Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 40: We're Not Trunky!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

The mighty Hamilton hammer has been raised to it's fullest extent, and will strike with the force of 1000 baptisms!  No heathen will remain untouched!  Kidding.  Sort of.  Not about the baptism part, that was serious.  There may or may not actually be a hammer involved. We haven't decided yet.

Man, working for Jesus is sweet.  He's a really good boss.  He doesn't pay us, but there's some pretty sweet benefits involved.  Rock solid testimony, spreading peace and love with other well dressed guys, and most importantly, random people that drive past us and yell, "Cult!" out the window.  Oh Hamilton.

Life has been going well.  Elder Hudak almost got translated this week, but he decided to remain and help me to become a better missionary.

In Joe-related news, there's been a ton of good happening.  Joe just does everything perfectly.  Also, it's really nice to have an active Chinese member in the YSA.  We brought him teaching to a few lessons last week, and man... he's a sweet missionary.  We were worried that he would still be a little unfamiliar with the doctrine, but he figuratively slapped us in the face with that one.  We taught the Plan of Salvation, and Joe just pulled out all these super dope insights about how the Atonement blesses us.  He hasn't gotten the priesthood yet, but that's only because our branch president is still out of town, and we can't do it till he gets back.  It will be soon though!

Other investigators we've been working with have been Jack, Zhu, Charlie, Richard, Nightengale, and Richardson.  It's been a great week.  They're all super pumped about learning about this new cool thing called Christianity.  Good thing Elder Hudak is ready to drag Elder Sabin around and teach them!  We had some pretty sweet lessons this week, and it's all thanks to the pretty sweet members here at the YSA.

In food related news, we had some good food this week.  The Hillman family invited us over for lunch this week, which was amazing...but wait!  That's not all!  Their daughter just came back from Utah, and she brought fry sauce!  And they gave it to us!  So now we have this bottle of heavenly nectar from the gods in our fridge.  Our meals have become so much more celestial.

Also, the Elliots invited us over, and Sister Elliot managed to get the recipe from back home that Mom used to make for Yorkshire pudding.  So that was delicious.  I would say that it reminded me of home, but as you can see from my subject title, I'm not trunky.

Also, there's this cool guy named Jim who loves the gospel.  He's a former member from Mississauga (I think I talked about him last week) who we found by dropping by, and he's super dope.  He came to church, and has already become a man of much spiritual stature.  He's super cool.

Did you guys just barely get that video of me eating balut?  Man that stuff is interesting.  We ate it about 3 or 4 weeks ago.  It's kind of funny. As people we don't have a problem eating eggs, and we don't have a problem eating chicken, but as soon as you put a chicken inside the egg, it's disgusting.  Interesting, right?

Hizzy J - Haha, you're sentence made me laugh.  "Partied until Mom freaked out at us."  Glad to know that our home is as loud as ever.  Heck ya I did the dance festival!  Man, I totally rocked the square dancing in fourth grade.  I was the biggest square out there.  Man, the Yorkshire pudding was SO good.

Ell I Slim Shady - Not much happened this week?  But your life is always so exciting!  Are you just keeping secrets about all the fun you're having so I don't feel jealous?  It's alright.  You can tell me about all the exotic countries you've been to since I've been gone. I know you guys are partying tons and playing Kelly Clarkson's "Since you've been gone"  over and over again.  ;)

Leigh-roy Lackey - Haha, I know what your last sentence was supposed to say, but it's funny what you actually sent.  I promise you with all the fervency of my soul that I will "now eat anything gross".  I'm really good at that.

The Mom bomb - straight out of Compton - What are you talking about?  I'm totally making balut for you.  Don't you want the full Toronto experience?  On a serious note, that's really sweet what you said in your talk.  I guess I like you and love you and miss you a lot too :)  Yes, the Yorkshire pudding was fabulous.  It tasted just like the pudding back home.  As far as mother's day goes, we haven't made plans yet.  I was thinking of just not skyping home this time around.  I'll take a nap instead probably.

Don't punch the computer Mom.  Don't do it.  Fine, I'll skype you guys.

Haha, just kidding.  I can't wait. I'll let you guys know what the plans are asap.  Also, can you remind me of my account info?  I have it buried somewhere in my suitcase I think, but just in case.

Hayrod the Dawg - Man, you need to stop letting Hadley yell at you so much then.  Stand up to her!  Just kidding.  Our apartment hasn't had any bad problems.  There was a mouse a few weeks back, but we locked him in a closet with no food other than a mouse trap and eventually caught him.  There's like 1000 cats that roam our neighborhood, so he was disposed of very quickly.  Sorry all you animal lovers, but I hate living with mice.  Love you bro!

Diddly wack mack Mormon daddy yo - Ya, it turns out some of the members like having me around.  Who knew?!  Tell Jaden congratulations. There are a few Malaysians serving here as missionaries, and they're all super grateful to the missionaries who baptized them.  It sounds like the church is tiny there, and there's a heavy Muslim influence, but one of the elders said that God's kingdom will roll forth in every land!  Ya, the balut was kind of gross, but once you get past the idea of the baby chicken, it just tastes like egg.

Anyway, I don't have much more time.  Jesus lives.  He's cool. He loves you.  Serving a mission rocks.

*mic drop*

*picks the mic back up*  "Elder Sabin out"

*mic drop*

Eating Yorkshire Pudding at the Elliot's home: