Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 43: Ties Have Been Traded!

Twas the week before transfers
and all through the zone
the elders and sisters
were serving the Lord

The work was advancing
And the field was all white
For no one was slacking.
Baptisms in sight!

We're teaching repentance!
Man, we're so cool
Long live the mission
Of Ontario!

Man, I should be a poet.  I do appreciate compliments on my poem.  However, if you want to make fun of it, then it was Elder Carroll who wrote it.

Anyway, we had a dopalicious week.  Man, it was so much fun.  As you can see by my title, I traded ties with President Clayton, which may or may not have been the highlight of my life.  Do you think I can get into the celestial kingdom with that?  I'll attach a picture of it so you can all behold it's celestial glory.  Now I'm just crossing my fingers that he wears my tie to conference.

Our other highlight of the week was going over to Jimmy's house Sunday night.  Jimmy is one of our investigators who really loves Jesus.  He's in a Christian rock band, and he has a group of 15 or so Chinese friends that come over on Sunday night and jam out together.  This week he invited us over!

So we walk up to his house, and the cement on his driveway is shaking and there is someone going nuts on a bass guitar (Jimmy) so we know it's gonna be a good time.  We walk into his house, and there's 5 people singing Chinese songs about Jesus with three guitars, a drum set, two keyboards, and enough soul power to baptize a nation.  I took videos, but I think they're too big to email home.  Maybe we can figure something out with drop box.  Anyways, they finished that song, and then Jimmy comes out of the crowd and tells us that they're going to play a song for us.  Like, just for us!

And so they do.  The song title roughly translates to "we are all family" and it was so much fun.  After that Jimmy made everyone come sit down and introduced us.  He had already pumped up how cool missionaries are to all of his friends, and they all had these really cool questions.  They had all heard a ton of stuff about Mormons, so, for about a half-an-hour we just answered all of their questions and resolved a whole ton of anti-Mormon garbage.  We taught a ton about the restoration and the plan of salvation and Jimmy backed us up on everything.  He's a passionate guy, so he was very forward and said stuff like "Ya!  What they say totally makes sense!  They're so right!"  It was glorious.

We got a lot of resounding amens whenever we talked about how much we love Jesus, and a whole ton of people loved the fact that we speak Chinese. So we're going back next week. Except Jimmy said this time we have to sing.  We'll see how that goes...

In other investigator news, everyone is doing awesome!  Xiao Lin's concerns about the communist party in China have given way to his faith!  He's super excited for baptism, and he's been coming to church every Sunday since I've been here. He's basically a member, and everyone loves him.

We had a sweet lesson with Vivian as well.  She didn't really understand baptism, and we had this super intense conversation about all the reasons why baptism is the coolest thing since Jesus.  She's all about it now, and we set up the lesson perfectly to talk about family history next time.

Patrick and Henry have been doing well.  Henry had class on Sunday, so he couldn't come to church, but Patrick was there, and they're doing awesome.

We met with a new guy named Christopher and his wife Helena as well.  They're super funny, and they have no religious background, but they really like having us over, and they're really fascinated by the book of Mormon.

Rosemary also got confirmed on Sunday. That was really cool.  She's such a funny girl.  Actually Ellie, she reminds me a lot of you.  She's just 9 years old, but she's super smart and just super funny.

In gospel principles on Sunday, we had a sweet lesson, but the best part was right after the lesson.  Bishop walked in and waved me over and introduced me to this guy named Peter.  Peter wants to go to BYU which means he needs an ecclesiastical endorsement from the nearest bishop (our bishop).  After they talked, Bishop brought him over to us, and he stuck around with us for the rest of church.  After church he said "I need to go meet with the bishop" so we brought him to the offices, and then Bishop later told us that he asked to be baptized.  We were pretty stoked.

We also met with a member named Sam who hasn't been coming to church as much as he wants to because he's trying to balance family and his own life, but we had a lesson with him, and he told us all about how much he wants his wife to come to church.  It was super spiritual.

Also, there's a sweet member named Qin Xiao Yu who introduced us to her cousin.  She met with missionaries a while back, but then went back to China.  They both are sweet, and they love teaching us Chinese slang which is totally useless for missionaries, but really fun to learn.

We're meeting another former investigator this week named Benjamin.  We had a phone lesson with him last week, but this week we'll meet him for real.

There's probably a whole ton of other stuff that happened this week, but I just don't remember right now. 

Mom - I did get the package, so no worries.  Unfortunately I probably won't be eating balut.  I wish I could, but I don't know that many Filipinos in the area.  Tie's have indeed been traded, and I'm super pumped to wear my President Clayton tie for the rest of my life.

Hadley - Wow! Sounds fun!  Were you the star of the show?  Did you knock everyone's socks off?  Are you excited for the end of the school year?

Hayden - Man, I always knew you were smarter than me. Congrats on the 4.0.  My companion's name is Elder Carroll, and he's a really cool guy.  He's a lot smarter than me too.  He already has a degree from a college and he's only 19.  Basically he's a super genius.

Ellie - My favorite food (next to balut) is probably just any meat made by a Chinese person.  They make it really differently and usually it's really soft and tastes awesome.  The superman light was super sweet. 

Ashleigh - Haha, tell sister Bowen that I'm irreplaceable.  And tell her I say hi.  One day all of us dudes will be able to come back to her house and take over the family room like we used to do.  That will make her feel better.

Dad - Thanks for the birthday wishes. And for the quotes.  They will definitely be added into my collection. Hugh Nibley is one of my favorites.  He goes super deep, but man I love it.  It's so entertaining.

Anyway, that's pretty much the week.  Loves!

President Clayton's Tie!

Me with some other sweet elders

Got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic with this guy, so we got out and gave him a card.  Getting the numbas!

 Me and Elder Carroll

The view from our apartment