's a bunch of other people I could talk about, but I'm pretty much out of time.  Love you guys though!

Elder Sabin


Us with some awesome investigators named Zhao, Meng, and Lucy.  They'll all English class students as well: