Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 26: Update From Batman

I'll explain my subject title later.  Anyway, this week was great!  Elder Lau and I are out baptizing nations in the Hamilton Zone!

Wow, this area is way different from good old Bayview.  Basically, this town has a big college called McMaster University, and that's where all the Chinese people are.  So we go there a lot.  There's not a ward like there was in Bayview, and there's no branch either.  However, we do work with some awesome English wards!  And they're all great.  Basically, most of the Chinese people here have at least decent English, so we just send them to one of those wards.  We don't really go to any one ward either.  We basically just float around to wherever our investigators are going.

As for Hamilton, oh my gosh, this place makes me laugh so hard every day.  I won't say it's sketchy, but I will say that they filmed all the scary parts of Batman in downtown Hamilton because it has a Gotham-y feel and there's lot of factories and stuff.  Hence the subject title.  I'll just say that Hamilton has a ton of awesome solid people and a good portion of crazy people too.  I've started writing down the weirdest thing that's happened every day.

Tuesday - Got to Hamilton.  Dude tried to kiss me during a street contact.  Got like 2 inches away.  Not even kidding.  Luckily my Batman reflexes were able to back away in time.

Wednesday - Dude got up during dinner, changed his pants in the adjacent living room, and came back and sat down like nothing was weird about that at all.

Thursday - This one's not bad, but super cool.  I found out one of the guys in my district used to work for Top Gear!  We talked for like an hour about all the episodes he was there for and all the crazy stuff that happened.

Friday - Van exploded on a street corner while the missionaries were driving by.  Big fireball.
Saturday - Van was still there!  Just chillin' on the street corner.  And this wasn't out in a suburb or something, this was Downtown!

Sunday - Actually that day was pretty normal, but maybe because we were at church all day.  We sometimes go to 2 or 3 churches to meet up with all our investigators.

Anyway, this place is awesome.  I'll definitely come back to visit after the mission.

The members here are super awesome too. We usually work out of a YSA in the nearby town of Stoney Creek, and I can already tell the people there are really cool.

As far as a teaching pool goes, we currently have 1 consistent investigator, 1 awesome new convert, and 2 returning members that are meeting regularly with us.  It's a smaller pool than before, but we'll make it grow pretty quick.

The new companion is awesome!  Seriously, we're getting along great so far, and he makes me laugh all the time.  For those of you who asked, his English is really good, and he also cooks really well.  I might get through a transfer without eating a single toaster waffle :)  Elder Lau is from Hong Kong and he's a convert of 3 years.  That's even more impressive when you realize he's been on his mission for almost 2 of those years.  He goes home in April, but he's not slowing down yet!  He likes to play soccer, eat Mexican food, and play guitar.

Also, Candice did get baptized on Saturday!  I haven't gotten the pictures yet, but it sounds like she's doing well!

As far as District leader stuff goes, basically I do companion exchanges with each missionary each transfer, I do follow-up calls each night with some of them, I run district meeting, and collect the numbers for the zone leaders. Including me and Elder Lau, there's 4 companionships. They're all English missionaries.

Mom - Ya, I didn't hear much about the fireside, but it sounds really cool.  The gospel will get to China someday!  There's always rumors going around about China opening up, and most of the stuff people say is probably untrue, but what I know for sure is that we've been told not to get too comfortable with where we are.  Pray for China!

Hadley - Alright, so the outside of a dumpling is kind of hard to explain.  It's kind of like soggy bread, but it tastes really good. Then you basically wrap that around whatever food you want, and then eat it.  In chinese they're called jiao zi (pronounced jyow-zuh).  Really good.  Anyway, next time you go skiing, ask mom to take you over to three kings terrain park.  You'd love it ;)

Ashleigh - Sounds like skiing was super fun.  You know, I've actually skiied here a tiny bit, but it was a bit different.  I used a car to do it.  Just kidding :) sort of.  Anyway, sounds like conditioning is fun.  I was talking to another Elder the other day, and we totally agreed that boys lacrosse is way more dope than girls lacrosse.  Out of the mouths of two witnesses shall all my words be established.  Boom!  Scripture punch!  Love you :D

Ellie - We can go to Niagara Falls if we want to.  We could actually go proselyte there, since our area is technically the entire Hamilton stake.  However, we live Downtown, so it would be quite a drive to get there.  I haven't been yet, but I'd love to go sometime and see America again!  Our new apartment is actually super awesome.  We live in a house with the zone leaders, and we have two stories all to ourselves.  It's still pretty tight, but it's in a really cool area, and it's nice to be living with the zone leaders as a new district leader so I can ask for advice.

Hayden - Glad to hear the week was "chill" (say that in a surfer voice).  Is Mr. Baugh still teaching the French class?  Tell him I say hi!  He's great.  Also, bossishly still isn't a word.  Ya, all the new people we're teaching are pretty great.  We have a returning member named Bao, and he is awesome.  Plays the piano wonderfully.

Dad - Great scripture.  We used that the other day to counter a guy who didn't like Mormons.  He hated the idea that we believe we can become like God and Christ, and he wouldn't stop following us and trying to fight our doctrine.  He didn't really have an answer to that one though.  The tie hasn't come back around yet.  It's still in Uruguay, and Elder Bowen may have lost the journal :)  It's okay though, it will get here soon.

Love you all
Elder Sabin