Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 30: This Week Got COLD!

In the words of my subject title, "this week got cold!"  However, it's already warming up again.  One week of Canadian winter is honestly plenty for me.  While contacting, Elder Lau and I would take brief stops in the Tim Horton's (basically Canadian Starbucks) to help our ears return to their normal color.  Btw, random question:  Do they have Tim Horton's in the U.S.A?  I've pretty much been converted to their donuts and hot chocolate, and if they have it back in Utah, I might be spending a considerable amount of time there.

As far as investigators go, we're meeting a bunch of new ones this week.  We have one really solid girl named Ashley that we'll be meeting with tomorrow, and 3 or 4 others later in the week.  As far as people that are already meeting with us, we have 2 or 3, but probably the only one that's actually progressing is Evonne.  I think I've mentioned her before, but she was up in Toronto this weekend and we got her to go to church at the all-Mandarin ward.  We'll be following up on it tomorrow, but on the phone it sounded like she really liked it.  Too bad we don't have enough Chinese people to make a ward down here.

Anyway, my letter might be a bit short today.  We're going out to Niagara falls, so I'll make sure to tell you all about it next week.  I think they've frozen over by now, but I'm not sure and we can't exactly google it.

Two requests this week.  Dad, can you send me the recipe for the crepes you always make?  I want to make it, but I can't remember the recipe that I knew before.  Also, do you remember that watch you gave me a while back?  The silver one that was a little too big on my wrist?  I didn't bring it out in the field with me, because I had the one that Bro. Stewart gave me, but I was wondering how hard it would be to take out two of the links on the wristband and put it in the next package.  If it's a hassle then forget it, but it might be nice to have some variety in my wardrobe.  There's only so many things that I can change in my outfit every day.

Sad note - I forgot to bring my voice recorder to the library today, so I can't send out the recordings this week.  My bad...  Next week though I'll make sure there are some great ones.

In district leader news, the district has not fallen apart (yet).  Doing exchanges is super fun, and if Elder Layton sends me the pictures before we are done with emailing time, I'll send you a picture of the biggest icicle you've ever seen that we found.  It was awesome.

In other news, I was recently approved to learn some Cantonese!  I don't know how it will go, but if Elder Lau sticks with me next transfer (next week) then I'll hopefully be able to learn some from him.  I haven't gotten the materials yet (they're on their way) but I'll let you know how it goes when they come.  Good news!  I read some scriptures this week.  Ya. I'm about to the point in my Mandarin that I can read decently from things like the Liahona (Chinese version of the Ensign) or other church materials.  Fun stuff.  Still have a long ways to go though.  I think the more Chinese I learn, the more I realize how much stuff there is that I don't know.

Mom - Well, as far as emotion goes in Chinese, you can still express it pretty well.  Maybe not quite as strongly as in English, but with practice it's not bad.  During that recording, I was focusing a lot on reading the characters as I was saying it, so there's probably not as much up and down as normal.  As far as winter goes, I am wearing my coat.  And scarf.  And hat.  And gloves.  And socks.  And thermals.  And sweaters.  I've been pretty healthy the whole mission since I left the MTC.  There was one time when I had a sore throat, but other than that I've been pretty lucky.
Beast - Haydog?  That sounds like the name of an orc from the Lord of the Rings.  But I'll embrace it.  Sounds like the week was fun.  Tell Nate I said hi.  How was Kung Fu Panda Three?  Turns out, Kung Fu in Chinese actually sounds more like Gong Fu.  And, Elder Lau's dad is super good at it.  He trained with the same people as Bruce Lee, so he tells me a lot of cool stories.

Ellie - I'll put some random faces in my letter too, and try and communicate this week.SnowmanSnowflakeUmbrella with rain dropsThe weatherJapanese dollsChinese peopleBasketball and hoopBall is life!󾓭China!Police carFire engineAmbulanceDowntown Hamilton every five minutesChurchPeople like to bible bashMonkeyMy CompanionMaple leafCanada!BreadProbably ate some bread this weekClinking beer mugsDon't drink thisPoodleAlso my companionMicrophoneJammin out to Nashville Tribute bandChart with upward trendA graph showing Elder Lau's spiritualityWaving hand signHi!Growing heartValentine's dayMan's shoeLots of walking

Hadley - What!  A valogram!  For a boy!?  But you're only 4 years old right?  Did you get cooties from  him? Face screaming in fearFace with 'no good' gesture Just kidding, and I'll totally be your valentine.  I'm a way better valentine than Zach.  :)

Ashleigh - So I got a letter from you, but it was just a repeat of Hadley's letter.  Anyway, hope you're doing well.  I love you!  Be my valentine?

Dad - Pfft.  Any more DanJonesing?  What kind of question is that?  There's always more DanJonesing.  Just kidding.  We actually didn't do it very much this week because the streets were pretty quiet (the cold).   As far as baptismal dates go, Evonne has set one for February 26th.  We'll see how it goes, but I have faith!  My district has the best workers- don't ever doubt it!  Love you!

Elder Sabin