Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 48: Hail to thine Earley-est welcome ray!

Hello friends!

Well, I'm glad to say that this week has been splendid.  We tore it up this week in the Kitchen.  It was sweet.  We had a bunch of people come to church, and a few of them were people that just strolled into the chapel on Sunday.  It was glorious.

Anyway, I guess I'll start you off with updates on the dope-est people we're working with.

Nan - Man, Nan is the bomb.  I wish that rhymed.  It's close.  Anyway, he's doing super well.  We hit him with a bunch of commandments this week, and he just accepted all of them.  The only part of the gospel he's concerned about it is the Word of Wisdom, but we've been praying for him super hard.  He's been living it, but he just wants to make sure it's from God before he commits to it, seeing as it would be an enormous change in his culture.  Chinese people love tea a lot.  He has a ton of friends in the church though, and we're all supporting him, so we're really excited for him.

Jeega - Been really busy lately.  Still reading and praying, but we didn't see him very much this week.  He's doing good though.

Emerson - Sweet!!! We met this guy a few times last week, and one of our meetings was at branch president Dixon's house.  Both the branch president and his wife are converts, and they just both bore awesome testimony about how much the gospel changed their lives. It was super spiritual, and he had a lot of good questions.  He accepted a date for July 16th, and he was super excited about getting baptized.  Then, we had him say the closing prayer, and he said during it "I think I am starting to believe in you."  Ah!  It was so good.  Then, after we all left, he texts us and says "I convinced my other friend to meet you. Can you meet her Wednesday?" He's so cool. He loved church as well.

Mino - Really cool guy we met that is really excited to learn about church.  He came last week, but he wasn't able to come this week.  He was really busy, but we've still been meeting with him quite a bit.

Audrey/Audrey's mom - We got a text this week from a member who said that some people had asked her if they could come to church this week.  She didn't know them, but their WeChat username was Little Yellow Man. That made us laugh so hard.  We arranged a ride for them, partially because we were just curious to see who they were, and it turns out it was some 40 year old Chinese woman and her teenage daughter.  It was wonderful.  I had to translate the whole time for Audrey's mom, which gets exhausting, but it was really fun.

Ruby - Super smart PHD student at Waterloo.  Believes that maybe destiny led her to the missionaries. Pretty sweet.

Jerry - Dad lived in Utah.  Has heard a ton of anti, but still wants to learn.  Really intrigued by the word of wisdom.

Yi - Guy we found street contacting.  Pretty cool dude.

Owen - still in China, but Roy (his member friend) says he should be back soon.

Those are the ones who have been meeting with us pretty regularly.  It's been pretty sweet to see people progress in their learning of the gospel.  I've loved every minute of it :)

艾米 - You know it! We always cook up baptisms in the kitchen.  That's the only thing we know how to make!  Ya, we've been super busy, which is wonderful.  Elder Earley goes home in two weeks, but he's not trunky at all, so I don't have to do much. He's a super hard worker, so as long as I just show up good things happen.  Ya, we've been going running every day still.  I forgot how much I missed it.  Haha, what do you mean by "plans"?  What are you scheming? :) I saw Elder Lemon the other day, and he's doing wonderful.  He's a zone leader over in Kingston, so we saw each other at Mission leadership council.

海登 - Sounds like you had a good week.  Summer's going well I assume :)  I've heard a lot of good things about the Cannibal ride.  We'll have to go ride it next year.  How is lacrosse going?  Are you guys still rocking it?

哈德利 - Don't worry, I'm doing sooooooooooooo good :)  I hope you are to.  We finally finished the driveway?  Does that mean the yard is done?  Wow, 12 years in the making, and it's finally complete :)  Good for you guys.  Haha, the fashion show sounds like a riot :)

艾莉 - Haha, life is just regular, huh?  That's too bad.  You graduated from Kiddie land?  Does that mean you can ride the big rides or that mom got tired of kiddie land and won't let you ride any more small rides? It sounds like you're just having the time of your life!  You go to lagoon, and your week is still just regular?  Haha, just kidding, I'm sure this week will be fantastic!

卡梅倫 - Ya, I have Braeden's home email, but not his mission one.  Haha, that fashion show sounds super funny :)  Are you trying to make me trunky?  Wow, that's a low blow ;)  Ya, the language has been going well.  Elder Earley and I pretty much only talk in Chinese to each other, which is really funny when there are white people around wondering where in the world these two oddly dressed men speaking foreign tongues are from.  It's been going pretty well.  Elder Earley goes home in about two weeks, and some of the members can't stop reminding him of it.  He hates it so much :)

阿什利 - Oh, chick flicks.  Glad to hear you've been spending your time watching fake relationships happen :) kidding, I love you.  Don't be offended.  That's sweet that you're going to AFY.  I've heard a lot of good stuff about it.  I had a few friends that went every year.

Anyway, I'm about out of time.  I love you all, and I hope you have a great week!!!

Elder Sabin


What?!  Is that John Taylor and Heber C. Kimball?  That's crazy!