Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 33: Brethren and Sisteren!

Brethren and Sisteren!

I know sisteren isn't a word, but it should be.  Get over it.

Anyway, Elder Lau and I had a wonderful week serving the people of Hamilton!  The weather was a bit cold this week, but it's going up to like 12 degrees today (celsius) which is really good.

Biggest piece of news this week.  Elder Hudak will be joining Elder Lau and I, which will be so much fun.  We'll be in what's called a tripanionship.  Elder Hudak's time in the MTC overlapped with mine, so we're already pretty well aquainted, and we're so excited to be serving with him!  That will make for a total of five elders living in the catcave!

Also, it's looking like Evonne will be baptized on the 19th!  We're super excited for her. I'll let you know how it goes, but she hasn't had any problems recently.

In other investigator news, we have some cool dudes named Joe, Jeffery and Daniel we're meeting with.  They're all super cool, and we're having a great time working with them.

Anyway, I wish I had more to write about this week.  It was a super good week as far as meeting people and helping them grow their faith, but nothing really stands out.  As far as crazy events go, it was somewhat lacking.  We did run into quite a few more interesting people here, and that's always a fun time.  One man claimed that he was God, and said in all seriousness that he "walks neither among the land of the living, or the realm of the dead, but is in the utmost center of it all" or something like that.  It was hard to keep a straight missionary-ish respectful face when talking to him.

Ashleigh - Taking her on the blue run.  ARE YOU MAD, WOMAN!!!??? Luckily Jesus even suffered for that, so you can repent, but  it's gonna be quite a process.  You need to reevaluate your life ;)  Next time people ask how I'm liking the mission, just tell them that I was having an okay time, but as soon as Elijah and Moroni showed up, things got so much better.

Hadley Jane the Insane - Ooh, that ski run is pretty sketchy.  Little baby thunder gets me every time.  I mean, even the name sounds scary.  Also, Elder Froggy makes no sense.  Auggy is already a stretch, and basically the only thing that Auggy shares with austin is the first syllable.  Once you change that, it makes no sense :) 

Mom - Testimony meeting here was really good as well.  Alot of the members bore very sweet and powerful testimonies, and it was really cool.  We also had Zone Council this week, where some of the new converts in the area bore their testimony about missionary work, and that was really powerful. Also, the other district leaders in the zone and I had to give an instruction on commitments in zone council, and that was fun as well.  Sorry, that's off topic, but I forgot about it until now.  Has Bryan been sold yet.  Is his future family making enough each year to support him?  Have they qualified for the adoption process.  What's their credit score?

Ellie - Of course they were good ideas for costumes.  They were mine!  Just kidding.  Speaking of bakeries....Hmmmm.... Bakeries..... I think I'm gonna zone out for a sec and think about bakeries.....................................................................................................................................
Alright, I'm back.  I think you're the BOMB.COM (with the caps lock on) in Guam.

Hayden - Pickles and peanut butter?  Hmm, sounds a bit gross.  I'll give it a try.  Have you guys had poutine?  Hmm, poutine is so good.  I love it.  It's basically fries with gravy, cheese curds, and meat, and it tastes awesome.  I never saw it back in utah, but it's not too hard to make either.  It's kind of like a salad, but instead of being a healthy light snack, it train-wrecks your arteries and puts you into a food coma.

Dad - Did he mean the Stoney Creek dairy?  Stoney Creek is one of the suburbs of Hamilton, so that's probably what he meant.  I just thought I'd check.  Man, good for Janis.  I think I remember him, but it was a few years ago, so it's a bit fuzzy.  I remember good things though.  Ya, I'd love to share a spiritual thought.  It actually builds off of the thought from last week, when I talked a lot about being prepared for when the Lord taps you on the shoulder.

I was reading in the early chapters of Alma about when he is traveling around the countryside preaching in all the cities and trying his very hardest to help the people come unto Christ.  If you're familiar with the story, two of the cities he travels to are Zarahemla and Gideon, which he mentions are very close to each other.

Many of us have read Alma 5, and I refer to it as a chapter of chastisement.  Alma's words to the people of Zarahemla are full of fire, with the overall message being that they have not done their part as members of the church.  They are not humble, they are not kind, and they are not respectful to God and man, and for that reason, Alma takes the time to call them to repentance.

Contrast that with Alma 7, and you find a very different message.  Same person teaching, and the same general locality, but the tone of the message is as different as can be.  Alma 7 is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful sermons on the Atonement of Jesus Christ in the entire book.
He teaches them about how Jesus overcame all things, and he lovingly helps us to understand that the Atonement is more than an eraser on the end of a pencil.  It is a magnifier of good, and a tool to be used - not only to erase sin - but to develop love, patience, and faith in God.

I relate this to us today, by asking a simple question.  Which sermon would you get?  When the day of revelation comes, and you are in dire need of divine guidance, which one are you ready for?  God loves you, and he wants the best for you, but he has made it clear that he will not cast pearls before swine.  He will give you the sermon that you are ready for, for that is the one you stand in need of.

I hope that we will all take a moment as Easter approaches to remember what Jesus Christ did for us.  To get our lives in order, and to remove habits that would prevent us from getting anything but the greatest sermon when we have an opportunity to do so.  When "the prophet comes to town" so to speak, just ask yourself, "Which sermon will he give me?"

Elder Sabin

The Hamilton Zone (and a few friends)

Left to right, Top Row: Elders Longson, Butler, Brand, Vargus, Flake, Lau, Cruz, Macon-Bolaji, Cupido, Me! Izatt, Davis, Karras, Cattelain, Layton, Lawrence, Scofield, Ryan, Adam (got baptized the next day), Ken (New Convert) and Kristen (Adam's girlfriend).
Bottom row - Sisters Cook, Mersevy, Hamblin, Jensen, Edwards, Jen (New convert), Sister Hillman, Price, Strong, Anthony, and Sommerfelt.