Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 25: Transfer Week!

Alright, I'll start out with the sad news, and slowly get happier.  First news: Candice isn't baptized yet.  She wasn't feeling good that day healthwise, and there were some technical problems with having her baptism that day, so we pushed it back a week, but holy cow her testimony is on fire!  The delay wouldn't be a huge problem, except that I'm being transferred! To Hamiliton!  So I'm not gonna be there :(  But she's still getting baptized, and the new missionaries are going to love her.   She's seriously amazing, and I'm super sad I'm missing it.

Anyway, that's the bad news of the week.  There's no problems with her testimony or anything, and we still pretty much see her at least every other day, so she's gonna be just fine, but we were all really sad when we heard.

Anyway, the transfer news is in, and I'm going to Hamilton to be with Elder Lau!  I don't know him, but I hear good things!  Elder Mak is going to Windsor to be with Elder Stowell (My old MTC companion).  Those guys are going to do awesome.

This time around the transfers shook things up quite a bit, so a bunch of missionaries are getting moved.  Some of them are coming to Hamilton with me, so that's fun!

Other piece of big news - Apparently President Clayton has just given up on the Hamilton Zone, because they're making me a district leader.  I guess he just wants the work there to fall apart :) Because that's what's going to happen.  How can they call me to do that!?!?  How can I tell people how to go missioning when I just got here?!

I'm super sad to be leaving Bayview.  Seriously, the members here are so awesome.  We're saying goodbye to a few of them tonight (including Candice) and there may be tears shed.  HOWEVER I do know that President Clayton is inspired, and there's someone in Hamilton that needs me and Elder Lau to baptize them.  I'm excited to be serving there, and I know good things will come.

Also, I hear hilarious stories from Hamilton all the time.  This place is famous.  Seriously, the place sounds super fun, and every time I tell someone I'm going to Hamilton, they get this distinctive smile and say something like "Oh, your going to Hamilton?  You're going to love it....mwahahaha"

I'm excited.  And sad.  Super weird feeling.

Mom - Give Sister Howell my best wishes.  She's awesome, and her dad must be too :)  And don't worry, I'll have plenty of nice things to say about you when you go.  However, your leniency on leaving the garage open will not be one of them ;)  Haha, I love you so much!

Ellie - Emi's getting fat?  Fun!  Now there's more of her to cuddle!!!  And I think I have a better idea than a pool.  Why don't all the puppies go sleep in mom's bed?  I think that would be a way cooler idea.

Hadley - Dumplings are basically food wrapped in more food.  Chinese people love to put food inside of food, and these are one example. There are a ton of different kinds though.  They're super easy to make, so you could probably get mom to make you some (although they probably won't be real Chinese ones ;) )

Ashleigh - What does non prehensile mean?  And your out of shape from Foosball?  Really?  That must have been one heck of a game.  You should use that as an excuse next time you go to conditioning.  "Sorry coach, I can't play...I played foosball last night, and I'm just too exhausted." 

Hayden - Okay, I can believe that non prehensile is a word, but there is no way that spell check recognized "bossishly" when you typed it in.  Glad to hear your humility is improving.  Start calling Dad "cyber-dad"

Cyber dad - Please tell me I can call you that now. It would make my day.  Seriously though, I hope the surgery went well, and although your in bed a lot, just remember that Emi's puppies can keep you company.  Suggest it to mom.  Then take a picture of her reaction and send it to me.

I love all of you!   I don't have a ton of time today because we have to get ready for transfers, but know that I appreciate all of your emails!  You guys are the best!

Elder Sabin

 Bayview missionaries and Bishop's family.  Top left to bottom right - Elder Earley, Elder Woo, Elder Mak, Me, Sister Chu, Sister Deng, Angela Cheng (return missionary), Bishop Cheng, Sister Cheng, Jeffery Cheng (my same age)

 Us at Christmas dinner with some members  Left to Right - Don't remember her name (she was visiting and it was a Korean name), Sister Goakery, Brother Goakery, me, Elder Mak, and Kayla (from Korea, here for school)

Same scene from our apartment balcony one day apart.  It got cold fast!