Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 49: Kitchenerific!

Man, I love Kitchener.  Not only does it have a fun name, but also fun people.  This week was super sick.  Our zone has two Chinese areas actually, and both of them have been killing it.  It's been pretty sweet :)

So last week we went out for hot-pot again, and that was super fun.  We went with a bunch of the other missionaries in the zone, and for a lot of them, it was their first time.  It was nice to finally be on the other side of the conversation where someone asks "What is this?" and now I get to say "It's good, just eat it."  The tables have turned!!!

This week, Jeega was able to come to the family ward on Sunday morning, and it was cool to see him.  He's just a really sociable guy, so he got along really well with the members.  We met with him after Sacrament meeting, and talked about how his reading has been going lately.  It's been really good, and he started reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning.  He really loves it, except for that part where Nephi kills Laban.  That took some explaining... :)

Then, later in the day, Emerson came to church, and brought his friend Xavier!  That's two people he's introduced to the gospel, and he's not even a member!  Honestly, I need to step it up when I get home.  Anyway, that was super cool.  He's progressing super well, and when we asked him how he feels when he reads the Book of Mormon he said "I feel something warm and amazing in my heart."  Come on!  He might as well have quoted from Preach my Gospel!

That was pretty cool.  Nan was sick Sunday, so he wasn't at church, but we've been meeting with him a ton. He's basically ready to get baptized, but he's just nervous about his family and the lifelong commitment it's going to be.  He's honestly one of the nicest guys I've ever met.  He just tells us straight up what his concerns are, and he gets along so well with the YSA members.

Then, we had a guy named Robin show up at church last week with the YSA elders, but it turns out his first language is Mandarin, so we get to teach him!  Our first lesson was fine, but he didn't have a background at all in religion, so we just kept it really simple, but then the second lesson.... holy cow.  We show up and ask him about his prayer recently, and he's absolutely been doing it.  And reading the Book of Mormon.  Several chapters.  And surfing mormon.org.  And listening to hymns on YouTube.  And checking out talks on lds.org.  And he already heard about the Word of Wisdom.  And he's been talking to his friends about it.  Its gonna pretty fun to teach him. I can feel it already :)

Anyway, those are probably the only ones I need to talk about today.  There's a few others, but those 4 are the ones with baptismal dates.

Ellie Kate the Great - That would definitely be awkward if you got your friend drunk.  Especially if it was accidentally. How does that happen? "What, you're thirsty?  Oh, well, this looks good.  Ya, I don't know what vodka means either, but it's probably good."  That would be interesting to see.  Anyway, I'm glad your week went well :)  Where is Sun Valley?  Do I know this place?

Hadley Bo Badley - Did you get David Archuleta's phone number?  Are you going to go on a date with him? Just asking.  Ya, I like the song Glorious too.  It's on Meet the Mormons, and that's one of very few films that missionaries can watch, so we've all pretty much got it memorized. Love you!

Beast - Man, isn't rappelling so sweet?  I love it so much.  What camp did you guys go to this year?  You guys did ice bombs?  Was Brother Freeman involved?  Haha, just kidding, don't tell him I said that.  That sounds like a ton of fun.

Mom - We are so busy.  It's been wonderful, and the branch here is awesome as well.  We didn't have a single lesson last week without a member there to help out. They're just wonderful people :) Haha, I told Elder Earley you would be at his homecoming, but as soon as I mentioned homecoming he just cringed.  He doesn't like thinking about going home...  but he's super excited to meet you guys :)  It's been pretty hot up here, but luckily we have super dope hats to deflect the harmful rays of the sun.  Move away? What are you talking about. I'm just going to live in the basement forever, right?  Okay, breathe, breathe, I was only joking, don't freak out ;)  I like the quote.  Here's one for you. "We will never look back until the love of God and neighbor rules the world."

Ashleigh - I have a special request for you.  As a zone leader, we go to Brampton once a month for leadership council, and we all bring goal sheets for our zone.  We try and make them funny, and our idea for this one is to make a play off of President Shields name. I need you to send me a picture with the Agents of Shield logo, and preferably people in the picture that I can edit my companion's and my own face onto. It's gonna be great.

Mon pere - je suis tres bien :) mais j'ai peur je perde mon francais.  Peut-etre je vais aller un region francais, et alors je peux practiquer un peu :)  Seriously, I can't speak French anymore.  Every time I switch out of English mode, I go into Chinese mode.  The struggle is real.  I'll definitely try and re-learn when I get back though.  Our week was definitely Kitchenerific.  We have a similar problem here with investigators traveling, because oftentimes Chinese people will go back to China for 3 months or so, and there's no way to communicate with them.  Ya, Canada has something similar to July 4th.  I don't think they take it quite as seriously, and there's definitely less fireworks, but it's still a big event.  It's on the first of July.

Anyway, I'm getting low on time here, but I love you all!  This gospel is true, and there is so much of a difference that it makes in our lives when we stop treating it like a checklist, and start treating it as a way to change ourselves.  I think sometimes we start looking at scriptures and prayer as something that I should do every day, and if I do I'm blessed, but that's not what its about at all.  Reading and praying should sprout from a desire to want to follow God, and nothing else :) Always remember that, and remember that God the Father and Jesus Christ love you.  They created you, and they have been with you from the beginning.

Elder Sabin

We had a stake carnival that we helped out with.  This was us in front of our game that we ran.  It's hard to explain :) but it was sweet!

My handsome friend Elder Earley.  I told him to make the face he'd make if he was on the cover of an album:

One of the districts in our zone!  Elder Earley was at a different district meeting, so he's not here but clockwise from me it goes me, Elder Johson (district leader, loves Chinese), Elder Monson (related to THE President Monson), Elder Skarstehdt (new guy from Eagle Mountain), Hermana Smith and Tyler (The sister training leaders in the zone.  They speak Spanish), and Sister Skinner and Sister Deng (The other Chinese missionaries in the zone):