Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 50: Back in Bayview!

Alright, I'm gonna be straight up.  This week has been one of the coolest, most faith filled, craziest experiences of my mission. I honestly felt like I was in a movie for much of it.

First off.  Transfer news!!! I'm getting transferred again!  Man, I just can't stay in an area I guess. Other crazy piece of news.  I'm going back to the Bayview ward!  Other crazy piece of news.  I'll be serving with Elder Stowell, my MTC companion!

Man, that was a crazy call.  This will be my third time getting transferred there.  I was super scared, because Elder Carroll (one of the APs) kept messing with me and making it sound like I was going to English work aka perdition.

But it's okay!  I'm still in Chinese work!  That being said, I'm super sad to be leaving Kitchener.  We have a ton of people that will be getting baptized here in the next couple of weeks, and I'm going to miss them :(

Nan is still doing great testimony-wise, but his parents have decided they're opposed to him being baptized, so we're praying for him super hard.  He really wants to be, and he has such a solid testimony. He still comes to church every week, and everyone in the branch loves him.

Emerson is totally going to be baptized on the 16th.  During a lesson the other day he sat down and said "So I was doing some online research about Joseph Smith..." and we just thought "Oh no, here we go."  but then he continued "It is amazing that he was able to translate this whole book that fast! Man, there's no way he would do that without the power of God."

That was pretty cool.  Then we talked about Joseph Smith, and he had a ton of questions, so for our next lesson we watched the restoration video on Canada Day (July 1st).  After we watched it he told us he had an experience he wanted to share with us.  He proceeded to share that he had felt really bad in the past, because due to his amount of homework and assignments he was only able to read a little bit of the Book of Mormon each day.  However that morning (we were meeting in the evening) he had decided that since he didn't have school, he would just read the Book of Mormon.  So he read it for like 3 or 4 hours and prayed about it, and got a super strong confirmation.  He described it as "filling him up" which was amazing to hear, and he knows that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God.  I'm super sad that I'm not going to be here for his baptism.

Robin is also doing great.  He is literally doing everything that an investigator can be doing.  We had a hard time thinking up a new commitment for him, because he reads a ton of the Book of Mormon, listens to hymns all the time, prays a bunch, goes to church, etc.  He's doing awesome, and will be baptized in the coming weeks as well.

Ivy is a friend of Emerson (see above) and she loved church too.  Also, she's good friends with Emerson, so he can share his awesome testimony.  We've taught her a few times, and she's super cool.

Larry is still doing good.  Taught him again.  Hasn't made it out to church yet, but likes learning.

Augustine is another guy we've been meeting. Super interested.

Lulu is a guy (yes, he is a man) that we've been meeting, and he's really cool.  Religion confuses him, and he's so confused as to why Christians are so happy all the time. Wants to know why, and we want to tell him.

A few others, but those are the main ones.  Sorry, some of those updates are pretty sparse.

Mom - Elder Earley is doing great.  I guess you guys will see him in a few days :) No, I haven't met the new mission president yet, but I'll see him tomorrow at transfers.

Dad - We've been eating pretty good. I stopped buying junk food a few transfers in, so it's been okay.  Frozen food is too expensive.  We do eat a fair amount of cereal.  Lots of stove top cooking.  Fajitas.  Sandwiches.  Member's food.  Just depend on what we have in the fridge.  Lots of rice and noodles.  Bananas.  Apples.  I'm honestly just listing off things I ate in the last week. :)  Ya, Mormon is a pretty cool guy.  Never really saw the fruits of his labors, but today he's made a pretty big impact.

Smaller Family members - Sorry, I'm a bit short on time today.  We're trying to get ready to whitewash out, and since I'm one of the zone leaders, we have to run some errands. I hope you'll forgive me :)  I love you guys!  Sounds like Sun Valley is super fun. I love you all!


Elder Sabin

We went to lunch on P-day with Yiwen, a convert from the Bayview ward and the other Mandarin sisters, sister Skinner and Sister Deng:

Me and Emerson:

Me and Robin:

Me and Jin, a member who loves marble slab ice cream (hence the background):

 Me, Bryce Nabrotsky (our Ward Mission Leader) and Nan:

My tie collection: