Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 58: I LIKE YOU!

Alright, the spirit is prompting me to explain the subject title... or at least I think it is.  I don't know.  I'm doing it.

So as you all know, I teach English up here in Toronto about twice a week.  Out of the missionaries that teach ESL, about half have a first language other than English, so we usually split up with one white guy and one Asian in each class and have the white guy teach.  My class usually has around 8 people, and honestly it's tons of fun :)  The reason I wrote "I LIKE YOU" in the subject title is because I have a few students in my class who love this phrase.  A few weeks back we went over the concept of Like, Dislike, Hate, Really like, Love, etc.  and they just took off with it.  Now, whenever we get out of English class, they'll run over to all the other students and missionaries, point at them, and boldly yell "I LIKE YOU!"  It's pretty much the same entertainment level as watching funny cat videos.  Super fun, and you never get tired of it.

We also taught them the Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes song the other day, and they loved that.  One of the funniest students is a guy named Shu, and every time I need an example for a sentence, he always yells "swimming!"  It literally doesn't matter if its the subject, verb, or noun.  It's always swimming.  One of the most commonly heard things from him is "I....SWIMMING...everyday."  We're still working on grammar :) The more I teach English class, the more I realize how many sounds and words we have that sounds super similar, and how many double meanings they have.  Take the word "tip" for example.  You can tip something over, or give someone a tip of advice, or leave a tip after a meal, or touch something with the tip of your finger.  All different meanings.

Anyway, it's really fun teaching that class.

We had a really good time meeting with Li Hong Yu this week.  I think we met her two times since last email, and both times we brought Jane (an awesome new convert). Li Hong Yu is such a sweet lady.  She has a kid that she really wants to help, and she really loves the church.  Luckily, those things go together!  We've don't really say much during the lessons, because honestly Jane just handles it.  Those two just talk forever about everything related to the gospel.  Jane had some pretty amazing experiences with her family when she joined the church, and so she just shares a ton of experiences and it's awesome.  We probably stayed for about a 30 minute lesson the other day, but after we left, Jane and her just stayed and talked for another hour or so.

We had a sweet lesson with one of the Davids in our teaching pool!  This one has now been to church like 4 times, and he's doing super well.  The reason I bring him up is because two lessons ago, we gave him a word of wisdom pamphlet at the end of the lesson, told him to read it, and told him we would talk about it next time.  He showed up at the last lesson with a ton of concerns.  "We can't drink coffee? Why not?  And I drink beer all the time.  You know how many times I've tried and failed to give it up? And tea?  That's like a part of Chinese culture!"  We started the lesson though, and the spirit just came in super strong.  We talked for a while about it, and at the end of the lesson, he started justifying it to himself that he could do it.  "Well, I don't really like tea that much, so I could just switch to herbal tea and that would be fine.  And coffee, well, it's bad for me anyway, so that would be good to get rid of.  Beer... that's gonna be a hard one. But I'll give it a shot."

Best part of the story!  He hasn't drank in a week!  He's so great.  Loved church on Sunday as well.  One of the things he's most impressed with is the youth, so way to go Bayview youth!

Also, this tuesday our car got borrowed by another missionary companionship, so we didn't have a car all morning.  We had bus passes.  Super fun.  I get to move around AND talk to people?  Celestial.

The only downside is it takes 3 times longer to get anywhere.  And we got lost.  Super bad.  We took a wrong street to get to a restaurant we had an appointment at, and ended up in this gulley/park thing that was huge!  Toronto has a ton of big parks all over, and so we end up in this ravine with no roads out that we can find, and we have to cross this river, but there's not a bridge.  So that took us a while.  Also, with humidity, that day was like 40 degrees Celsius.  Ahh memories.

Other cool thing!  Frank came back from Asia!  And he's still awesome!  And still wants to go on a mission.  We had so much fun sunday catching up on how he's been and talking about memories from his baptism.  Every Sunday, we pass around a sheet in Elders Quorum and Relief Society asking what days people can come teaching and Frank wrote his name all over. Like pretty much every day, whenever we want, he can come teaching.  It's gonna be sweet!

Also, one of our members Lu Feng brought like 3 friends to church.  One of them is going back to China tomorrow but he'll come back in 2 or 3 weeks and he wants to learn more.  The other two got picked up as investigators, and they're really interested as well.

The worst part of the week was probably the fact that our AC broke.  So our apartments been pretty hot.  Luckily we've been able to get a draft going by opening all our windows and doors, but it's been pretty brutal.

Anyway, that's pretty much been the week!

Elder Sabin

Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 57: North York Zone Gets the Numbas!

Haha, I laughed when I read the subject title of your email.  I'll send some picture this week.  I have been taking them, but I just keep forgetting my cord.  I'll get some home today.

Anyway, it's been another cool week in the Bayview ward!  The weather has cooled down dramatically, which means it's been awesome running weather!  The only problem is that there has been zero time to go running, so that sucks.  Other than that it's been great.  This week was transfer week, so we spent a lot of time getting beds and desks and bed-frames and other unimportant stuff from Brampton just so the missionaries would stop whining about having to sleep on cement.  Honestly people, get over it.

Kidding.   Mostly.  But in all honesty, we did have to do a lot of driving in the mornings this past week.  Our studies took a hit, but it should all be taken care of now, so it's all good.

With transfers here, we have a ton of trainees in our zone.  6 of our 20 missionaries are in their first 12 weeks of the field, and there's one more coming in this week.  It's pretty awesome to be working with them.  They all have a great fire about them, and it shows in the work.  This week, half of our companionships hit the Standards of Excellence.  -Sidenote for those who don't know what that is- The Standards of Excellence is standards set by the mission president regarding how many investigators we should have at church, how many lessons we teach, etc.  If you hit them, that means you got all the standards.

In other words, North York Zone gets the numbas!!!  So fun!

Anyway, this week was awesome.  I really get bored of giving you updates on every single investigator, so I'm just gonna send you a few cool experiences we had.  There's this really cool person we're meeting with named Linda who goes to the People's Church.  She's super christian, but the thing is, her church isn't in Chinese.  But ours is.  So she's trying to refer all of her Chinese friends to us, so that we can help them learn about Jesus.  Literally the greatest thing of all time.  So now we're teaching her parents and a few other people.  Also, she gives us food all the time, and invites us to service activities.  She is so funny.

One of the guys we've been teaching for a while (I don't think I've mentioned him before) is Tony. He really started progressing this week, and has a baptismal date for the 17th.  His parents really wanted him to learn about Jesus, so he started coming, and he liked it, so yay for that.  That was pretty cool.

We're working with way too many Davids.  I'm not even kidding when I say that in our teaching pool we have 4 Davids.  Chinese people are so funny with names.  Either they pick a super classic name like David, Kevin, Jimmy, Joe, or Freddy, or they pick a crazy name like Milk, Ice, February, Seven, Twenty One, Blue, Cherry, Middle, Dragon, Sunshine, Desk, etc.

By the way, those are not made up.  Each of those names is a real person we've met. I think in China, they pick English names by throwing alphabet won-ton soup at a box of scrabble and seeing what comes out.

In other cool news, Jane (one of our beloved super solid new converts) has her husband in town!  Guess what his name is!  If you guessed David, you were right!  Yep, his name is David.  He's really cool.  At the end of our lesson with him, we invited him to pray, but he refused saying he couldn't do it very well yet.  We were about to give it up when his daughter Victoria (11 years old and enough sass to choke a horse) picked up the pamphlet and threw it on the table in front of him.  He pushed it aside, and so she picked it up, walked over again, and threw it in front of him.  Then she said "If you learn it, but don't do it, what good does it do you?"  I was astonished and frankly not sure whether to restrain her or cheer her on, but then her and her dad started this intense stare down.  Probably a  good 5 seconds of silence, and then he said "you shouldn't force people to do stuff," but she did not relent.  Finally he gave in, and said a GREAT prayer, following which he said he felt really good.  He was so pleased with himself.  So that was really cool.  Yay for Victoria!

Also, we had a fun guy named Chris who we met up with this week.  He came to church too, but it was funny because all during church he kept asking why people were sleeping.  "Why would you come to church just to sleep?".  It's a good question.  In defense of the members though, Elder Ballard did come this week, so we were watching broadcast from Brampton, and the lights were all dimmed down.  That definitely resulted in some bobbing heads.

We met this guy named John on the street who was really interested.  He was super goofy, and he had interest to meet later that week, and so we were really excited.  We met up with him, and said an opening prayer, and then he pulls out this sheet of paper.  "I've got a few question before we start if that's okay,"  he said.  John had literally gone online the day before and researched everything about the church.  It was crazy.  And he had a ton of anti-mormon stuff, so we just talked for like 30 minutes about all his questions.  The awesome part is that none of it even phased him.  He just took it all, and he's still super interested.  Honestly, a wonderful lesson.

In other cool Chinese news, we've gotten more media referrals this week than I've gotten in my whole mission.  Before this week I'd received exactly 1 (one) media referral for a Chinese person.  This week alone we've gotten 5.  I don't know what happened.  All of the sudden, Chinese people loved checking out mormon.org. It's like this is God's work or something! One of them is named Li Hong Yu and she literally looked at the website, got interested, packed her bags, took a trip to Salt Lake City, met with the missionaries at temple square, came back to Toronto, and showed up at church this week.  Honestly, where do these people come from?!?!  We met her on Sunday, and shes this super sweet lady who loves her family and wants to believe in God. We're going to see her on Tuesday again.  Super excited :)

Also, shoutout to Bayview ward for the bountiful dinner appointments this week.  We had many.  We've gotta start running again or I'm gonna get fat.

Also, there's another cool story I want to share.  It wasn't from our area, but it was from one of the Farsi companionships in the zone.  They've been skype teaching a family in Slovenia, and their story is amazing.  I thought I'd share it.  Their names are Mehdi and Forough, and they are from Iran.  While in Iran, they were going on a hike, and they met this white man (not a common sight in Iran).  Well, they started talking to him, and it turns out he spoke Farsi.  They walked for hours with him while on this hike, and the man started telling them about his church.  He told them that the headquarters of the church was in the United States, and that he wasn't from there, but that he was a member.  He told this couple all about Jesus Christ, and they were super interested.  They felt this feeling that they wanted more of, and so they planned to meet again in the next few days.

However, the area they were in found out that they were learning about Christianity, and so they had to flee the country.  Their original plan was to go to the United States to find this church, but because of political relations at the time, they were unable to come over.  Instead, they went to Slovenia, and tried to start a new life there. They wanted to learn more about this church, but they didn't speak the language, so they had no way of communicating with those around them.  However, Mehdi was walking along the street one day, and saw some people.  She knew that these were the people she needed to talk to and so she did her best.  Turns out they were members, and so in a conversation that probably involved a lot of miming and broken English, they were able to help her know where the church was, and to get in contact with the Farsi missionaries in our mission over skype. They were so happy to have finally found the church they were looking for.

Well, our missionaries started teaching them, and one of the elders told me that when he asked this couple what that man on the hike had told them about, the couple was literally able to recite back to him the contents of the first missionary lesson.  Joseph Smith.  The Book of Mormon. The whole deal.  To make a long story short, they were baptized this week, and I have such a testimony of the power of God to lead peoples lives.

There were so many things that had to work just perfectly so that that couple could learn about the truths of the gospel.  God knew their situation.  He knew them, and so he put people in their path prepared to help them out.  In some cases he may lead you to an answer, but in my opinion, more often than not, you will be his way of answering someone else.  Perhaps knowingly, and perhaps without a clue of what you are doing, but if you are worthy and righteous, God will help others through you.  You will receive a piece of the joy he feels for his children.  This is not a blessing reserved for missionaries.  It is a blessing for every member of the church, and I invite you all to be a part of it.  Every single one of you have someone who you love who is inactive in the church, or less active than they should be. Every single one of you has someone who you love who needs your help.  Reach out.  Please reach out.  No, you will not lose friendships.  No, you will not offend someone.  You are their friend and they are yours, so if you truly honestly care about them, you will reach out.

I wanted to save this for last (sorry, my email today is kind of lengthy).  Elder Ballard came to the mission this week with Elder Bennett of the 70.  They both talked about the necessity to have Jesus Christ on our lips always.  To always represent him.  They both shared stories about converts who went on for years knowing a Mormon, but never receiving an invite.  They were sad, and worried that maybe something was wrong with them.  Many of the people that I have taught have been amazed by the Plan of Salvation and the Restoration, and then they will ask us something like "I've known a Mormon for years, how come they never told me about this?"

I promise you that if we all stop waiting for someone else to do it, and reach out to someone the church will baptize more people.  We will!  Because it's true!  It's real!  God loves us, and he loves them too.  Help his kids make it back to him, because I promise you that it is worth the effort.

Anyway, I love you all.  Have a wonderful week!

Elder Sabin

At the Zhenshan Buddhist temple:

 All the swag in the world:

Chinatown!  This red thing I am standing in front of actually means "gate" or "door" in Chinese, but they made it out of dragons:

Downtown Toronto:

Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 56: Transfer News

Transfer news is in and I'm.......................(drum roll)..................staying!  With Elder Stowell!  6 more weeks of hitting SOE every week baby!  I'm pretty excited.  I love Bayview, and I was pretty sure I was going to stay, but my last 4 or 5  transfers have all been super unpredictable, so I was a little nervous.  Anyway, Bayview is doing wonderful.  We have a lot of new people that showed up this week that we're going to be meeting with.  Nothing like some new faces to make missionary work exciting.
First piece of news.  I have my new planner, which means I left last transfers planner at the apartment, so I might be a little fuzzy on who we taught this week.  My email might be a little hectic, but that's nothing new.

Church this week was super great.  Honestly though, church has never been so stressful.  I know the Sabbath is supposed to be a day of rest, but honestly I'm exhausted on Sunday evening.  Sometimes we have stake meetings with the downtown Zone leaders, then ward council, keeping track of investigators, trying to teach certain people before and after church, setting up appointments, participating in lessons, and then Sunday night we have to report all the zone information to Brampton.  Needless to say, it's a good thing Monday is p-day.
Sunday was super cool.  One of the guys who's been coming lately is a man named David.  He's been coming out the last couple of weeks.  He's an old ESL student of mine, but from like a year ago before they moved the location.  He's really cool, and he has a huge desire to understand how religion helps people, but he's just having a hard time believing in God, seeing as he's been raised to be an atheist (darn it Chinese education system!)  He's reading and praying though, and we have a lot of high hopes for him.

Also, the Wang Family (Don't laugh, that's actually a really common Chinese name, and it's pronounced W-aw-ng, not W-ain-g) brought a family to church that's super cool.  We'd actually met them before already, because we had all had dinner at the Wang's house together, but today they decided to come to church, and they're really interested in learning about Christianity.  So that was cool.
Also, one of our super solid new converts had her husband come to church!  Her name is Jane, and she's been baptized almost a year now, and her husband is from China.  Guess where in China! 

Nanjing! And he's prepared.  I love that city.  Mom, Dad, I'm going there sometime when I get back from the mission.  You guys can come if you want.
Also, Vivian came.  She's still doing good.  We talked a lot about how to study the scriptures last lesson, but lately I've felt like we're running in circles with her.  I don't know.  We'll probably just baptize her or something like that.
Norman is still awesome.  He's moving down to Hamilton soon, so those elders will have to baptize him, but he's basically ready.  Just needs an interview.
Mark is still good.  Meeting him on Thursday.  He's super funny.  Nothing crazy to report though.
Rachel is doing well.  Meeting her this week as well.
Patrick and Henry are still struggling with the idea of tithing. They have a testimony though, so I thinks its just a matter of time.  They know the Book of Mormon is true.
Max is a new guy we found this week at one of the universities.  He's a really nice guy, and he's pretty new, so we don't know him super well, but he's awesome.
Johnny.  Same story as Max.  New guy.  Pretty cool.  English is super good.
A few others, but no one else we met last week.
All the new converts are doing really well.  Bayview is super good at retention, so we basically don't even have to worry about them.  A few returning members as well.
Ya.  That's pretty much all I got, and I was slightly dumb and spent a lot of time talking to other missionaries.  My 2 hours are almost up, but I love you all!  Sounds like Snowbird was a blast!  Hadley, you went bungee jumping?!  that's crazy!   Ellie, it sounds like you loved activity days camp.  Does Emi like the water now?  Hayden, I'm glad you're doing well.  I feel like you may be spending more time with George than without him.  Mom, we don't talk to president too much, but we talk to the assistants a lot and then they talk with him.  We sometimes follow up with him, but not too often.  He's really cool though.  It hasn't been hard to get to like him.  Ashleigh, wow, you guys went to Ruth's steak house? Isn't that super pricey?  Mail me some steak, eh?  Dad, no way you're taller than me.  Elder Stowell and I are doing great! It's actually Elder Ballard who's coming, sorry, I might have wrote it wrong last week.  He's going to be addressing us on Saturday.

Elder Sabin
I love you guys!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 55: Another Killer Week in Bayview

Alright, everyone, it's been another killer week in Bayview!

Sorry I couldn't give a better update last week, but just so everyone knows, we had a wonderful time in Chinatown!  It was a ton of fun.  Honestly, there are so many fruits in Chinese that we find that I'm pretty sure just don't have an English name.  I wish I could tell you all what they are, but most of you don't read characters, so it could be problematic.

Anyway, it was really fun introducing some of the other elders to Chinese culture.  We had a great time.  Elder Flake (one of the elders who came) has actually picked up a fair amount of Chinese, but most of what he knows revolves around using the word "butt".  I'll give you some examples of things he's said:
"My butt is really cute."
"You're butt is good."
"Do you like my butt?"
And so on.  It's pretty entertaining. And no, I'm not teaching any of you people back home how to say it.

We taught Martin as well.  He's doing really good, but his wife is opposed to him getting baptized, so he said that at the next lesson he would bring her.  Totally gonna baptize both of them!  It's gonna be awesome.

Also, we went to MLC, which meant I got to catch up with some old friends.  At the beginning of every month, we all drive to Brampton the night before and then stay with the Brampton zone leaders at "the mansion" and the next day we have a huge all-day meeting.  All-day meetings are so much fun.  SO MUCH FUN.  I have to keep telling myself that.  It's called reverse self psycology.  Something I'm working on.

Then, on Wednesday, we met with Patrick and Henry, who are doing well.  They have a concern with tithing right now, and they're really worried that they won't be able to afford it, but we're pretty sure they're going to figure it out and get dunked.  They know it's all true.

Thursday, we went out tracting with David Yan, an awesome member from the ward.  It was pretty fun just talking to him about his conversion and re-activation story.  He's a really cool guy. Also, his Chinese name translated means Purple Star, so that's pretty awesome.  

Later that day, we met with Joshua, who we're actually going to pass to the downtown elders. He just moved into their area, so they're going to be teaching him, but he's doing well.  We met outside the library, and we were having a really good lesson at first, but then this guy walked out with a speaker on his backpack blasting music that was not at all condusive to the spirit.  He sat down at the table next to us, and then all his friends started showing up and smoking, and chatting super loud, so that was a little bit rough.  It was pretty hard to feel the spirit after that.

Vivian is also doing great.  She came to church, but only for sacrament.  She really has a desire to follow Christ, and she sees something in the church that she wants, but we haven't really figured out what it is yet. I'm not sure she has either, to be honest.  She's been reading and praying though, and we feel like she's pretty close to being ready to be baptized.  She's just waiting on a confirmation.  And boy, she's gonna get one!

Then, on Friday, we had zone council, which was cool.  Elder Stowell and I talked about accountability a lot, and that was kind of the central theme of the zone council.  I don't think that'll really interest you guys though, because it will involve a lot of missionary jargon.

We also taught a woman named Rachel, who is super awesome!  She's got a really cute family, and she's really excited to come to church.  She brought up baptism all by herself, and told us that if she gets an answer, she really wants to be baptized. That was pretty cool.  We'll meet her again later this week.  

Saturday, we taught English class, and man, I love my students.  They're some of the funniest Chinese people I know.  One of them is named Shu Ben Liu, and he loves to sing.  Like, loves it.  Whenever we sing an opening hymn, if he knows it he will belt it out at the top of his lungs in this huge operatic voice he has.  It's pretty stunning. 

We met a guy named Jason that actually met with missionaries before.  He's really cool, and he already knows a lot of the stuff, but he went to China and had to stop meeting with the missionaries.  Well, now he's back, and he's super solid.  Still loves the church, and loves praying.  Our only concern is that every time he prays he asks God to appear to him and tell him our message is true.  We'll figure it out.

We were walking along the street the other day, and we stopped by a guy named Mark who was in his yard gardening. He was blown away that there are mormons in Ontario, and also that they sometimes speak Mandarin.  It was pretty hard to convince him that  mormons don't actually have multiple wives, but the funny part was that he was actually totally fine with it.  He said "Ya, like 50 wives would be alright, but probably no more than that." He's interesting to say the least.  We'll see him again on Wednesday.

Also, a ton of random people came to church.  We texted everyone in our phone when and where church was going to be, and some people were just like "ya, I'd like to be closer to God today" and so they came.  Gave some chapel tours.  Explained the doctrine.  Showed them where the bathrooms are.  The works.

Anyway, tons of stuff happened, and frankly I don't want to write it all, but it was a really good week.

Ellie - I'm sure Emi liked being thrown in the pool :) It sounds like you're getting pretty into the swimming thing, ya?  Do you do that in the winter too?  Just at an indoor pool I guess.  That sounds like a lot of fun.  Maybe one day you could go swim in the Olympics too :)

Hayden - Wow, undefeated all season?  You're probably a much better player than I ever was. What kind of Eagle projects are you doing?  So it sounds like George and you pretty much hang out every day.

Mom - Chinatown was awesome!  I have a few pictures.  The Buddhist temple was crazy!  It was honestly one of the cooler P-day's I've had.  Thanks for the play-by-play.

Ashleigh - You're so weird.  NO ENGRISH! Ya, I've heard absolutely nothing about the Olympics.  Pretty sure Canada doesn't really care.

Dad - I'm glad to hear Chandler's doing awesome :) That guys a stud!  As far as investigators go, ya, we've been doing well.  Toronto's Chinese population isn't as transient as some of the other areas in this mission, so we can pretty consistently find people.  The student population goes up and down, but pretty much all the older people who emigrate come to northern Toronto.  The south end of the city has quite a few too, but the north has tons!  Ya, we have Russel M. Ballard coming in a few weeks, and then Elder Arnold about a month after that.  It's gonna be good.

Anyway, that's pretty much been the week.

I love you all!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 54: Short and Sweet

Alright peeps, I don't have much time today again.  We're going to Chinatown, so my email is gonna be pretty short.

First fun thing we did.  Last P-day we went to the ZhenShan Buddhist Temple!  It was pretty fun.  Lots of really beautiful statues and a lot of monks chanting in the different areas.  It was super weird to be there, but it definitely helps you to appreciate the different cultures.  They had a whole ton of massive Buddha Shrines in a few of the different pagodas, and in one room they were chanting their prayers for like an hour while we were there.  I'll send home pictures.

First miracle of the week.  We really felt this one day that we should go to an intersection to find people, and I'd never been there before, so we gave it a shot.  It wasn't super effective for about an hour, and so we were thinking about moving along, but then we contacted this lady named Nancy.  We talked for a little bit, and she seems decently interested, but then when we gave her a Book of Mormon, she was just so grateful!  Honestly, you'd think we'd given her the keys to a new car.  It was cool.  Anyway, her bus came, and she had to go, but we had her number, so we were satisfied.  Then, probably 30 minutes later, we're walking past a Chinese supermarket, and she walks out of it.  She runs right up to us, and tells us "Hey, I'm working here, but this market closes at 9:00.  Can we talk then?"  We were thrilled at the idea, and so we came back, and it turns out she was super interested.  We could only talk for a few minutes because we had to get home by 9:30, but it was a pretty cool miracle.

Also, Vivian is doing awesome.  She hasn't yet gotten her answer, but if anyone has a desire to get one it's her.  We decided we'd just cover the basics again, and so for the last 2 lessons that's all we did, and they were both really good.  She really likes the church, and wants to believe in God.  We read Enos together, and talked about how his situation is a lot like hers.  He too didn't have a testimony, but he really wanted to, and so he prayed for a whole day and didn't get an answer.  Only after he prayed for a long time was he finally able to get his confirmation and have his sins remitted.  Really cool lesson.

Martin's doing awesome as well.  We're seeing him tonight, so that'll be good.  He really wants to get baptized, and he's been praying about a baptismal date. He lives 4 houses away from the church, so it's really easy to drop by on him.

Also, we had a lot of weird tracting experiences this week. Lots of people like answering the door in interesting attire.  One man reminded me a lot of Gollum.  Like, from LOTR.  It was weird.

Anyway, I love you all.  I've slacked off on the emails lately, and I promise I'll send a really in depth one next week.  Love y'all!

Elder Sabin