Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 41: Well, This Is Awkward...

So, I bet you're all just dying to know how Hamilton is.  There's just one problem with that.

I don't know.

There have been a few changes in the mission actually, and I've been reassigned.  In the North York Zone, one of the Zone Leaders, Elder Holt, got pulled up to be one of the next Assistants to the President. With that happening, it meant that North York would be missing a Zone Leader.

So, on Thursday, we got a text from President that said "Brethren.  Please call me at 9:50" which caused Elder Hudak and I to immediately start to panic and accuse each other of doing something apostate that required President to talk to us.  Just kidding, that didn't happen.  But we were super stressed out.

So at 9:50 I got the call that I needed to pack my things and head up to Toronto to fill Elder Holt's place.  Elder Stowell is following in behind me to take over Hamilton and be Elder Hudak's companion.  So all of this means....


I'm back in Bayview baby!  Oh, I was so sad to leave Hamilton, but man I love Bayview.  There's so many Chinese people here, and the Mandarin ward makes everything easier.

So now I'm in North York serving with Elder Carroll.  And here's the best part.  He's been a zone leader for 3 weeks.  And I've been a zone leader for 3 days.  If this works out, the church just has to be true.  GET IT DONE!!!

Anyway, my writing is probably kind of a mess right now, but that's just because there are a thousand emotions running through my head at once.  On a serious note, I was really sad to leave Hamilton.  Elder Hudak is the bomb, and the members there are all so kind.  I'm really gonna miss them all, and I hope one day I get to go back.

On a brighter note, Sunday was super fun. I got to surprise everyone by magically showing up at church, and there were many questions asked about where the heck Elder Holt had gone.  A lot of hugs were given (but only to the male members) and it was super fun to see tons of familiar faces.

So these last few days here have been super eventful.  I came down here Friday evening, and then Saturday was super fun.  We taught English class in the morning (which I missed dearly) and I got to see a whole bunch of old students there as well.  Then, we stopped by to see an investigator named Jimmy, who is just the greatest man you'll ever meet.

Imagine this.  A 45 year old Chinese man with a ponytail, a truckers hat, and bright yellow jacket.  Also, he's in a Christian rock band, so his basement is full of pianos, guitars, amps, drums, etc.  We sat down and had a great discussion with him, and he's doing super well, but the best part was afterwards.  He asked us "Do you have 3 minutes?" and we were like "Yeah, probably."

He beckoned us over to his piano and said "Come here, come here!  I'm going to teach you a song!"  And then he just started playing and we sung a song with him with a super loud piano.  The lyrics to the first verse were just "Hallelujah" over and over again, so imagine Jimmy rocking out on the piano belting "Hallelujah!" with two dudes in suits and ties trying to keep up with him.  It was quite a sight to behold.

Sunday was fun (for many reasons), but one of my favorite was that we actually had one of our investigators get up in Fast and Testimony meeting and share his testimony of our church.  We had met with him Saturday night, and I guess the lesson had an impact, because he talked about how he knew the spirit had told him the Book of Mormon was true, etc.  So yeah....he's getting baptized probably.

His name is Xiao Lin by the way.  Also, we had one of our investigators pass her interview on Sunday!  So she'll be baptized next Sunday.  Her name is Rosemary, and she's super cool.  She's 9 years old, and therefore shy, so she was really nervous about the interview. One of our amazing district leaders Elder Scofield knew this, so they go into the interview, and she comes out with a ton of balloon animals.  Elder Scofield made her balloon animals!  And a crown!  How cool is that!  Man, he's a cool guy.  She's not as nervous about it anymore.

Also, last night we were really hoping to find a new investigator, because we had only found one this week, and the numbers would be reported on Sunday night. Our president tells us that we can find 2 every week, so we said a prayer, and just started tracting in our bishop's neighborhood.  And we found 3 new investigators!

Seriously, we ran into a super prepared family. One of them has been to Salt Lake, the other has heard a lot about the Book of Mormon, and they just started giving us bananas and water and candy and a whole bunch of junk.  It was sweet.  We're so going back.

Anyway, that's pretty much been the week.

Hadley - Haha, when do I get home? That's a funny question.  I don't think I'll come home.  I'll just stay out here.  In fact, why don't you come out here too?  We can go tracting together :)  Just kidding. I hope I have a great rest of my mission too.

Ellie - Ya, it's getting pretty warm up here.  Honestly, it's kind of funny, because everyone makes fun of the Canadian missions for being super cold, but there's not a single Chinese area north of Toronto, so unless I leave Chinese work (knock on wood) I'll be at the same latitude as Boston or New York.  And yet I still get all the credit for enduring a freezing mission.  Oh well :)

Mom - Mother's Day plans.  We're going to the Lee's house (same one as Christmas) around 6:30 Toronto time.  That's 4:30 Salt Lake time, right?  Does that work fine.  Email me back about this, cause I should be able to check it to confirm.  Also, email me my Skype password again.  I have my ATM card still.  The Mountain America Credit Union Visa?  Ya, I still got it. Still got the pin.

And yes, Joe is doing super well.  He's so sweet :)

Hayden - Man, i'm so sorry. I really wish I could be weeding with you guys, but I'm kind of busy this week.  And next week.  And next week.  So, for the foreseeable future, you have to do all the weeding.  MWAHAHA!  Good luck.  No, I haven't eaten more gross things, unless you count the roadkill we cooked for dinner last night.  Sometimes missionaries have to get creative.  Limited funds, you know?

Ashleigh - Pretty grand, eh? Why, that's marvelous!  Spectacular!  You put Emi in the birthday package, right?  We made a deal.  Kidding.  Tell Maddie that she's a bad influence on you and you should stop hanging out with her.  She'll like that.

Anyway, you guys all have a great week.  Loves!