Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 56: Transfer News

Transfer news is in and I'm.......................(drum roll)..................staying!  With Elder Stowell!  6 more weeks of hitting SOE every week baby!  I'm pretty excited.  I love Bayview, and I was pretty sure I was going to stay, but my last 4 or 5  transfers have all been super unpredictable, so I was a little nervous.  Anyway, Bayview is doing wonderful.  We have a lot of new people that showed up this week that we're going to be meeting with.  Nothing like some new faces to make missionary work exciting.
First piece of news.  I have my new planner, which means I left last transfers planner at the apartment, so I might be a little fuzzy on who we taught this week.  My email might be a little hectic, but that's nothing new.

Church this week was super great.  Honestly though, church has never been so stressful.  I know the Sabbath is supposed to be a day of rest, but honestly I'm exhausted on Sunday evening.  Sometimes we have stake meetings with the downtown Zone leaders, then ward council, keeping track of investigators, trying to teach certain people before and after church, setting up appointments, participating in lessons, and then Sunday night we have to report all the zone information to Brampton.  Needless to say, it's a good thing Monday is p-day.
Sunday was super cool.  One of the guys who's been coming lately is a man named David.  He's been coming out the last couple of weeks.  He's an old ESL student of mine, but from like a year ago before they moved the location.  He's really cool, and he has a huge desire to understand how religion helps people, but he's just having a hard time believing in God, seeing as he's been raised to be an atheist (darn it Chinese education system!)  He's reading and praying though, and we have a lot of high hopes for him.

Also, the Wang Family (Don't laugh, that's actually a really common Chinese name, and it's pronounced W-aw-ng, not W-ain-g) brought a family to church that's super cool.  We'd actually met them before already, because we had all had dinner at the Wang's house together, but today they decided to come to church, and they're really interested in learning about Christianity.  So that was cool.
Also, one of our super solid new converts had her husband come to church!  Her name is Jane, and she's been baptized almost a year now, and her husband is from China.  Guess where in China! 

Nanjing! And he's prepared.  I love that city.  Mom, Dad, I'm going there sometime when I get back from the mission.  You guys can come if you want.
Also, Vivian came.  She's still doing good.  We talked a lot about how to study the scriptures last lesson, but lately I've felt like we're running in circles with her.  I don't know.  We'll probably just baptize her or something like that.
Norman is still awesome.  He's moving down to Hamilton soon, so those elders will have to baptize him, but he's basically ready.  Just needs an interview.
Mark is still good.  Meeting him on Thursday.  He's super funny.  Nothing crazy to report though.
Rachel is doing well.  Meeting her this week as well.
Patrick and Henry are still struggling with the idea of tithing. They have a testimony though, so I thinks its just a matter of time.  They know the Book of Mormon is true.
Max is a new guy we found this week at one of the universities.  He's a really nice guy, and he's pretty new, so we don't know him super well, but he's awesome.
Johnny.  Same story as Max.  New guy.  Pretty cool.  English is super good.
A few others, but no one else we met last week.
All the new converts are doing really well.  Bayview is super good at retention, so we basically don't even have to worry about them.  A few returning members as well.
Ya.  That's pretty much all I got, and I was slightly dumb and spent a lot of time talking to other missionaries.  My 2 hours are almost up, but I love you all!  Sounds like Snowbird was a blast!  Hadley, you went bungee jumping?!  that's crazy!   Ellie, it sounds like you loved activity days camp.  Does Emi like the water now?  Hayden, I'm glad you're doing well.  I feel like you may be spending more time with George than without him.  Mom, we don't talk to president too much, but we talk to the assistants a lot and then they talk with him.  We sometimes follow up with him, but not too often.  He's really cool though.  It hasn't been hard to get to like him.  Ashleigh, wow, you guys went to Ruth's steak house? Isn't that super pricey?  Mail me some steak, eh?  Dad, no way you're taller than me.  Elder Stowell and I are doing great! It's actually Elder Ballard who's coming, sorry, I might have wrote it wrong last week.  He's going to be addressing us on Saturday.

Elder Sabin
I love you guys!