Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 45: Cooking Up Baptisms In The Kitchen(er)

Family and friends, good morning/night/evening/afternoon/depending on when Mom wants to publish this email and when you want to read it!

How are you! Good I'm glad to hear that.  Yes, I'm doing fine.  Thank you for asking.  Oh, really?  I didn't know that!  Hmm..  Yes yes.  Thank you.
 Just some good conversation to get the email started.

Anyway, this week has once again been one of miracles!  I'll start listing of some of them. 
1-Elder Earley's testimony
2-Elder Earley's face
3-Elder Earley
4-Elder Earley's non-trunkiness

On a serious note, Elder Earley is a really cool guy.  He was my zone leader when I was a greenie, which is a bit crazy.  Also, he'll be the second companion in a row that I get to"kill" (mission slang - if you kill a missionary, that means you're their last companion)

This week has been wonderful.  I really miss Bayview, but I also love Kitchener.  Also, I'm back at a university, which is always fun.  University work keeps missionaries entertained.  You meet a lot of interesting people there.

One of the funnier moments this week - We were meeting with one of our investigators Roy, and he brought a friend named Owen.  We were really happy to meet him, and we decided to change our lesson plan to something they could both appreciate.  We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ, which included faith, repentance, baptism, the holy ghost, and enduring to the end. It was a really cool  lesson, but maybe one of the cooler moments was when we taught repentance.  Owen was really touched by the principle that someone could be forgiven for past mistakes, and he had never realized that he could have that in his life. 

We had an English elder there with us on exchanges, but the lesson was mostly in Chinese.  We talked for a bit, and then at the end, we brought up church, and talked about how after we're baptized, we can take the sacrament every week to renew that covenant. At this point in the lesson, he stood up, walked over to us and shook our hands, and then in Chinese thanked us so much for teaching him about this glorious concept of church.  Then, he turned to the english elder who has no idea what is being said, and he says in a very serious tone "I must be there."

It was hiliarious.

Also, we met with a guy named George who was really touched by the concept of family history.  He's a really funny guy, who's super busy, but he found the time to come to church! He loved it, and loved how beautiful the chapel was.

In other news, it's gotten really hot this week, which would have been okay if we hadn't been late to an appointment that was all the way across campus the other day.  It was super hot, and we were both in long sleeve shirts. I think our investigator Alison was super startled when we both showed up out of breath and maybe a bit sweaty.  We had a great lesson though.

Also, Elder Lemon has been made a zone leader as well, so I'll get to see him this week at Mission Leadership Coucil in Brampton.  Maybe that traveling tie will finally get back to me after a year of my mission.

Last funny experience.  We went to dinner with this awesome member named Brother Christiansen in a nearby town called Cambridge.  He was so sweet.  He bought us some awesome food at this Chinese restaurant that he goes to all the time, and all the employees know him there.  He's been talking to one about a few gospel related things, and so he invited us this time and he was just so funny with all the waiters.

One of the them made a note that he just got married, and then brother Christiansen asked him how long he was married for.  The host was Chinese, and his English wasn't awesome, so he was confused, but eventually brother Christiansen explained his question, and then told him "It's 'until death do we part', right?  Well, these two guys here (pointing at us) can help you have an eternal marriage."  Man, he was so cool.

I don't have time to give detailed explanations about all our investigators, but they're almost all university students, and there's not a ton to say anyway.  I'll give a summary:

Audrey - Loves learning English and the gospel. 
George - See above
Owen - See above
Nan - Super smart guy, likes reading about repentance
Du - Middle aged woman
Zi Ming - Middle aged man, has a son, interested in the BoM
Alison - Cool person
Polly - Works at a Chinese restaurant near the university
Ranqi - Still haven't met her yet.  Been busy
John BBQ - Not really named BBQ.  We used to be teaching multiple Johns and we met this one at a BBQ
There's a few others, but I didn't write them down.  

Also, random sidenote.  Elder Earley loves to run, which I've been itching to do lately but haven't been able to.  We've been going every morning since I got here.  It's gonna be sweet!

Mom - I'm gonna try the camera in a few different modes.  We'll see what I can do to make it work.  What's sam's missionary email?  I'd love to send him something, but he won't be able to look at his home email after he goes out.  I think that's great advice by the way.  The gospel definitely does give us peace even in the middle of our trials.

Hadley - Sounds fun! Sounds like you've been doing a lot of swimming.  I hope you have fun at the zoo!  Did you do anything fun to celebrate the end of school?

Hayden - The Brady?  What does that mean?  Also, happy birthday!!!  You're finally 9 years old, right?  Haha, just kidding.  You're going to make a great 13 year old.

Ellie - Wow, a purple swimsuit!  That's really fun. Wait, Sam is only going to be there 12 days? I thought they changed it to 3 weeks.  Weird.  Oh well, I'm sure he'll make it work.

Ashleigh - Cara's pretty sweet, ya?  Is it cold over there?  Because it's been blazing hot out here.

Dad - No, there's no Chinese unit out here.  We have about 9 or 10 members that are at least semi-active and Chinese though, and a lot of them are cool. There are a few that have been struggling lately, but we'll help some of them get back to church.  There's a huge Chinese population here.  The majority of the students at the university are Chinese, so if you walk around the streets down there, you'll run into 70 percent Chinese people. Thanks so much for the thought, by the way.  I truly agree.  Here in Ontario, we deal with a lot of people that have become "hardened to the truth" and a lot that have been beaten down by life so much that they are finally humble enough to accept the gospel.

Love you guys!

Elder Sabin