Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 18: Well, I wish I knew how to use this line more effectively

I'll be honest, I considered making the subject title "Hola Chavo!  Como Esta?" but I didn't know what Chavo meant, so I held off.  That made me laugh :)

Anyway, it's been a great week.  It's been so great to see the Lord advancing his work, and I've learned to depend on the Lord so much out here.  Some days I come home, and I basically flop on my bed wondering how I'll possibly be able to make it through another day, but then I wake up, and I feel fine.  It's crazy.  I wish I had this ability back when I went to early morning Seminary.

So, I want to start with a discovery I made in the scriptures this week. It's probably already been made, but if it has don't tell me.  I'm pretty proud of it.  So you all know about the vision in Lehi's dream, and you all know about the Parable of the Sower (I hope...).  I was reading Lehi's dream this week, and I realized something.  They're the same lesson!!!

Seriously, think about it. 

There are the seeds that get thrown to the wayside and eaten up by the crows.  These are the people that never have a chance to find the gospel.  They never even grab the iron rod, and they immediately start striving to find the great and spacious building.  They have no opportunity to grow, and unfortunately, they find what they're looking for.

Then there are the seeds thrown into the thorny places.  These are seeds that start to grow, or people that start on their journey along the iron rod.  They start to grow their testimony, and they begin their journey, but they are not able to make it past the temptations aka mists or thorns.

The seeds that are thrown into stony places are the people that partake of the fruit but then are ashamed.  They start to spring up, but they have no real root and no depth of testimony.  Then when any amount of persecution (great and spacious building/heat of the sun) comes along, they lose their root, and they are scorched and burned up.

The seeds that produce are those that make it to the tree and start producing.  Now here's my message.  Unlike seeds, we have a choice to say where we are planted.  Although our world is full of the dark mists and all kinds of thorns, we have the ability to choose whether we will allow the sun to scorch our seed or the people of the great and spacious building to destroy our testimony.  I've heard the quote, "Bloom where you're planted," but in this context, I would say "Choose where you're planted."  Choose to be one of the fruitful seeds in good soil.

Anyway, this week was great.  We had Elder Anthony Perkins come to our mission and speak to us which was amazing.  I got some answers to some questions I had, and he was so great.  Also, he speaks fluent Mandarin.  Plus 10 points.

He talked about something I thought was cool, and I'll share a bit about it.  It's called the Costco principle.

Now, Costco sells everything in huge amounts right?  40 lb lasagnas and 100 count turkeys.  Massive amounts.  But they do something clever to get everyone to buy the big stuff.  All over the store they've set up little sample booths and you can go and have a little taste.  Then, if you like what you get, they encourage you to go for the big size.

Now, let me blow your minds.  The people at the sample booths are the missionaries.  They're out in the streets of cities, and they have this massive thing called The Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They want to give it to people, but no one will take it all in one go. You have to give them a taste, and then you have to get them to go for the bigger version.

Now, every time you go to Costco, you'll think of me.  HAHA!

Also, we went to the Montreal Temple dedication (at our stake center, not at the temple) and that was amazing.  Seriously, super spiritual.

Mom - No, I haven't gotten the boots yet, but usually the mission office waits till Zone conference to distribute packages.  Ours is on Friday, so I might get it then.  Also, I appreciated the story you shared. I've definitely gotten a testimony out here about language barriers not stopping the spirit from testifying.  It's pretty incredible when you think about it.

Hayden - Haha, I love the contrast between your letter and Ellie's.  Your week was out of this world and hers was pretty much just regular.  That made me laugh.  Also, I didn't know you were doing choir?  Are you letting your inner diva shine? I haven't gotten the package yet, but I might get it on Friday.

Hadley - I miss you too Hadley :)  I hope you're having a great time with your new friend.  What does the ornament look like?  And you should definitely follow my footsteps in the food department. Mom and Dad's grocery bill is probably too cheap.

Ellie - I'll just say this.  I've eaten more toaster waffles than dog.  MWAHAHA!  Sounds like Emi hasn't changed one bit.  Also, it actually did snow up here, and Elder Mak was super pumped about it.  He's only seen snow like 3 times in his life, so it's gonna be a fun winter.  I think I could see you becoming a mountain woman.  That'd be cool.  Let me know how it goes.

Ashleigh - They're lying.  Completely.  They're taking pity on me.  Don't believe their words.  Also, tell Scotty congratulations from me.  Sorry, I'm running out of time, but I love you so much!  Remember the picture of the Koala bear and the Panda?  That was awesome.

Dad - K, I don't have time to write the email that you deserve, but I just want to say that I will definitely take your advice.  I think it's definitely improved and the spirit is much stronger now.  Also, recently we've been having a lot of trouble getting Standards of Excellence because of the Less Active member part.  Our work with them has been really stagnant lately, and I was wondering if you had any ideas on how to get them to come out to church.  I feel like we meet with them and then we feel the spirit and they say they'll come to church and then they never show up. As far as Investegators and Recent Converts go it's been great, but that's the one area we've been trying to work on.  Any advice?  I love you so much, and your advice means so much to me.  You're the best dad in the whole world!  Love you!

Elder Sabin