Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 31: No Subject...

Brothers and Sisters, hello!  You know, a lot of people ask me what the hardest part of serving a mission is.  Honestly, it's probably thinking up a subject title for my emails home every week.  The struggle is real.

Anyway, transfers were this week.  Me and Elder Lau are.... (drum roll).... staying!!!  Yaaaaay!!!  We're super pumped, and I'm gonna make him so trunky this transfer.  He goes home in 7 weeks (this transfer is 7 weeks.  There are reasons, but I don't want to explain them.  It has to with math.) and every time we have companionship prayer, I pray that his future wife waiting for him in Hong Kong will become ever more attractive.  He hates it :) 

Anyway, this week was great!  Super warm again.  Just thought I'd mention that.  I saw a bunch of emails from missionaries in other parts of the mission, and they all said it was freezing or something so...haha!  Hamilton is the best!  Seriously, I laugh so hard here every day.  Downtown Hamilton is just an amazing place with amazing humble people that want to hear the gospel.  And there's crazy people.  They're fun too.

As far as transfer news goes (most of you probably don't care about this, but I'm writing it down for posterity's sake) Elder Patrick is leaving.  We live with the Zone leaders, and he's one of them.  He also makes my list of "studliest people I know".  He's going to Toronto north, and he's going to baptize so many people.  So many.  Elder Butler is staying here, and Elder Flake is coming to Hamilton to live with us!  Apparently he has African Heritage, and that got Elder Lau excited.  In the words of Elder Lau, "I've never slept with a black person before!"  That made me laugh so hard.

Also, in elder Lau related news, one of the other zone leaders wanted to get revenge on him for a hilarious prank, so he gave him a paper, and told him to read it out loud.  It said "ice bank mice elf".  Say it out loud.  You'll get it.  I laughed so hard.

In investigator news, Evonne is rocking it!  She's doing super well.  We got a member named Cassi (also on the list of "studliest people I know")  to read with her a few times a week over the phone, and Evonne just made this huge leap into faith!  It was awesome.  Basically, she's doing great, she's reading, she's praying, and she wants to know if there's a god.  Super good.

We met with a few new ones this week, but the one that stands out is definitely Daniel.  This dude's a stud.  We sat down with him, and over the course of the lesson he basically said that he's had a rough past, and he wants to get past it.  Ever since he's come to Canada, he's felt like he needed God in his life, and he's searching for answers.  Super prepared, and one of the coolest things is how we found him.  We were contacting outside one of the colleges in town that are full to bursting with Asians, and we were about to go home.  However, there was one last crowd of students walking down the road, and I had the thought "just talk to one of them."  Now, there were a lot of them, so I couldn't talk to them all, but as I was walking over, I just had the most clear impression of which one I needed to talk to.  So I stopped him in the crowd, and started speaking Chinese to him (which is a wonderful contacting tool) and he was super interested.  Gave us his number and everything.  I'm so excited for him.

Also, Bao went to the temple this week!  He started coming back to church this last month or so, got a temple recommend, and made it out to the temple again for the first time in a while.  What a great guy.  He's super nice, and takes us out to eat a fair amount.

Roxanne and Flora (some other people we're working with)  are super cool as well.  they've both really been trying to make it out to church, but their work has just been hard on them.  We're praying for them every day.  Also, during Flora's lesson (we were inside one of the colleges meeting with her) a random Chinese guy came up and said "Mormons?"  We responded affirmatively, and he basically just sat in on the rest of our lesson.  He asked questions and everything, and he was really interested.

Also, we had a bunch of dinner appointments this week, and I've basically decided that Ontario has both the best restaurants and the best members.  It's been a good variety of homemade and going out to eat, and we've had some great meals.  There are definitely some places that I'll go to again.
So ya, life's been good in the Hammer (Hamilton). 

Hadley - Alright, well as long as you didn't' get cooties, I guess that's okay.  Ya, Niagara Falls was really awesome (don't tell Mom, but I got her a Christmas ornament and a fridge magnet that both say "Austin" on them).  It's just a massive waterfall, and the Canadian side is definitely more festive.  However, we did take a great picture of all the Americans in our group saluting across the river.  If I get it sent to me soon, I'll send it to you guys.  Also, send more pictures of the puppies.  I need to know how Brian is doing.

Ellie - Elder Lau is the most cuddly Asian I've ever met.  Dad asked if he is shy or not.  He's totally not, but he doesn't talk on my recordings just to spite me.  I usually retaliate by making jokes about him going home.  We get along great :)  100 doggie business cards?  Gross.  Tell Emi she needs to start going in the Howell's yard.

Hayden - I was going to answer you, but then I had an epileptic seizure from all the emoticons and capitol letters.  I've recovered now though, so we're all good.  You're getting a hoverboard?  That's way cool.  I'll tell you something kind of cool.  Here in Hamilton, I see at least 1 person a week just cruising through downtown on one of those.  They just ride around and go into stores and stuff.  It's pretty cool. Anyway, life's good.

Ashleigh - You know, I remember staying up till 1 oclock. I think that might be the first habit I lose coming home.  Honestly, 10:30 is really nice when you have a crazy schedule (like us) but I can't see myself holding onto that when I come home.  Are you guys gonna kick some serious butt in lacrosse this year?

Mom - As far as the Cantonese thing goes, there's a lot of Cantonese people in Ontario, and I figured it would be useful to learn some so I can at least communicate.  Also, there's a lot of missionaries here from Hong Kong, so I'd have lot's of chances to practice with native speakers.  I'm far from having mastered Mandarin, but I talked with some people in the mission office, and apparently President Clayton thinks it's a good idea for me.  He was great with it, so I'm getting a few study materials sometime soon.  I don't know when they'll get here, but I'm excited. Niagara was really great.  We didn't get a great view of the American side, but it definitely didn't look all that cool.  We were making a lot of jokes the whole time though, because there are all sorts of signs that say "5 minutes to the U.S.A"  or something like that. Lot's of patriotism between Elder Butler, Elder Patrick, and I.  Ya we watch the district a lot up here. I can basically quote every part of it.  We're only approved to watch so many things, so if you ask me about The District or Meet the Mormons, man, I got you covered.  It's so great

Dad - I think the watch is in some boxes in storage.  I'm not sure, but I think that's where mom put it.  We do plenty of tie trading up here :)  I got one really hideous one (don't worry, I didn't have to trade for it.)  and the other day we had "ugly tie sunday"  so all the missionaries in the area wore the ugliest tie they could find.  I got lot's of really funny comments on it.  Elder Patrick had a pretty bad one too.  His was basically a brown piece of carpet strung around his neck.  Tell President Lyman and President Christopherson, and Taylor that I say hi :)  That's awesome that she's going to serve.  The work is going great up here.  It's definitely slower than my last area (the lack of lots of active Chinese members makes it hard) but it's picked up quite a bit in the last two weeks.  We're doing pretty well.  Also, I want a picture of my doppelganger Brian. Elder Lau is definitely not shy.  He's one of the most outgoing asians I know, and he's super bold, especially in asking members to feed us.  Niagara falls itself wasn't frozen, but there was plenty of ice piled at the bottom, and huge chunks of ice going over the falls.  It was colder then, but by now it's probably all melted.  Also, thanks so much for the funny jokes :) I'll definitely print them out and share them. 

Anyway, I love you all, and wish you all the best.  Go team Jesus!

Elder Sabin

Elder Cruz (Elder in my District) snuck this picture during one of my district meetings. He's a punk :)

 Pictures with the geese at Lake Ontario: