Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 58: I LIKE YOU!

Alright, the spirit is prompting me to explain the subject title... or at least I think it is.  I don't know.  I'm doing it.

So as you all know, I teach English up here in Toronto about twice a week.  Out of the missionaries that teach ESL, about half have a first language other than English, so we usually split up with one white guy and one Asian in each class and have the white guy teach.  My class usually has around 8 people, and honestly it's tons of fun :)  The reason I wrote "I LIKE YOU" in the subject title is because I have a few students in my class who love this phrase.  A few weeks back we went over the concept of Like, Dislike, Hate, Really like, Love, etc.  and they just took off with it.  Now, whenever we get out of English class, they'll run over to all the other students and missionaries, point at them, and boldly yell "I LIKE YOU!"  It's pretty much the same entertainment level as watching funny cat videos.  Super fun, and you never get tired of it.

We also taught them the Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes song the other day, and they loved that.  One of the funniest students is a guy named Shu, and every time I need an example for a sentence, he always yells "swimming!"  It literally doesn't matter if its the subject, verb, or noun.  It's always swimming.  One of the most commonly heard things from him is "I....SWIMMING...everyday."  We're still working on grammar :) The more I teach English class, the more I realize how many sounds and words we have that sounds super similar, and how many double meanings they have.  Take the word "tip" for example.  You can tip something over, or give someone a tip of advice, or leave a tip after a meal, or touch something with the tip of your finger.  All different meanings.

Anyway, it's really fun teaching that class.

We had a really good time meeting with Li Hong Yu this week.  I think we met her two times since last email, and both times we brought Jane (an awesome new convert). Li Hong Yu is such a sweet lady.  She has a kid that she really wants to help, and she really loves the church.  Luckily, those things go together!  We've don't really say much during the lessons, because honestly Jane just handles it.  Those two just talk forever about everything related to the gospel.  Jane had some pretty amazing experiences with her family when she joined the church, and so she just shares a ton of experiences and it's awesome.  We probably stayed for about a 30 minute lesson the other day, but after we left, Jane and her just stayed and talked for another hour or so.

We had a sweet lesson with one of the Davids in our teaching pool!  This one has now been to church like 4 times, and he's doing super well.  The reason I bring him up is because two lessons ago, we gave him a word of wisdom pamphlet at the end of the lesson, told him to read it, and told him we would talk about it next time.  He showed up at the last lesson with a ton of concerns.  "We can't drink coffee? Why not?  And I drink beer all the time.  You know how many times I've tried and failed to give it up? And tea?  That's like a part of Chinese culture!"  We started the lesson though, and the spirit just came in super strong.  We talked for a while about it, and at the end of the lesson, he started justifying it to himself that he could do it.  "Well, I don't really like tea that much, so I could just switch to herbal tea and that would be fine.  And coffee, well, it's bad for me anyway, so that would be good to get rid of.  Beer... that's gonna be a hard one. But I'll give it a shot."

Best part of the story!  He hasn't drank in a week!  He's so great.  Loved church on Sunday as well.  One of the things he's most impressed with is the youth, so way to go Bayview youth!

Also, this tuesday our car got borrowed by another missionary companionship, so we didn't have a car all morning.  We had bus passes.  Super fun.  I get to move around AND talk to people?  Celestial.

The only downside is it takes 3 times longer to get anywhere.  And we got lost.  Super bad.  We took a wrong street to get to a restaurant we had an appointment at, and ended up in this gulley/park thing that was huge!  Toronto has a ton of big parks all over, and so we end up in this ravine with no roads out that we can find, and we have to cross this river, but there's not a bridge.  So that took us a while.  Also, with humidity, that day was like 40 degrees Celsius.  Ahh memories.

Other cool thing!  Frank came back from Asia!  And he's still awesome!  And still wants to go on a mission.  We had so much fun sunday catching up on how he's been and talking about memories from his baptism.  Every Sunday, we pass around a sheet in Elders Quorum and Relief Society asking what days people can come teaching and Frank wrote his name all over. Like pretty much every day, whenever we want, he can come teaching.  It's gonna be sweet!

Also, one of our members Lu Feng brought like 3 friends to church.  One of them is going back to China tomorrow but he'll come back in 2 or 3 weeks and he wants to learn more.  The other two got picked up as investigators, and they're really interested as well.

The worst part of the week was probably the fact that our AC broke.  So our apartments been pretty hot.  Luckily we've been able to get a draft going by opening all our windows and doors, but it's been pretty brutal.

Anyway, that's pretty much been the week!

Elder Sabin