Elder Sabin

Elder Sabin

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 17: Good Times

So, this weeks been great.  We've been working a lot with a new investigator named Raymond.  Basically, he's awesome, and he's been super prepared by the Lord.  He just came to Canada about a month ago, and he's already got a few friends that are members.  They introduced him to us, and we've been teaching him for about 2 weeks now.  We've scheduled his baptismal date for December 5th, and he says he's been praying about it, so I'll let you know how that goes.

Also, the other day I was texting someone on the phone, and we got a call from an investigator that we had basically dropped a month ago.  We hadn't been able to contact her for a few weeks, and so we had eventually given up trying, but she called us and basically said that she was making a really big decision for her family.  She asked us if she could get an answer through prayer, and you can guess what our response was.  We walked her through how to pray again, and so now we're really hoping that she gets her answer.

Aside from that, we met with a bunch of people this week. Right now, we have about 5 or 6 investigators that meet with us regularly, and maybe 5 others that are not so consistent.  Also, our mission president really emphasizes less active and recent convert work, so we work with about 7 or 8 of them usually.

The language is definitely getting easier,  It's still super hard some days, but people usually understand me now (I emphasize "usually").  I can definitely feel God helping me out.  For instance, last night, we were sharing a spiritual thought at a members house, and they had invited almost half the ward over, so it was a full house.  When we sat down to give the thought, I was more than a bit intimidated, but as soon as I started talking, it started to just come so much easier.  I'm sure I still said a lot of things wrong, but they seemed to understand, and I definitely felt the spirit.  It was awesome.

Also, I wanted to share a cool spiritual thought.  I don't know how many of you know much about Wilford Woodruff when he was on his mission, but he's basically the best missionary ever.  He was preaching once in a small town in England, and after about a week he had about 6 people who wanted to be baptized.  However, before they were ready to go to the pond and perform the ordinance, some people from the town came up and told him that there would be no baptizing in their town.  If he did try to baptize people, then they said they would stone him.

He turned to the people who wanted to be baptized, and said, "if you have the faith to be baptized, then I have the faith to perform the ordinance."

They decided to go through with it, and the next day they walked to the pond near the town.  There was a crowd of around 500 people there waiting, rocks in hand.

He still went through with it though.  The faith of this man is amazing.  He said of his experience that as he was baptizing, the rocks were flying all around him, and that "one hit me in the head so hard that I nearly fell down, but I persevered."

I remember when I heard that story it hit me pretty hard, and out here it has even more meaning.  It made me think about how important baptism really is.  I think in the church we don't always appreciate it enough, because it's just something that everyone does when they're 8 years old.  I've seen that ordinance change people, and whether it was someone that I'd been working with or not, it was amazing to see them go through with it, and come out of the font a different person.

I love that story, and I'd just invite everyone back home to remember how big of a deal that ordinance really is.  It's a promise to follow God for the rest of our lives, and in return he promises us more blessings than we can imagine.

Mom - Huh, that's kind of funny.  We just had our primary program the other day as well.  It was really cute, and we had some investigators in the audience who loved it.  Our ward shares a building with an English ward, and so it was half in English, which was a nice break.  Sounds like everything is going well back home.  I loved the quotes, and tell Dad that that sounds like a great idea.  I just wish he would have thought of the Sundae part before I left :) I love you!

Ellie - You might be the only girl I know who wouldn't be nervous for a solo :)   I'm sure you did a wonderful job. Promise me you'll sing it for me when I get home, okay?  And it sounds like Emi at least is not being underfed :)  Love you!

Hadley - You never told me about a boy!  Grab the pepper spray!  Just kidding :)  So, his name starts with Z?  Is there a reason you didn't tell me his full name?  I can't wait to get your cards!  I'm sure they'll be awesome. Love you!

Hayden - The week was great, and the language is coming well.  What did you talk about in deacons quorum?  That sounds really fun :) I remember how much I "loved" pow-wows.  That was sarcasm, in case you didn't catch it.  Love you!

Ashleigh - I am so tempted to do the joke about "Oh?  You're driving now?  Stay off the roads!" but I know that you'll probably hear it about 30 times in the next 6 months.  Prepare yourself.  Also, that sounds like good-old Dad :) Always using those mormon swearwords :)  Gosh dang-it, BYU lost!  Gosh dang-it, Austin, I knew I never should have adopted you!  Kidding :) Love you!

 Me with Frank and Paul at the Temple.. I think Paul forgot to smile :)

Elder Mak, Frank, Me